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OptFirst Is a Leader in SEO and PPC on releases an annual report highlighting agencies that have exhibited outstanding performance across their directory, and Optfirst has just been declared #1 against 70 PPC firms in Miami! Optfirst is a company that maximizes online visibility for their clients' businesses. They put other companies in front of consumers by organic, paid, and local search through SEO, SEM, and other marketing tactics. They are constantly updating their knowledge of the search market and most recently have specialized in creating and optimizing AMP mobile sites. They build websites that not only cater to the companies image but also perform, drive targeted actions and invite consumer interaction. Their sites have powerful tools that track, monitor, measure and test every visitor action and intention to put their clients' companies on top. Their philosophy is "If a company is not appearing on the top of Google, it's not getting seen". Compared to other web marketing companies, Optfirst is hands-on and believes in showcasing strong partnerships with their clients. Optfirst is there with their clients every step of the way, answering questions that they might not know and giving them the best solutions to deal with their problems.

Miami Beach SEO Services Add New Promotions

SEOFLA will be running a promotion throughout the summer for their Miami Beach SEO services in an effort to educate small business owners and managers about the importance of starting a campaign earlier than later. The business, which is based in Deerfield Beach, offers West Palm Beach SEO expert services including search engine optimization, pay per click, display advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, web design and more. The goal is to make business owners aware that they need to start new campaigns as early as possible to get the best possible results.

New Honors for DigDev Direct Digital Marketing Firm

DigDev Direct is proud to announce that the marketing agency has been nominated for and received multiple awards for its work in 2017 and early 2018. The awards include the bronze Stevie® Award for Marketing or Advertising Agency of the Year, 2018 Communicator Awards Distinction for Online Advertising-Display Advertising B-to-C, and multiple HERMES Creative Awards. Here is a more detailed list of information regarding the competitions:

Leading Lancashire Marketing Agency Now Offering Outreach Blogging Services to Other SEOs

RS Digital, one of the most leading digital marketing agencies in Lancashire, recently introduced outreach blogging services to their ever extending service list, impressing all of their existing and prospective customers amazingly. However it doesn't stop there – The company is now also offering these services to SEO companies whom are trying to improve the rankings of their own clients.

Mindex: Representing Some of the Wold's Leading Lab Instrument Manufacturers

Mindex is a leading worldwide country specialising in the marketing of laboratory instrument – It is their job to represent some of the world's most leading lab instrument manufacturers including but not limited to:

Smith Publicity Presents Tips for Radio Interviews

When constructing a marketing campaign for a nonfiction book, a publisher will typically combine various media opportunities built around a backbone of radio interviews. Since these interviews are an integral component of any successful book marketing campaign, they should be approached with professionalism and a sense of authority. Smith Publicity provides assistance with book marketing strategies for their clients and offers this information for interviewees to make the most of these media opportunities.

Turbocharging Your Marketing

LogoDigital marketing best practices seem to change almost daily. Having a internationally known marketing expert providing advice to a business can make the difference between success and failure.

Profit by Outsourcing Offers Highly Efficient & Performance-Oriented Android App Development Solutions

#1 Web Design & Development Company in India, Profit by Outsourcing offers highly efficient and performance-oriented android app development solutions at the most competitive prices. These app development solutions help entrepreneurs in increasing their business efficiency and growth. At the initial stage of custom mobile application development, qualitative research and effective analysis of app requirements are done which is followed by development, implementation, and support of applications. All of these solutions are provided by their professional app developers incorporating the latest mobile technology to ensure high quality standards are maintained, without compromise. Their professionals combine their skills and expertise to leave no room for clients' complaints. In addition to Android, their professionals also have hands on skills developing mobile apps for different platforms such as Blackberry, JAVA ME, Symbian, Windows, and iPhone.

Pressroom Today Announces New Section Dedicated to Digital PR

Pressroom Today has announced a new section in their website dedicated to Digital PR (Public Relations). This section will deal with the specifics of Digital PR and what it exactly is. The articles/they will explain why Digital PR is important for your business and organization.

