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Active Consultancy Offers Effective Reward & Recognition Programmes to Increase Employees' Morale and Productivity

Active Consultancy, a prize management specialist, provides an effective range of reward and recognition programmes at the most competitive prices. They have been providing reward and recognition solutions for over two decades, and so far, have helped a number of business owners to manage their workforce more effectively. Whilst finalizing the programmes, they interact closely with their clients and strive to understand and meet each of their needs. All of their programmes are designed and managed by experienced professionals who have been in this business for years. Business owners looking for a reliable service provider for managing their reward and recognition programmes can count on Active Consultancy to deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Kieran Upadrasta Offers Comprehensive Software Development Security Services

Kieran Upadrasta, a cyber security consultant and risk & compliance analyst informs the IT security community of the importance of security operations. Mr. Upadrasta wishes to inform the community of the various branches of security operations as well as some of their important features.

Capsicum Group LLC's President & CEO Sandy Goldstein to Speak at Defending Corporations and Individuals in Government Investigations

Capsicum Group, LLC, a technology consulting firm specializing in digital forensics investigations, cybersecurity, and electronic discovery, is pleased to announce its participation as a Gold Sponsor for the Defending Corporations and Individuals in Government Investigations Conference. The Conference shall be held in Washington D.C., and takes place on September 28, 2016.

Falcon Survey Offers Topographic Survey Services for Accurate and Comprehensive Mapping of the Site

One of the well-established 3D Laser Scanning companies in Dubai, Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants offers topographic survey services for accurate and comprehensive mapping of the sites. These survey services are carried out by their team of skilled and dedicated engineers who make use of latest technology to map every possible structure present on the site like ground elevations, roads, buildings, utility services, trees and significant landscape, drainage systems and much more. Their topographical survey services are completely based on standard 'topographical survey specifications' as set by the Survey Department of the Concerned Municipality. Their professionals make use of A3/A1/A0 size sheets of stable base material or colored paper copies to make the presentation at scales from 1:50 to 1:500.

Acquisitions and Mergers Business Broker, ValleyBiggs, Provides Clients with Exemplary M&A Advisory Services

LogoIn the technology, internet and website M&A industry since 1996, acquisition and mergers business broker, ValleyBiggs consistently provides their clients with exemplary M&A advisory services. ValleyBiggs specializes in this niche and can, therefore, extend their wisdom to clients, including creating successful exit strategies, developing accurate website valuations, and providing exemplary M&A advisory services. Some of these services on the buy side include funding and financing, target valuation options, post-sale operations, due diligence management or review, locating targets, etc. On the sales side, they assist the client by creating a professional marketing package, they understand and document the client's objective both before and after the sale, they interview stakeholders to develop a FAQ, and they activate marketing channels, and a number of other services.

Website Broker,, Offers Clients Free 24 Hour Ecommerce Business Valuation

LogoFor the past 20 years, website broker,, has been working in the industry of buying and selling websites for clients. The owners themselves are serial internet entrepreneurs, and this added experience only exemplifies the quality of the reputation they have built in this market. Clients who have a website to sell are encouraged to call them to set up a free 24 hour ecommerce business valuation and consultation. With many services and strategies to offer, has satisfied many clients with their savvy negotiation abilities and their ability to obtain high profits at the closing table.

Cervitude Investor Relations Agency Adds S.E.C. Form Filing Service

Locally owned Cervitude Intelligent Relations (Cervitude IR) announced today that it has added S.E.C. form filing services to their service offerings. Company consultants have finalized a list of forms available to be filed by the Fairfield County IR Firm which include filing 10-K, 10-Q, Reg D, Reg A, Form D, Form 1-A, etc. via Edgar, the Securities & Exchange form filing portal.

PPI Payments Launches New Website

LogoThroughout the United Kingdom, thousands of people have felt the impact associated with the wrongful sales of PPI insurance policies. One company, PPI Payments, is dedicated to "righting the wrongs" of the banks by helping people claim compensation from the wrongful sales associated with their insurance policies. The company recently announced the launch of their new website: and encourages individuals throughout the U.K. to visit the site and contact the company to begin the process of starting a claim.

FREE Seminar Lends a Helping Hand

The Business Consultant Institute, founded by Terri Levine and Pete Winiarski, are presenting their Power Systems Workshop on Wednesday, August 10th from 8-5pm at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, PA. This full day workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to create and automate systems in their business so they can work on their business; not in their business.

HingePoint to Offer Free BIM Tools During AIA Tap-in Tech Event for Architects

LogoHingePoint will kickoff an emerging technology conference in Dallas, Texas that will show architects new trends in building design and construction.

Award-Winning Telecommunications Consultant Prepares for Annual Awards Ceremony

LogoNot only is Chorus Communications revered for its data recovery service consulting to Philadelphia area businesses, but they are also well-known in the industry for producing stellar events. This time, the brains behind the highly anticipated Who's Who in Technology at Chorus are in full swing finalizing the preparations for their annual Carriers Ball awards ceremony and event.

People Find Peace of Mind with AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Individuals struggling to receive appropriate payments from their insurance companies after experiencing a wide variety of property damages are encouraged to contact the professionals at AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. The public adjusters near Philadelphia and surrounding areas are now available to provide interested policyholders with a free consultation. AAA Public Adjusters, LLC has a full team of experts that are all extremely familiar with assisting property owners throughout the process of finding solutions to their insurance coverage dilemmas.

