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Coal Fired Power Generation Market Is Expected to Unprecedented Rise in the Next Few Years

Coal fired power generation is one of the oldest techniques of producing energy that can be subsequently converted into electricity. This technology has been supplemented with a readily available and steady raw material source, coal. The extensive production and distribution of coal has been one of the most important factors boosting the market for coal fired power generation in the past few decades. The ever-increasing demand for electricity from various industries such as steel, refining, chemicals and also residential applications have been pushing the demand for coal of different grades and varieties. With an unsteady and an insufficient supply of power sourced from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro and nuclear energy and the advancement I coal combustion technologies, the demand for coal fired power generation has seen an unprecedented rise in demand and is expected to expand further over the next few years.

Microturbine Systems Market - Growing Energy Demand and Increased Grid Instability Stimulating the Growth

Microturbines systems provide standby power to several industries during power outages and also provide backup to power grids, thereby acting as a supplementary power source. Growing energy demand, increased grid instability and rising awareness to curb energy demand during peak hours is expected to drive market growth over the coming years. Impending stringent environmental regulations and growing demand for clean and green energy generation are further fuelling market growth. Microturbine systems find growing applications in the off grid areas owing to their portability. Increasing electricity consumption in off grid areas of Asia Pacific and Africa is likely to create new opportunities for the market.

Visa on Arrival Vietnam Opens 24/7 to Welcome Tourists for TET Holiday

Tourists who arrive at Vietnam for the TET holiday may be happy with the news that they can get Visas on Arrival round the clock so they can enjoy their holidays absolutely without any hassles. These tourists can get in touch with them for getting their Vietnam Visas on Arrival without any issues, says

Merger Creates Powerhouse Marketing and Promotional Products Company

LogoThe Augusta Group is pleased to announce its merger with Mauk Advertising. The companies will leverage more than 75 years of combined product knowledge and creative marketing expertise to deliver unmatched branding and marketing solutions, high quality promotional products, and exceptional customer service and value. "Our customer's will directly benefit from this merger through extensive product and brand offerings, expanded industrial market reach, and innovative workforce and worksite incentive and recognition programs," said Chuck Porter, Managing Partner of The Augusta Group.

Hytrol MODEX Video Features Integration Partner Bastian Solutions

Hytrol, manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions has the industry's strongest integration partner network. Rodger Katter, Sr. Application Engineer at Bastian Solutions, Hytrol Integration Partner, was highlighted in the new Hytrol Conveyor MODEX Video. "The best aspect of working of working with Hytrol is the fact that they take the term 'integration partner' very seriously. They go the extra mile to ensure everything possible is done to help their partner network provide quality service and solutions," noted Katter. Now Offers Affordable NewAge Garage Cabinet Shelves for Simple and Practical Storage Solutions

With an aim to provide high quality garage solutions, now offers a wide variety of Newage garage cabinet shelves at the most competitive prices. These garage cabinet shelve are one of the best ways to organize the cluttered garages. They not only provide storage solutions to the garages, but also add beauty to them. Manufactured using high quality materials, these NewAge garage cabinets are fully welded cabinets with powerful magnetic doors. These cabinet shelves provide ample storage space to keep things in an organized manner. Individuals who need to organize their garages, can now buy NewAge garage cabinet shelves from

Bastian Solutions Exhibit at WestPack Conference Well Received

Bastian Solutions exhibited at the WestPack Conference from February 9-11, 2016 in California. Bastian Solutions focused on order fulfillment solutions and showcased a small AutoStore demo unit. Bastian Solutions software, consulting, and applications engineers were on hand to meet with attendees.

Timeshare Loans from My Any Purpose Loan to Enjoy Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

LogoTo ensure that their clients enjoy great holidays, My Any Purpose Loan is now providing timeshare loans at the lowest interest rates. Investing in timeshare loans can help individuals in easily affording a luxurious accommodation during holidays, without breaking their banks. The timeshare financing that they provide depends on their current financial status and the amount of money that the individual needs. The timeshare loans are available with them in a variety of options like lower rate, fixed term unsecured loans and the most popular 0% credit card program, interest free for 18 months. Even, the application process is simple and straight forward for acquiring these loans, which requires a 30 second approval and transfer of funds within 7 working days. Those planning to enjoy long holidays with their loved ones can count on them for their requirements.

The RTA Cabinets Offering High Quality and Stylishly Designed RTA Cabinets at Cheap Prices

Remodeling a kitchen is fun, provided the project turns out to be something that satisfies an individual to the fullest. Well, this depends largely upon the company or the source one relies upon to fulfill kitchen-remodeling needs. The RTA Cabinets is one such company that is potent enough to make kitchen remodeling fun and fully satisfying for customers. It not only offers a wide range of products but also ensures offering high quality products at wholesale prices online. Its premier offering being top quality RTA cabinets, the other products it manufactures and distributes include a range of hoods, sinks, handles, knobs, kitchen accessories and bathroom vanities.