Emirates Graphic Is Providing Custom E-Commerce Web Designs and Development for Corporates in the Middle East

LogoEmirates Graphic is a digital agency based in Dubai, UAE, that specializes in providing web design services, online marketing, and corporate branding. The team of professionals at Emirates Graphic was handpicked for their passion in helping clients connect and resonate with their target market audience by way of using creative, innovative and intelligent problem-solving techniques. The websites they produce are beautiful to look at but also helpful to the client in marketing their business effectively and strengthening the brand to tell their unique stories successfully through the power of design.

Iconic Digital Offers Responsive Website Designing Services Utilising Drupal CMS

LogoIconic Digital, an unrivalled leader in the digital marketing industry, offers website design and migration services to clients in the USA, Europe and the Middle East, using the biggest and best content management system in the world, Drupal. They have a dedicated team of website designers who have proficient skills working with Drupal CMS, and have created masterpieces for a variety of clients, with their expertise. All of the websites they create help businesses have a remarkable online presence, whilst also being optimised for SEO.

National SEO Offers SEO Solutions in Melbourne

LogoNational SEO is a top-rated agency that's focused on equipping online brands with the content and confidence they require to scale to greater heights in their respective industries. Enjoying years of experience in this sector, the company has been fortunate to work with dozens of clients and has managed to deliver beyond expectation on every project that they've undertaken. When it comes to SEO, they offer a variety of core competencies such as SEO audits, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building and keyword themes. They're made up of a team of brilliant individuals with the needed expertise in various areas which makes them an excellent fit for anyone looking to achieve first-class SEO services.

Gadget Feed Introduces No Risk Marketing Agency

After two years of providing social marketing and consultation, the management team at Gadget Feed made some major changes. The industry standard for PR agencies is to charge a retainer of $20,000 and offer zero guarantees. This creates a lot of risk for new companies that are purchasing PR outreach. Especially since most PR agencies offer zero guarantees to their customers. Most startup companies can't afford to take the risk and find few alternatives. This problem motivated Gadget Feed to create a new business model. The digital marketer now provides what they describe as "no risk" marketing for startup companies.

Acquire a Coherent, Accurate, and Holistic View of a Customer with Single Customer View from Market Developer

Boutique Marketing Data Specialists, Market Developer offers a 360-degree single customer view which provides a coherent, accurate, and holistic view of a customer across numerous business channels. The upheaval of big data & automated marketing has led to difficulties for organizations to connect with their customers. Despite these hurdles, however, Market Developer possesses a genuine & coherent understanding of the needs & requirements of customers. Not only this, acquiring a powerful single customer view also helps in generating a new customer base and this creates the motivation to place the individual at the center of its Marketing Database.

Design Activity Offers Custom Branded Packaging Solutions to Increase the Financial Value of a Brand

A design agency specialising in branded packaging design and shopper marketing, Design Activity offers custom branded packaging solutions for a diverse range of categories, including foods, drinks, healthcare and sports nutrition. Their packaging services help businesses drive more sales, whilst giving them an innovative way of making new connections with shoppers and extending a value proposition. They have a team of creative professionals who work closely with each of their clients to effectively fulfil all of their requirements.

4 Easy to Identify Qualities of the Best B2b Lead Generation Companies

LogoThe traditional B2B lead generation intelligence is accessible to everybody and is being leveraged too – like B2B leads emanate a perfect email marketing campaign with appropriate subject line type, email content length, advantages focused content and a lot more. There are no facts and figures to confirm these methods fetch in terms of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) or sales qualified leads (SQLs).

Tiger Printing Group Helps Clients Understand the Connection Between Social Media and Print Marketing

While social media and print marketing compete for business owners' dollars, they both can be used to gain a larger customer base for a company. Tiger Printing Group, one of the leading commercial printing companies in Warminster, PA, understands this and provides high-quality printing services to many businesses nationwide.

Ken Countess Launches the Countess Group's Email Marketing Online Academy

LogoKen Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, has announced the launch of his company's Email Marketing Online Academy.

