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Premium Electronic Cigarette Introduces New Electronic Pipe Kit Says

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Premium E Cigarette brings a change in the world of electronic cigarette and introduces all new Electronic Pipe Kit in the market. This is definitely going to be a good move from the company as people are very fond of smoking pipes and getting an electronic version of it will surely attract people.

Premium Electronic cigarette shows immense happiness to introduce newly redesigned product to its Vape Master line. With similar size and appearance of the latest design, now the beautiful E pipe is redesigned to be compatible with the premium refill Cartomizers.

Included in starter kit one will receive all the necessary items required for an e cig like charger, batteries etc. Additionally one will get 3 additional Cartomizers of their choice. This electronic pipe kit which originally rated at $149.95 is now available at $129.95.

Refill Cartomizers that can be used with electronic pipe kit which comes in 20 different flavors. The most favorite flavors includes: Tobacco, menthol, coffee, chocolate, apple, cola etc.

So for Pipe smokers it is a golden opportunity to experience new way of smoking pipe with new Premium electronic Cigarette Pipe Kit.

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