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New York City Small Businesses Invited to Apply to Be a Part of SLAP in the City - A Year-Long Business Growth Program

LogoSilver Lining, Ltd., an organization dedicated to changing the economy by helping more small businesses succeed, today announces the launch of its SLAP In The City program - an initiative that was created to help small business owners in a single geographic region increase their chances of staying in business so that they are able to continue their efforts of local job creation, economic contribution and community involvement. NYC has been chosen as the inaugural city for the program.

Southern Training Services Announces Free Business Training Program

Southern Training Services, the premier provider of small and medium sized business training in the UK, announced today the launch of a new training program being offered free to select businesses. The company’s primary focus is information and education for small to medium sized businesses on how to acquire customers in a more cost-effective manner.

The Online Life Coach Dares Customers to Take Up the 100 Day Challenge

Executive coaching has become an integral part of online career counseling and life coaching. It is inevitable that people start to wonder what exactly are executive coaches or if they might need one too. An executive coach looks to improve upon their client’s personal development which will ultimately result in professional development. The main purpose of executive coaches is to help their clients in identifying the main aims and goals of their life.

Nathan R Mitchell, Founder of Clutch Consulting, to Present "Food for Thought" Session at Glenpool Chamber of Commerce

LogoNathan R Mitchell, founder of Clutch Consulting LLC in Tulsa, OK has been conducting business and leadership development coaching with small business owners and business professionals since 2010.

CNI UK Announces Sustainability Partnership with Supporters Direct

LogoThe partnership will see CNI UK provide a free energy health check to any community owned club, resulting in advice on how a Club can increase its facility energy efficiency with no capital outlay. Participating Clubs will then have the option of retaining the money they have saved, re-investing for further commercial energy efficiency or offsetting the clubs residual carbon footprint.

A Renowned Brisbane Psychologist, Psychology Consultants Delivers 'Towards Better Sleep Programme'

Psychology Consultants renowned as Brisbane psychologist delivers a ‘towards better sleep programme’ to customers who are in need. The programme was established over 10 years ago by two experienced and knowledgeable psychiatrist named Clinical Psychologist, Kathryn Smith and Psychiatrist, Dr Curt Gray. Psychology Consultants has been trying to put their seamless efforts in Group Insomnia Programme to leave no mark of mistake.

Avail Expert Product Design Services from Leading Creative Design Consultants at Design Edge

Creative product design is increasingly becoming a crucial part of businesses and organizations around the globe. As the demand for new and innovative concepts and products is increasing so is the need for people who can think of such new ideas and also execute them perfectly. Design Edge is a leading industrial design consultancy in Sydney that offers cutting edge product design services at competitive prices. Suited to meet the varied needs of businesses and organisations with both big and small budgets, the Company’s creative design consultants are the best when it comes to offering services like problem defining, idea assessment, prototyping and manufacturing.

401K Participants with Professional Investment Help Outperformed Those Who Did Without

Individual 401K participants who sought third party professional investment advice experienced nearly 3% (2.92%) better returns over a five year period spanning 2006 to 2010, net of fees, according to the report Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 through 2010 from Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines. Considering this period includes the economic recession of 2008 these are impressive results and should not be ignored.

Website Closers, an Online Business Broker Company, Announces Free Seller Consultation Services

Website Closers, an online business broker company, announces free seller consultation services. The company’s founders have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to learn what the brokerage can do for them. By calling or sending an email to the firm’s corporate headquarters, an expert in website valuation and digital exit strategies will be available to help. A live operator is standing by to take your call to connect you with its professionals. Through the use of proprietary sales strategies and an in-depth experience of owning and operating website properties, Website Closers has the necessary skills to buy or sell any digital property, including websites, software applications, Amazon companies, and more.

Image Group International, a Personal Image Consultant Delivers Practical Real World Tools to Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Image Group International, a personal image consultant organization delivers practical real world tools to businesses. Their transformational workshops and seminars for groups, and one-on-one coaching and consultations for individuals are well-known over other companies offerings. They can design varied programs that take the natural abilities and personalities of both men and women and match them with the congruent-professional brand image that others respect.

Scytec Consulting Inc. to Participate in MFG4 Tradeshow in Connecticut

Scytec Consulting Inc. will be an exhibitor at the MFG4 Tradeshow which will be held in Connecticut on May 6 - 8, 2014. Their cloud based Scytec DataXchange Process Control System has been a game changer in the industry eliminating the requirement of large upfront investments for a machine monitoring system. The company is confident that their value-driven product will positively influence the opinion of the manufacturers that visit the tradeshow looking for SaaS (software as a service) or On-Premise machine monitoring solutions.

CCRC Group Expands GSA MAS Assistance to Area Businesses

Logo“Without a GSA Schedule contract, small businesses are at a disadvantage,” states Jason Dunn, Senior Advisor, at Commercial Connections and Research Center, a Government Procurement Consulting firm. He adds, “we’ve been helping small businesses of every kind sell to the government for the past 16 years as the rush to government procurement expands."

Incorporation of a Company in Singapore Becomes Easy with SBS Consulting

Logo“Apart from private limited companies, you also have an option of setting up a limited liability partnership or a sole proprietorship,” said the business head of SBS Consulting. For Singapore company registration, at least one local director, who is a resident of Singapore is required. A person having a PR or an employment pass can also be eligible for the director’s post.

