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Smith Publicity Provides E-Book Marketing Services

Smith Publicity has been one of the top book marketing companies in the industry since 1997. Author publicists and other publicists in the firm have been watching the world of books and publishing change rapidly over the past three decades. This company has developed several marketing plans and strategies to give authors the opportunity to promote their books regardless of the reading platform.

Content Marketing Tips for SEO in 2017 – Linked Agency

LogoLinked Agency is renowned throughout the industry for their superior SEO services. The company has over 2 years of experience and knowledge, and has assisted businesses large and small in their endeavor to gain success online. Not only is Linked Agency providing superior SEO services, but they also advertise their dedication to providing others with SEO tips. Most recently, they provided tips which would allow companies to boost their search engine rankings. – The Number One Site for Genuine Toys Reviews Launched

LogoStarting June 2017, will try to provide parents with ideas about the entertainment, playtime, as well as the education of their kids through toys and games. The website can be found at the following address:

A Coffee Table Magazine Is Now Available to Disrupt Digitalisation of Lives

Good news for those who are distressed over the proliferation of digital news and magazines! Artisan Magazine, a fiercely proud independent publishing movement, has launched Artisan Times Magazine with a vision to bring down the ongoing digitalisation of individuals and their daily lives. The aim is also to enhance the values of culture, craft and time. According to Artisan Magazine, they are committed to encouraging conversations so facts get unravelled. Announces Acquisition of Sheer Strength Labs, the world's largest technology and internet business brokerage, along with its sister company, ValleyBiggs, a Middle Market Tech & Internet M&A firm, jointly announce the sale of Sheer Strength Labs. Sheer Strength is a Sports Nutrition Consumer Products company based out of Dallas, Texas.

The Radio Agency Shares America's Top Radio Talk Show Hosts

LogoThe Radio Agency just released an article that details how Talkers Magazine recently published its list of the "Heavy Hundred" talk radio personalities for 2017. Those familiar with last year's list will undoubtedly notice that the 2017 Top Ten is identical to the 2016 Top Ten.

Steve Pailthorpe, Founder and Chief Executive of Iconic Digital Wins Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2017 Best Business Awards

LogoSteve Pailthorpe, founder and CEO of Iconic Digital was named winner of the Outstanding Entrepreneur Category at the 2017 Best Business Awards today.

Iconic Digital Wins Best Business Awards for Best Customer Focus

LogoDigital marketing agency, Iconic Digital was named winner of the "Best Customer Focus" Category at the 2017 Best Business Awards today.

OmniCX Commerce Platform Increases Revenue for Mid-Market Retailers

LogoUK based 'OmniCX' are offering clients a flexible and proven alternative to existing digital commerce platforms, designed exclusively to enable clients to boost revenue by introducing and developing new revenue streams more quickly.

Yvonne Tanbonliong Joins Waypost Marketing as Jr. Production Designer

Waypost Marketing, a leading inbound marketing agency based in Greenville, SC, has announced the expansion of its creative team with the hiring of Yvonne Tanbonliong. Yvonne has joined the team as an intern filling the role of Jr. Production Designer.

Blue Artists Podcast Focuses on Brand Protection, Explores New SEO Services

Brand protection is the topic of the June "Build Your Difference" podcast that was recently released by Maryland-based creative agency Blue Artists, LLC.

OCDesignsOnline Offers Impressive Amazon Store Designs Backed with Cool Features

The largest provider of eBay store designs in the U.S., OCDesignsOnline offers one-of-a-kind Amazon store designs backed with cool features, such as secure shopping cart, search the store tool, top navigation bars, side category bars, and many others. The Amazon store designs are developed by their in-house designers employing the latest technology that helps Amazon webstore businesses improve their visibility, and achieve new customers for their products and services. They have been operating in the design industry for years, and within this time span have successfully designed multiple Amazon storefronts for different retailers including Saferite Solutions, OHS Motorsports and the Jmiles Company. All of the Amazon store designs they provide can be customized as per the client's varied needs, which are sure to make their business stand out of the crowd.

New Way to Detect Ecstasy: Mindex Comments

Laboratory Equipment, a leading resource for everything related to the industry, has published an article stating that there is now a new way that people can detect Ecstasy. Researches from a variety of Universities around the world have discovered a new way of detecting ecstasy, which is reliable and easy to use.

Cannabis Producers Require a Unique Approach to Marijuana Marketing in Canada

The current Canadian marijuana industry conditions are presenting creative cannabis marketing opportunities. Canadians can now access marijuana for medicinal purposes from authorized producers who are currently following new supply and distribution systems as regulated by Health Canada. The industry will soon see more and more producers come into the market to vie for their share of the new health alternative.

Instagram Update Their App: Ranking Solutions Comments

Forbes, and American business magazine, have recently posted an article which details everything people need to know about the new Instagram update. Instagram have recently updated their IOS and Android app, the new update allows people to add their location to stories, add stickers, including hashtags, and also have selfie filters.

