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Affordable Craftsmen General Contractors in Atlanta Celebrate 15 Years of Building Custom Homes, Remodeling, Home Improvement & Handyman Services

Affordable Craftsmen, custom home builders and state licensed general contractors in Atlanta Ga are powering ahead towards the completion of 15 years of providing Atlanta General Contractors service, commercial remodeling, interior build-out, property maintenance and handyman services. Over the years Affordable Craftsmen general contractors ( have developed in to multiple divisions:

ProPRcopy Now Offers Copywriting Services for Automotive Professionals

LogoProPRcopy, a copywriting firm delivering high-quality, affordable written content, has extended its services to auto dealers and repair businesses.

Kites Now Flying Higher

LogoFamily & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is starting 2014 with great news for their 2nd annual Fly A Kite Fest coming June 28th. SBWire has agreed to support the event and keep kites flying higher this year as a major sponsor.

Legacy Business Leaders Now Offer Coaching to Ohio Entrepreneurs and First-Time Business Owners

LogoBusiness coaching services can be extremely helpful for many business owners that are just starting out and need help with getting things going. There are many different problems and complications which can arise when starting a business and having the expert advice of someone who has lots of relevant experience can help with overcoming them. Those who want to ensure that their business lives up to its potential will definitely want to take the time to look into some of the primary benefits of paying for professional coaching services.

Ohio Spray Foam Insulation Company Now Retrofitting Attics with Durable Insulation

LogoThose who need a quality material for insulating their attic will find that spray foam is one of the best options there is. It is incredibly important to make sure that this area of the house is properly insulated for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is a common source of air infiltration which is a problem that can run up energy bills and make any house more uncomfortable to live in. Spray foam is a material that is specifically designed to go in small cracks and places that other types of insulation simply cannot.

Oklahoma City Business Coach Now Offering Complimentary, One Hour Coaching Session

LogoSpending just one hour with business coach Martin Holland can make a huge difference for almost anyone who owns a business. Mr. Holland has been helping business owners fulfill their full potential for a number of years and continues to provide his unique insight and expert advice to those who need it the most. There are many crucial things that most business owners simply do not know, and learning these things as well as how to apply them in a practical and efficient way to a business can mean the difference between success and failure.

7th Avenue Roastery Provides Freshness to Oklahoma Coffee Market with Quality, Local Roasted Beans

LogoAlthough millions of people all over the world choose to drink coffee from major corporations like Folgers or Starbucks, there are plenty of businesses that sell locally roasted coffee which can taste just as good if not better than that which is sold by large companies. A lot of small businesses that sell locally roasted coffee have higher quality standards when it comes to what they sell, which is why so many people choose to buy from them. While these businesses may not have as many locations as some major corporations, the overall quality of their coffee as well as the pricing is often better.

Vine Communications Have Come Along with a Bouquet of New Services

In today’s competitive market, it is very important to communicate with audience on a regular basis. Most of the companies try to communicate on their own, but what they forget is, their lack of skill and communication could actually hamper the brand value. That is exactly when one need Vine communications in the scenario. Vine Communications is one of the premiere communication services companies, consistently acknowledged for securing top tier press coverage locally, nationally and internationally for each of their clients.

Iconic Digital, A Renowned Social Media Marketing Agency, Now Offers Outsourcing of Digital Marketing Solutions

LogoIconic Digital,a renowned social media marketing agency, is now offering outsourcing of digital marketing solutions. Being an out-and-out social media agency, they offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions to clients which area sure-shot way to help clients grow their business.With their offices operating in London, Surrey and Leicestershire, Iconic Digital offers seamless digital marketing solutions to a multitude of clients. The experts of Iconic Digital devise social media strategies for clients after thoroughly working on the different aspects of marketing.

Inprint Infographic Establishes the Relevance of Print as the Most Effective Advertising Medium

Since the introduction of internet, online marketing and advertising online people have been made to believe that online advertising and marketing activates are far more effective and current than all other media out there. More and more small and medium size businesses are also opting for online advertising due to the low perceived cost but in return may be compromising on the effectiveness and benefits of advertising. Inprint, one of the largest commercial web and sheetfed printers in Australia have recently published an infographic which uses various up to date statistics to exhibit by print should still be hailed as one of the top most effective advertising medium.

Ken McDowell Looks to Raise $50,000 via Kickstarter to Build the Water Fence System

LogoThe patented Water Fence System works very simply, as the water runs off the roof and drains into the fence, it continues to fill any number of fence sections people may have. This fence takes the place of one’s existing wood fence and will last almost forever. It is 100% recyclable, made of (HDPE) Polyethylene. Water naturally seeks its own level and fills each section evenly, and each section holds 320 gallons and when connected together, the fence can hold thousands of gallons.