Global Impetus Announces Its New Consulting Service for US Market Entry

LogoRecently crisis has not changed the fact that the USA is the largest and most powerful economy in the world and we must not forget crisis means also "opportunity". But companies thinking doing business in the USA should be cautious of the intensely competitive and complex marketplace because mistakes will be costly. In such a scenario, outsourcing the preparatory work to an experienced and trusted partner can prove to be really helpful.

Website Broker,, Offers Clients Expertise & Valuable Services Including Free Website Appraisal

LogoIn the industry of placing internet business for sale, website broker has been helping clients both buy and sell websites since 1996. With a reputation for quality, they offer their clients expertise and valuable services including a free website appraisal. Founded by serial internet entrepreneurs, offers numerous services that are backed by a network of professionals including accountants, lawyers, etc. who have the experience and the knowledge in assisting clients with selling their internet business for a healthy profit.

ValleyBiggs, Respected Acquisition and Mergers Brokers, Provides Superior M&A Advisory Services to Clients in Mid-Market Technology, Website & Internet Sector

LogoAcquisition and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs, has been providing exceptional M&A advisory services for the past 20 years. During that time, they have built a solid reputation as internet business brokers who serve the mid-market, technology, website and internet sector with vast experience and skill. Their founders are serial internet entrepreneurs, which puts them ahead of competitors because they, in effect, have doubled their experience as acquisition and mergers brokers, and not only work for their clients, but also for themselves.

Trainingpoint Offers a Wide Range of Recruitment Solutions for Job Seekers

Trainingpoint is a Bangalore based Training and Placement Consultancy company, located in Marathahalli. It is considered as one of the Best Training institutes in Bangalore and amongst the most reputed SAP Training institutes in Bangalore. It is known for its placement and quality of Training in Bangalore. It is well know for providing SAP courses in bangalore and SAP training in Bangalore. It also conducts HR Training in Bangalore.

70 Percent of Organizations Keep Their Worst Security Incidents Under Wraps

Kieran Upadrasta is a London-based cyber security, governance, risk and compliance (SGRC) consultant touting nearly two decades of experience in areas such as business analysis, consulting, risk management, threat management, and security architecture. Today, he is offering his world-class services to companies that place an emphasis on their cyber security.

Boost the Productivity of Sales Department with Sales & Channel Incentives from Active Consultancy

Active Consultancy, a leading prize management company, now offers sales & channel incentives programmes that deliver outstanding results for businesses. Their sales & channel incentives help business owners to secure loyalty and positive sentiment among their supply chain partners. Before finalizing the programmes, the company interacts with their customers and creates a plan to help towards fulfilling their business goals. Their strategies for these programmes have been proven to help various businesses achieve their sales goals effectively. Business owners looking for a reliable service provider for managing their sales and channel incentives can count on Active Consultancy for their requirements.

Minimize Downtime and Improve Efficiency with Server and Network Monitoring from Marathon Professional Services

As a Technology Partner to Technology Resellers and Distributors in the UK, Marathon Professional Services provides server and network monitoring services to help business owners manage their server and network infrastructure efficiently. Marathon's network monitoring services deliver a number of benefits such as minimising the risks associated with new technology implementation, allowing IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities, and ensuring that business' investments in IT are sustainable. Server and network monitoring allows businesses to automatically track issues. This helps to decrease project timelines, accelerate deployment and reduce overall downtime. The wide range of services they offer include server availability and unavailability reporting, Microsoft Patch status reporting, Capacity Planning Reporting, and Network Health overview reporting (AD, DNS, HTTP).

Top Educational Consultant in Singapore Launches Dedicated Service

LogoOAL, a reputable educational consultant in Singapore, has launched its dedicated service for students who wish to study overseas in Australia and other countries. OAL's personalized service is designed to find the best option for each student, as every student would have different study goals, areas of interest and financial resources.

Acquisition and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Is an Expert Internet M&A Consulting Firm

LogoIn the industry of selling internet businesses since 1996, acquisition and mergers brokers, ValleyBiggs, is an expert internet M&A consulting firm. Part of the reason why they have obtained their level of expertise is because the owners are serial internet entrepreneurs themselves, which has served to double the team's valuable experience. ValleyBiggs handles mid-market companies that are in the technology, internet, and website sector. Because they are able to focus on this niche, they are able to provide their clients with innovative methodologies and superior services, with a team of professionals that back them in every deal.

California Feng Shui Consultant Discloses How Local Businesses Can Become Money Magnets

A San Marcos, CA's leading feng shui consultant Janet Sandquist has promised all San Marcos business owners she's ready to help them turn their business into money making maqines.

Coefficients Co. Ltd. Announces Transition from Being a BPO to a KPO Service Provider

LogoFirst pioneered by Indian service providers, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) has considerably achieved global impact. It has undeniably surpassed both the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) sectors when it comes to providing greater value-added services and revenue margins. To date, the KPO vertical is now imposing extensive interest in both private and public sectors making the Philippines one of the top destinations when it comes to providing KPO services.

The Lindenberger Group Offers HR Consulting Services to NYC Non-Profits

LogoNon-profit organizations based in NYC are doing valuable work for their communities, often on a large scale. It's critical that these organizations (which frequently have limited resources compared to for-profit businesses) mobilize their teams effectively in order to achieve their goals. Human resources consulting services can help non-profits in this regard. The Lindenberger Group, one of New Jersey's top HR consulting firms, has announced that it now offers services in New York City.

Kieran Upadrasta Launches Finance and Telecom Sector IT Security Division

Cyber security consultant and risk manager, Kieran Upadrasta invites businesses to re-evaluate their Information Technology (IT) security options. A recent government study on cyber security and cyber criminals have found that larger businesses have experienced a cyber breach or attack within the last year. However, regardless of business size, any one business could be a potential target.