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Price Action Formula Discovered by Chris Trades a Unique Three Stick Candlestick 123 Pattern with a Pending Order

This Price Action Formula does not use any indicators. It is solely based on a unique three stick candlestick pattern.

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Lahore, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- This Price Action Formula has been discovered by a trader named Chris. This Price Action Formula does not use any indicators. It is solely based on a unique three stick candlestick pattern. Chris has developed a system to trade this unique pattern based on a pending order. He shows in the videos how to identify the pattern and then how to trade it using a pending order. He also shows where to place the stop loss and what is the best take profit level. He recommends a 1:1 reward/risk ratio. After doing a lot of testing, Chris found out that 1:1 reward/risk ration works best for his 123 pattern. According to Chris, his most favorite timeframe for trading this pattern is the 4 hour timeframe. Trading on H4 timeframe means a trader has ample of time to make the trading decisions. Chris claims that his system has a success rate above 70%.

Many traders love to trade solely using price action. This method of trading is known as Trading Naked. Naked trading means trading solely based on price action without using any indicator whatsoever. This Price Action Formula is going to appeal to those traders who love trading naked. Chris has also developed trade assistant software that helps in identifying this three stick candlestick 123 pattern on the charts. He has made a few videos in which he explains his Price Action Formula using a few trade examples. He has named this three stick candlestick pattern the 123 pattern. This is not a usual 123 patterns. He has also developed an excel worksheet that helps in managing the trade position size.

About Chris
Chris was an unsuccessful forex trader for many years. Accidental discovery of this Price Action Formula helped him become a successful trader. Chris claims that he has been successfully trading this pattern for 2 years. He is so confident about his Price Action Formula, he is giving full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee.

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