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Proactol Reviews: Proactol Plus Weight Loss Diet Pills

Proactol Fat Burner: Does The Proactol Plus Fat Binder Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Proactol Plus Fat Burner is natural and organic weight loss product. By classification, it is a fat binder. Fat binder works like this: it binds dietary fats in stomach, and it forms a fluid gel around fats. That way, those fats become too large to be absorbed by body and they are eliminated from body naturally through gastric system.

Proactol is 100% natural and organic plant extract. It has active ingredient called Opuntia ficus-indica. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It lowers cholesterol levels, thus reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is a certified medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC) for the treatment of obesity and weight management. It is medically backed; and many health experts and health professionals recommend it to use. This pill helps suppress appetite.

The Proactol Plus Weight Loss Diet Pills Official Site

How does Proactol work?

Generally the fat binder pills work by binding fat consumed with the food and preventing this fat from being absorbed by the body. The non soluble fibres in Proactol bind with the fats and make the fat too complex to be digested by the body. Such fat not absorbed by the body is then disposed off through normal bowel movements.

The soluble fibers in Proactol slow down digestion and absorption of glucose. These soluble fibers are harder to digest by the stomach and hence remain in the stomach for much longer time. This results in a feeling of stomach being full and hence less craving for food. Proactol Plus thus works by both minimizing the fat & calorie absorption as well as minimizing the craving for food.

What are the side effects of Proactol?

All weight loss pills, be it orlistat or phentermine or sibutramine have some or the other side effect. So what about proactol? Surpingly when compared to the rest of the weight loss supplements or fat binding pills, Proactol has minimum side effects.

Proactol also has less side effects due to the fact that it is made of organic and herbal ingredients. These ingredients do not have any clinically known side effects. Though Proactol has also been certified as medical device, the side effects over long term usage are not known.

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The Proactol Plus Weight Loss Diet Pills Official Site

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