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Premium Electronic Cigarette Suggests Flavorsome Disposable E Cigarette As Per

Check out various flavorsome disposable e cigarettes by Premium Electronic Cigarette tells

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- Disposable electronic cigarettes are a best way to start e smoking without spending much on the starter kits. premium electronic cigarette has introduced disposable e cigarettes keeping in mind the same thing. The disposable e cigarettes are a great way to pamper an e smoker’s taste buds and to get an absolute feel of smoking an electronic cigarette without spending much.

Premium electronic Cigarette products are one of the best amongst the competitors says The disposable e cigarette has the same feel like two packs of traditional cigarettes. The disposable e cigarettes offer the same atomizer like the regular kits by Premium Electronic Cigarette. Disposable smokeless cigarettes are a great way to enjoy e smoking while being hassle free. The disposable e cigarettes don’t require any charging or filling of e liquids. An e smoker can just tear the wrapper and start puffing the electric cig right away. One can dispose the disposable e cigarettes anywhere without burning a hole in one’s pocket. Disposable e cigs by Premium Electronic Cigarette give the same sensation like any other cigarette without carrying a hoard of harmful chemicals.

The disposable e cigarettes are priced at a nominal rate of $9.99. The price has been kept keeping in mind that a person would not want to spend much while trying a disposable e cig. The disposable e cigarettes by Premium Electronic Cigarette are available in a range of flavors. There are eight flavors to choose from like vanilla, menthol, cherry, grape, etc. The wide variety of flavors makes it very easy for a person to choose an electric cigarette easily according to the taste. “Well, it was the best tasting menthol compared to other brands. Also I want to add that this particular model lasts MUCH longer than other brands. Even know others costs few dollars less, I think Flavor vapes lasts about 3 time longer. It is an excellent product”, said an enthusiast of e cigs.

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