Massively Growing Your Email List

LogoMany businesses underutilize their existing contact lists. Also, they are unaware of the easiest techniques to massively grow their email lists. Email lists are one of the easiest ways to grow sales.

Propellant Media Is Offering One of a Kind Location Based Mobile Advertising Services to Businesses

The increasing movement of consumers from conventional web browsing, like laptops and desktops to mobile browsing on tablets or smartphones has lead advertisers to use a recent mobile marketing technique called geofencing to target potential clients. Geofencing as the name suggests alludes to defining up virtual boundaries (fencing) around a particular location (geo) to trigger an activity as soon as somebody enters or leaves the target area. The advertising part comes in when a targeted message is sent when a potential client crosses the fenced location. Location based marketing is the next level of personalized marketing and has incredible potential to engage potential clients for a targeted campaign regardless of whether it involves delivering a customized message to individuals close to a retail store or a rebate offer to people who has visited a competitor's business just a while ago. The key advantages of utilizing geofencing marketing technology includes driving customers and traffic to business and engaging them and potential customers with the business, better targeting, adding value to the sales procedure by relevantly making offers, discounts, and promotional freebies and gifts, etc.

Plastic Pens from My Promotional Pens, an Ultimate Brand Promotion Tool

One of the foremost online retailers of promotional products in the USA, My Promotional Pens offers a wide selection of plastic pens that proves to be effective in promoting a brand beyond the domestic boundaries, cost-effectively taking it to the new heights. These pens are available at the company's online portal,, in a variety of materials, colors, quantities, ink colors, imprint types, etc., which customers can securely purchase, as per their needs and budget. A few of the plastic pens they have in stock, includes Apollo Pens, Divot Pens, Color Pop Highlighters, Arrow Metallic Pens, BIC Round Stick, Spirit Pens, Amber Pens, and many others.

My Promotional Pens Offers State-of-the-Art Metal Pens Crafted Using High-Grade Materials

A market leader in the promotional products industry, My Promotional Pens offers state-of-the-art metal pens which are crafted incorporating the advanced technology using high-grade materials. The wide selection of metal pens they have in the stock, includes Detroit Pens, Cabrio Pens, Tahoe Pens, Aveo Pens, Richard Pens, Newport Empire Pens, Berkley Pens, Tech Metal Pens, Cooper Deluxe Pens, Daisy Pens, Cooper Deluxe Gold Pens, Virginia Pens, and Rita Pens, to name a few. All of these pens are thoroughly tested on stringent parameters to make sure that the pens are durable and resilient. These pens are available in a variety of designs, colors, and imprint type options at the company's official online outlet,

Mobirise Releases a New Set of Easy to Create AMP Website Builder Themes

Mobirise, in the web design world renowned as one of the most user-friendly website builders, offers now a whole set of new AMP website themes.

Propellant Media Is Offering Location Based Mobile Advertising Services Using Geofencing Technology

The increasing movement of consumers from conventional web browsing on laptops and PCs to mobile browsing on smart phones and tablets has made more and more advertisers to switch over to a new location based mobile advertising technology known as geofencing to target potential clients. Location based advertising is taking customized marketing to another level. Whether it is about conveying a personalized message to people near a retail store or a discount offer to individuals who just visited the rival store, location based advertising has extreme potential in engaging probable clients for a targeted campaign. Geofencing is a minor departure from the relatively known geo-targeting, i.e., confining the placement of digital advertisements so that they just appear to users inside a predefined set based around the location of the user's IP address. The possibilities for hyper local targeting includes competitors locations, stadiums, sporting and music events, office buildings, customer loyalty programs, conferences and conventions, intersection of popular streets, and various other places.

Slicks Graphics Feature Eye-Catching Trailer Wraps and Graphics

Vying for attention in a world replete with ads and billboards is no easy feat. With the sheer amount of competition for the eyes and ears of consumers, they just about vanish in a sea of lookalikes. But Slicks Graphics has the remedy for undistinguishable visual marketing: crisp, elegant, and eye-popping trailer graphics and wraps.