Five Trends to Watch out For: Ranking Solutions Comments

Web Pro News, an online site which releases breaking tech, social and business news, have uploaded a blog which states five digital marketing trends people should be paying attention to in 2017. Digital marketing has become increasingly popular over the recent years; however, it is continuously changing.

Leading UK SEO Company Diversifies Services

LogoOne of the UK's most successful SEO brands has today announced a move into direct marketing. The firm has assisted thousands of companies to achieve their search-related goals during the last few years. Indeed, they even publish many testimonials on their website from satisfied clients. It is hoped the push towards direct marketing will help the team to provide even more benefits to UK businesses. In the digital world, all entrepreneurs must take search engine optimisation seriously. That is why hundreds of them turn to DAPA for professional services.

Linked Agency Announces International SEO Service

LogoThose who practice and advise others on multilingual digital marketing and international SEO are missing a very important factor; their unfamiliarity with the local market and local SEO trends has led them to target only non English key phrases and rank them on Google. This is not enough.

How to Win the Business Startup Credibility with SEO Service

LogoSEO is considered as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies and has been helping numerous businesses in the world. It is referred to as search engine optimization services which mean optimizing search results to get more and more business and resulting in success. So many business providers have opted for this strategy and they have been making sure that its works wonder for them by hiring SEO experts who have been guiding them throughout the process and making them reach the maximum heights of success. So SEO Professional would make sure that they are able to get website enough traffic and they are able to convert the visitors into customers. So this is their ultimate aim. The service provider should have an experience in SEO so that they are familiar enough with the market and the strategies that they need to opt for. Experience makes is easy for an SEO professional to work for the best SEO solutions according to the need of the market as well as the business. They should make a prior research about the targeted audience and make sure that they are including everything in the content which the customer was looking for till now.

International Branding Agency Lambie-Nairn Creates Best-in-Class Brand Identities for Global Organisations

Lambie-Nairn is a premier branding agency that offers exclusive and unique brand identity services to organisations around the globe. For the past 40 years, this provider of dynamic corporate branding has built strong relationships with its clients that include the BBC, Telefónica,, Airbus, Sainsbury's, Sportklub, and many others. They take pride in the fact they are a top international branding agency, working in unison with clients to create the best brand strategy for their company.

Denver Website Design Specialists Encourage Adoption of Mobile Friendly Websites

LogoWith increasing numbers of searches being done on mobile devices, it has never been more important to upgrade to a template which can be seen and navigated from a small screen. When a website is not responsive and does not adapt to the device it is being viewed on, it takes a lot of patience to click around, resize and try to find the information being requested. More often than not, the frustration results in a quick click back to the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and a new click to a competitor's site. Some industries and markets were quick to adopt a new responsive design, whilst others have been able to carry on without. If a local marketplace really only needs to display its address and opening hours then the information may still be clear enough. When more complex information is being presented to showcase services or products, accessing the data from a mobile device can be a fruitless challenge, leading to higher bounce rates where potential customers are interested enough to click into the website, but then leave without exploring further. There are no scientific rules for determining if a site needs responsive design, the easiest ways are often the best. If in doubt, simply access the site from a variety of devices (phone, tablet) and try navigating the pages.

11T Partners Selects Apprit Technology Group to Develop a Research Website

LogoApprit Technology Group, the leading digital marketing strategy and website development agency in San Francisco Bay Area, announced that it has been selected by 11T Partners, a New York based boutique healthcare investment bank, to develop a website for 11T's research coverage.

Apprit Technology Group Announces Strategic Partnership with David Dhillon Strategies

LogoSan Francisco Bay Area digital strategy agency Apprit Technology Group has entered in a strategic partnership with David Dhillon Strategies.  The political strategy consulting firm is based in El Centro, California. "We are pleased to partner with Apprit Technology Group", said David Dhillon, the founder and managing director of the firm whose experience in government began at the early age of twenty three when he was elected councilman for the City of El Centro. He served on the council for sixteen years and later became the Mayor of the city. Mr. Dhillon's firm specializes in polling, governmental affairs, political campaigns, lobbying, and public relations. By partnering with Apprit, Mr. Dhillon's political strategy firm would be able to offer digital services for the firm's clients such as digital strategy for political campaigns, brand positioning, targeted messaging, online communications, email marketing and social media strategy.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Company for Business Website

LogoThe website has become more popular and useful than before. Almost every business has a website to represent their company in the online medium. These days even a small shop that sells frivolous items has a presence over the internet. The internet has spread like a fire and it has engulfed businesses of the twenty-first century. Every business has been facing a challenge to express themselves over the internet. Web design is truly an art and not all companies have user-friendly websites that are appealing to the customers. So, it still remains a challenge for a business owner to convey their message to their potential customers through a website. Las Vegas Web Design Agency has been providing seamless web design service that is appealing to the audience and creative at the same time. Choosing a good web design agency who delivers what they promise remains to be a challenge.

Bruce Cameron Discusses Why Dogs Are a Man's Best Friend

That's according to author Bruce Cameron, who joined Jason Hartman as a guest on a recent episode of the Creating Wealth Show to talk about his bestselling book A DOG'S PURPOSE.