Environmental Consulting Firm Offering Extensive Health and Safety Services

Handex Consulting and Remediation (HCR), a prominent Environmental Consulting firm, is offering clients comprehensive health and safety services as elaborated on its official website,

Scytec Cloud Machine Utilization Tracking Makes Pilot Programs Obsolete

Typical OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) technologies are costly and start with a pilot program, which prevents many manufacturers from using them. Cloud based Scytec DataXchange Process Control System removes the obstacle of the large upfront investment. With a very low setup fee and low monthly payments based on the quantity of equipment utilizing the system, manufacturers have no reason not to use the technology.

Omniagroup - Offering Lean Solutions for People's Business

Logistics is the administration of the circulation of products between point of origin to the point of usage to be able to fulfill some needs, for instance, of clients or companies. The logistics of bodily products frequently entails the incorporation of data circulation, material handling, manufacturing, packaging, supply, transport, warehousing and frequently protection.

Corey Consulting Takes on New Regional Sales Manager Gary Michael Raab

Corey Consulting, a Miami Digital Marketing company, has recently hired industry veteran Gary Michael Raab to fill its new position of Regional Sales Manager. In this capacity he will serve as a full-time sales associate tasked with meeting the growing demand for Corey Consulting's innovative services.

Oklahoma Business Coach, Martin Holland, Helps Businesses Develop Synergy Among Staff

LogoSynergy among staff members is extremely important in any business, and it can therefore be an excellent investment to hire a business coach to help with this.  Martin Holland  is a highly skilled and experienced professional with all the right credentials when it comes to helping businesses improve their synergy so they can work together much more efficiently. Businesses that are struggling in one way or another will most likely find that hiring a business coach can be an excellent way to go about getting things back on track.

CAN-9009:2013 Brings Quality Assurance to the Medical & Recreational Marijuana Industry

Industrial Leaders Group (ILG), the leading independent accreditation body for quality assurance introduces the first certification program for the medical and legalized recreational cannabis developed to benefit patients, growers, healthcare providers, cannabis manufacturing equipment suppliers and consumers as well regulators implementing laws for the medical and legalized recreational cannabis industry. ILG said CAN 9009:2013 is the only accredited and official certification program based on quality standards set forth by The National Quality Cannabis Group of America (NQCGA) and the American Quality Herbal Products Association (AQHPA)

Ohio Business Owners Receive Leadership Training from Business Coach, Fred Reikowsky

LogoBusinesses that want to be more successful and focus their ambitions will definitely want to consider hiring someone who specializes in leadership training.  Legacy Business Leaders  is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to services that can help any business thrive and increase their revenue stream. This company consists of experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to turning around businesses that are struggling just to survive. Helps Small Business Owners Learn How to Sell an Amazon Business Through Their Free Consultation Service, a proficient and prominent name in the sphere of buying and selling of websites, is now assisting sellers who wish to learn How to Sell an Amazon Business through their free consultation service. The potency of Amazon Business in increasing the sales, expanding the market and in reaching out to new customers has been well-established. A consultation with helps clients understand the know-how of professional business sales strategies that are compatible with Amazon, and will help them in devising effective sales plan and raising profits.

Team Building and Leadership Training That Trades out the Fluff for Measurable Stuff

LogoThe frustration with corporate training and development can be daunting. Global business need to take in a breath of fresh air when it comes to training executives. Scavenger hunts, raft building, ropes courses, sweat tents, walking on coals and even culinary programs may be fun but these programs bring results? Do managers really become leaders sitting in a canned two to four hour a day workshop with fifty other managers from other industries?

Islamic Finance in Ras Al Khaimah Presented by FAAIF Events and Ilovetheuae

FAAIF in conjunction with to present a one-day workshop on Islamic finance at the Hilton Spa and Resort on the sandy shores of Ras al Khaimah, UAE on Saturday April 12, 2014 from 10AM- 5 PM. Topics include Everything you Need to Know about Sukuk and More; Takaful or Bust; Islamic Banking is Risky, Do you Really Understand the Risks Inherent in Islamic Banking?; Derivatives in Islamic Finance, Microfinance, Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance, the Way Forward, and Issues and Concerns in the Financial Reporting of Islamic Banks. Speakers include Camille Paldi, CEO of FAAIF, Jassim Mahadik, Project Manager at Al Maali, Muhammad Zubair Mughal, CEO of Al Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics, and Muhammad Ayub, Director Training and Research at Riphah University Center of Islamic Business (RCIB). Registration is now open by contacting Camille Paldi at or +971 (0)56 950 0562.

In Difficult Times, Companies May Look to Liquidate Their Underperforming Assets

Logo"When you spend with your current suppliers there is often no guarantee that they, or others they do business with, will ever buy something back from you. These are “one-way” transactions because every cent you spend is money that you may never receive back. When you make purchases from others within the Ormita network, your trading relationships are based on reciprocity and mutual support," says the CEO of Ormita, Daniel Evans.

Matrix Business Structures - Public Charities and Private Foundations

Matrix Business Structures offers philanthropic organization structuring entities which provide the opportunity to establish a community-based non-profit resource or to develop a family legacy benefiting humanity.