Private Party Used Car Loans Are Better Option for Personal Auto Loans

Private party used car loan facilitates purchase of a used car from private party that can be friend, relative or any acquaintance. There are multiple private party car loan programs being offered by reputable lenders. One should research his options well and choose the right product for his financial situation. However, before applying for it, it is must to know what it takes to qualify for an easy to afford private party used auto loan.

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Champaign, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Buyers who are out to purchase a used vehicle from a private party or friend, relative and acquaintance may consider applying for a private party used car loan. Such loans facilitate purchase of a used car from a private party other than a dealership. However, before applying for such car loans, it is advisable to know about the lending criteria of lenders as applicants will require meeting these criteria well if he wants to get approved for one of the most affordable private party used car loans.

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1. It will be good if applicant has an excellent credit history because lender considers such borrowers financially more reliable and trustworthy. With good credit history, it could be a lot easier to get approved for a low rate private party used car loan.
2. It is also advisable to have a stable source of monthly earnings which can be documented. Having stable employment and enough income will make borrower able to pay timely car loan installments.
3. At times, making a large amount of down payment and bringing in a creditworthy cosigner can also help one improve his approval chances for a low rate car loan.
4. Applicant can also use his car as collateral and provide security to lender thereby reducing his risk. In the event of borrower’s default, private party used car loans lender can recover his financial loss by taking possession of the pledged asset.
5. Documentation is also a necessary part which can affect the entire auto loan process. Typically, lenders ask for documents such as borrower’s recent pay stubs, income tax documents, valid driving license, proof of residence, etc. for their verification. Accumulating all these documents beforehand could help applicant make his process less time-consuming and improve his approval chances for private party used car loan.

Apart from this, it is necessary to explore several private party used car loan options online and compare quotes or rates offered under different programs. This is because making a proper comparison between various proposals will help one to find the best rates available for his situation. Few online car finance agencies provide expert assistance to those who are in desperate need of affordable private party used car loans.

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