Fabhair Inc Receives 2014 Best of Manhattan Award

Fabhair Inc has been selected for the 2014 Best of Manhattan Award in the Hair Care category by the Manhattan Award Program.

Ecommerce Sites Gain the Spotlight with Custom Blue Media

LogoCustom Blue Media discusses their latest informative page, found in their knowledge center, having to do with ecommerce websites.

Results-Driven Interational Press Release Distribution Network Focuses on ROI

Kjprnews is an international press release distribution service with a mission- to drive traffic and sales to their clients’ businesses by providing a 360 degree public relations strategy which includes both traditional and social media. With over 900+ quality and guaranteed placement links, the company focuses on providing an excellent ROI for their press release campaigns.

Perry Manno, John Galla, Kaushik Gandhi, and Rebecca Anne Seek Funding Support via Rocket Hub for the Soft Launch of Ameristream

LogoAmeristream merges local community radio, technology, publishing and social media into an all-in-one platform. Instead of programming an "individual web stream", they target geo-regions with incredible live and local broadcasts creating brand engagement between their clients and the listeners through exciting rewards and contests.

Re-Selling White Label SEO Services: The New Trend in the Online Marketing Industry

LogoThere is but a greater need for a better and more intense understanding of SEO nowadays. SEO firms claiming to be the best in the industry must be able to prove that with augmenting competition and recurrently shifting algorithms and search engine rules, they can still stay on top and do wonders for their clients.

Even on a Small Budget, Resellers and Agencies Can Still Get the Most out of SEO and Keep Their Customers Satisfied with SEO Wholesalers' White Label SEO Solutions

LogoFor well established firms, SEO is equally important as it is for startups. Google, Bing and other search engines are the usually the starting point for consumers seeking for information, products, services and businesses on the web.

Mod Girl Marketing Gives Five Business Twitter Best Practices

LogoRoughly 5,700 tweets are sent out per second. Brands have to work smarter to cut through the massive amount of content to reach consumers and truly engage with their audiences. On their blog, Mod Girl Marketing explains what top brands are doing right to produce useful content that brings great results for their efforts. Introduces New Wedding Cake Designs

The newest cake designs feature unique ways for the couple to convey themselves on their special day. Today, the designs are taking a surprising trend and are moving away from the more traditional wedding cake designs to creative and unique cakes. The newest designs present in today's wedding genre feature layered, puffy, and fluffy looks; an increase in groom's cakes; an increase in the use of cupcakes; themed toppers; and the use of monograms.

CMS2CMS Announces HTML Migration Price Cut and Additional Migration Options

CMS2CMS automated online converter is proud to present its the most recent service improvement - price cut up to 10% for all HTML migrations. As a bonus, users will be provided with a possibility to convert all additional migration options absolutely at no cost. Since now on, the process of HTML moving to any new platform is performed by CMS2CMS service not only fast and error-free, but also at significantly decreased price.

Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert to Co-Host Seminar: Successful Email Marketing

LogoKen Countess, an Authorized Local Expert of Constant Contact®, Inc., and the East Lake Chamber of Commerce will offer a seminar on Success with Email Marketing to help small businesses and nonprofits in the Mount Dora area understand how email marketing can drive success.

Introducing New Compost Bin Tumblers Made from Recycled Plastic

LogoThe need for healthy and organic food is increasing. Eating healthy foods improves quality of life and its manufacturing helps to save the environment. The process of food manufacturing releases toxins that wear down the natural habitat. Thereby attempts are being made to use more of organic methods.

Serial Entrepreneur Daniel Feuer Looks to Raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of AutoAAN Answering Machine App

LogoAutomatic Answer And Notify (AutoAAN) is the answering machine app that lives in a Smartphone! Now callers can leave a message directly on the phone - no voicemail service is required from the mobile provider. Buy AutoAAN once, and never pay for voicemail again! With AutoAAN, users pay once and never get charged again - kind of like buying an answering machine, but much more high tech. Even if they’re on a cheap plan, AutoAAN pays for itself just a few months. AutoAAN will work in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan - anywhere. Since the app resides on the phone, it is independent of mobile provider.

Modern Money Letter Launches to Educate Public on Bitcoin

Veteran financial newsletter editor Steven Lord announced today the launch of his new publication, The Modern Money Letter, which provides readers with information, data and insight into the rapidly developing digital currency marketplace. Offers Heavy Discounts Backed by Complementary Shipping Option

Being a part of SYOPTEK, Tools knows that free shipping can come handy to attract new and existing customers. The firm has announced free shipping on several products in its catalog. It’s the online source for fiber optic tools and kits; it supplies a wide range of items, which offers effective wet and dry cleaning of fiber connectors and optics.