Greatest Packing Efficiency and Lowest Shipping Costs Calculated According to Industrial Journalist TR Cutler

LogoThomas R. Cutler, leading manufacturing journalist, will be reporting throughout 2016 that advanced cartonization software delivers enhanced order fulfillment efficiencies and operational cost savings over many of existing solutions. New software solutions include an advanced algorithm to determine the optimal shipping carton size for the greatest packing efficiency and lowest shipping costs. The software also works well as an audit tool to detect discrepancies in planned versus actual dimensions on outbound shipments, a common source of expensive carrier charge backs.

Wistex II LLC Partners with 1SEO Digital Agency to Develop New Website

LogoHaving been in business for over 45 years, Wistex II LLC, the electrical supplier and service agency, has been present as a distributor online. But, to reach out further to the online community, the company knew that their website needed an upgrade. With the objective to increase their visibility online and grow their brand, the distributor joined forces with 1SEO Digital Agency to have a new website developed. Together, the agency and Wistex II LLC are working to create a new website that will be more user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. The new website construction is currently underway and is set to be launched late February 2016.

Rick Hults Joins C2 Solutions

C2 Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that Rick Hults has joined the company as an Account Executive. Rick has over 20 years of experience in the Technology Industry and been helping companies release higher quality software for more than 10 years. He has a reputation of understanding complex requirements, and is able to create innovative solutions that deliver results.

ZCorum and A10 Networks Team Up to Showcase IPv6 Transition Options at the NCTC WEC

LogoZCorum announced today that A10 Networks is joining them at the NCTC Winter Educational Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, February 15 and 16. The two companies will be in ZCorum's booth #309 at the Technology Showcase - discussing ways cable operators can make an orderly transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The solution leverages the A10 Networks Thunder™ line of Carrier Grade Networking (CGN) products, allowing operators to extend the life of their IPv4 network with Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT), while also providing several options for migrating to IPv6.

Future Fitness Has Reopened in Cherry Hill with Rage

Future Fitness recently held its grand reopening event for one of their gyms in Cherry Hill, NJ. During the event, Trainers held demos on the facility's brand new Promaxima Rage Cage. The Rage Cage has been a hit with the staff, trainers and members at the gym because it offers a challenge in strength and control not commonly found at any fitness facility. The Cherry Hill location offers its members a number of amenities and services not commonly found at any other gym, especially the big box ones.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Market - Chinese FGD Market Is Expected to Grow Due to Rising Thermal Power Generation

FGD systems are utilized to extract harmful sulfur dioxide emissions from the flue gas. Flue gas desulfurization assists in lowering SO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. Wet FGD and dry FGD systems are key technologies in the market. Wet FGD systems are high priced as compared to dry FGD systems but have low maintenance and operating cost. Rising stringent environmental regulations and growing global energy demand is expected to drive the market over the coming years. High installation and waste disposal costs are few key challenges faced by the FGD manufacturers. Emergent markets including China, India, and Brazil are some of the key regions that are paving the way for the market growth. The rising regulatory stiffness in these regions is expected to open new market opportunities for the market players in the region.

Naphtha Market - North America Is the Second Largest Market and Accounted for More Than 20% of the Share

Naphtha which can be found in shale oil or refined petroleum and coal tar is a highly versatile commodity. Coal tar naphtha is a volatile commercial product obtained by the distillation of coal tar, whereas shale naphtha is acquired by the destructive distillation of oil produced from bituminous shale. Petroleum naphtha is a name primarily used in the U.S. for the petroleum distillate containing mainly aliphatic hydrocarbons. The global naphtha market in terms of revenue was valued at USD 167,711.8 million in 2012.

Growth of the Green Energy Market in the Commercial Sector Is Led by Increased Government Regulations

Green energy is the energy derived from clean sources producing minimal pollution and includes solar photovoltaic, hydropower, wind energy, bio-fuels and geothermal. Increased investments in technology research and development, supportive regulatory frameworks, increased awareness and energy security issues and environmental concerns among others are fuelling the growth in demand for clean and green energy.

3D Printing Market - Robust Growth in Both Commercial and Personal Printing Applications

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing, where a 3D object is created by layer-by-layer deposition of a printing material. The basic principles in 3D printing include flexibility of output, material cartridges and translation of code into a visible pattern. Various industries such as footwear, architecture and automotive among others use 3D printing. This technology is used for rapid prototyping, speedy manufacturing, mass customization and mass production. Manufacturers are increasing the use of this technology due to the ease of using this technology compared to the traditional methods. Thus, the demand for 3D printing is expected to experience robust growth in both commercial and personal printing applications in the coming years.

Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market - Europe Is Leading the Global Seat Actuation System Market in 2015

The seat actuation system is an essential part of commercial aircraft cabins. The market is expected to reach 382.2 million in 2021 growing at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2015 to 2021. The increasing demand for premium air travel is driving the growth for commercial aircrafts. This in return is raising the demand for seat actuation system. Furthermore, the rising awareness for ergonomic seat designs is fuelling the growth for the seat actuation system market.

Biometrics Technology Market - Universal and Unique Features Ensure High Level of Information Security

Biometrics helps in verifying the identity of a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Specifically, traditional authentication methods such as magnetic cards, personal identification cards, passwords or keys are vulnerable to attacks and can be easily stolen. Biometrics technology identifies an individual on the basis of their fingerprints, face, signature, DNA, iris, typing rhythms etc and provides convenient and secure authentication. With the thriving Internet-based commerce such as online banking and rising need for precise verification while accessing accounts, biometrics technology is considered to be the most convenient and simplest solution. Its permanent, measurable, universal and unique features ensure high level of information security and these are the key factors which would help to contribute to its growth by 2019.

Body Worn Insect Repellent Market - Increasing Health Awareness in Emerging Countries Boost This Sector

Body Worn Insect Repellent market is one of the growing sectors and is expected to show significant growth during the forecast period. Body Worn Insect Repellent market is segmented by product type into apparel, stickers and patches and oils and creams. Oils and creams held the largest market share followed by stickers and patches in 2014 and would be the same during the forecast period of 2015 – 2021. Oils and creams is further sub segment into plant based and synthetic. Plant based segment held the largest market in 2014 and expected to be the same in the near future. Apparel is sub segment into head nets, shirts, jackets, trousers and others.

In-Car Entertainment and Information System Market - Rear Seat Entertainment Has Become Very Vital

In-car entertainment and information system market referred as ICE or IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) include products such as audio-video systems including radio and DVD players. Internet services, radio services and the navigation services are the key services offered by in-car entertainment and information systems. In addition, rear seat entertainment has become very vital which includes, audio-video players, internet and navigation services with the use of various software platforms and accessories. Connection of ICE systems to the external world offers more options to the customers for entertainment as well as information based services.

Real Time Location Systems Market - Decreasing Prices of RTLS Components Fuel the Growth of Market

Advanced features such as enhanced quality of care, cost savings, increased efficiency, and asset and workflow management offered by Real Time location Systems (RTLS) are fueling the adoption of RTLS across various industries. RTLS help enterprises to track, identify and manage important assets such as tools, personnel and equipment in real time by putting a badge/tag on them. Badges/tags utilize wireless technologies such as infrared, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and RF signals for communication between readers and tags and send signals to the location sensors/readers. These sensors/readers then communicate with software/middleware platform that analyzes the data and correlates useful information to improve staff productivity and operational efficiency in an enterprise.

Group IV & v Lubricants Market - Regulatory Support and Increasing Demand for High-End Applications

Synthetic lubricants generally include Group IV (Polyalphaolefin – PAO) and Group V (PAG and esters) base oils. As per the API (American Petroleum Institute), Group V base oils include non- PAO synthetic bases, PAG and esters such as diesters, polyol esters, alkylated benzenes, and phosphate esters. Group IV & V lubricant formulated products with additives basically have physical and chemical properties that are generally superior to those of conventional mineral oil–based lubricants. As a result, Group IV & V lubricants are preferred in applications with high performance requirements.

Future of U.S. Specialty Printing Consumables Market with Current Scenario Analysis

The U.S. specialty printing consumables market was valued at USD 17.9 billion in 2009 and reached USD 18.8 billion in 2010. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2013 to 2018.

Sorbitol Market - Increasing Sorbitol Application as a Low Calorie Sweetener Is Expected to Drive Demand

Sorbitol is one of the sugar alcohols that are found naturally, which is metabolized slowly as compared to other dietary sugars. Most of the oral care products comprise of sorbitol which acts as a vital ingredient preventing dental cavities. Sorbitol is one of the basic raw materials required in production of Vitamin C and surfactants.

Upcoming Trends of Styrenic Block Copolymers Market with Extensive Analysis

The global demand for SBCs in the medical and healthcare industry is expected to reach 177.1 kilo tons in 2018. Demand for SBCs in the medical industry is primarily driven by the shift in trend to replace PVC products owing to health and environmental issues related with its usage. However, volatility in raw material prices is one of the critical challenges decelerating the market growth. The world in order to minimize the effect of constant fluctuation of raw material price is shifting towards the use of bio-based alternatives for synthetic SBCs. Bio-based SBCs along with being environment friendly are also economically feasible compared to their synthetic counterparts.