Esmokehub Discusses E-Cigarette Functions Through Premium Electronic Cigarettes

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- Esmokehub explores Premium Vapes Electronic Cigarette’s function with the aim of providing rich information about using this brand and e-cigs in general.

Esmokehub, an e-cig review website, aims to educate people about e-cigs and their benefits for people. The review website shares reviews on top rated e-cigarette brands like Premium Electronic cigarettes, which is currently a part of Esmokehub’s recommended brands. In addition to reviews, the website also shares useful information on electronic cigarettes and their overall function as additional service to consumers who want to try out this product.

Many consumers are quite curious as to how electronic cigarette works. Nevertheless, they don’t want to try it out unless facts are straightened out by experts who are adept on this topic. For instance, Alex, a skeptical consumer, stated, “We’re talking about my health here. Numerous consumers claimed how they diverted from regular smoking to e-cig usage but I want to know the actual e-cig anatomy and functions before I use this product.”

Esmokehub reviewed Premium Electronic cigarettes and shared information about the product and e-cig’s anatomy. Electronic cigarettes are composed of two pieces assembled together. Each piece has its parts with specific functionalities. The end part of the e-cig piece has the battery and LED light. The battery, just like its general function, supplies power to the heating element or atomizer. The LED light serves as an indicator that the product is in use or if the battery ran out of power. Similarly with a regular cigarette, the LED lights up as people vape. If the LED light doesn’t light up, it means that the unit is running low in battery power. This LED light also has its functionalities in showing whether the battery is charging or not.

The mouthpiece or tip is the cartomizer. It’s called the cartomizer because it has the atomizer and flavor cartridge. This piece produces the vapor as its atomizer heats up with the help of the battery. Production of vapor provides the same smoking sensation but without worrying on toxic elements.

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