Premium Vapes Users Share the Real Smoking Alternative

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Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Users of one of the known electronic cigarette brands, the Premium Vapes, shared their take on quitting smoke and finding the best way to start stop smoking.

In an interview, a pool of confessed chain smokers makes their big switch and talks about their experience on their journey to quit smoking.

“Everything started when I stumble upon an article on electronic cigarette. It said that it is the best alternative to quit my habit. I just laugh it off and ignore until I have noticed a lot of testimonials for electronic cigarette all over the net. I said trying won’t hurt so I purchased by very first starter kit from Premium Vapes. I didn’t know that making such purchase will change my life,” one of the chain-smoker-turned-smokeless-cigs-user shared.

A lot of these people also note that they have suffered from breathing problems with the traditional tobacco while turning to e cigs smoothen their breathing. The e cig has also improved their lifestyle and made it a lot healthier.

“I started using e cig and it improves my breathing so much. It has improved my lifestyle in a lot of aspects too. E cig contains lesser chemicals and is risk free I don’t even need to bother on afflicting others with unnecessary diseases through second hand smoking. Socially, I do not have to smell smoke so I am confident in talking to other people. Electronic cigarette is truly the best alternative to quit smoking. I have switched and now I completely stop my smoke craving,” shared a Premium Vapes user.

The users of electronic cigarette continue to move forward with smoke-less cigarette. It has been the best alternative to quit smoking today. And with a lot of leading brands in the electronic cigarette industry, Premium Vapes is a top choice with variety of electronic cigarette products to offer.

Premium Vapes has established a name in the electronic cigarette industry. It currently has a good number of customers which is constantly increasing. With the number of people who carries with them the advantage of switching to electronic cigarette, Premium Vapes hope to encourage every smoker make a stand and decide to make a great change in their smoking habit now.

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