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Telemetry Expert to Lead IMET's Engineering Team

Timothy M. Kelly, a noted telemetry engineering consultant to Fortune 500 firms and former sales executive for an international manufacturer of telemetry systems, has been named Engineering Manager of IMET Corporation, electronic product development and PCB assembly specialists. - Offering Reliable and Secure Computer Network and IT Solutions

AlvakaNet is an Advanced Network Administration that a lot more than monitoring. It's 24x7x365 upbeat network monitoring that's supplied by the best and skilled NOC engineers. AlvakaNet is all about creating one’s network hidden so that his/her IT-staff could be more strategic and dedicated on the bottom line. AlvakaNet significantly improves network accessibility and uptime.

Kickstarter Crowdfunder SYNCFAB Attending Tech Crunch LA Meetup 6-10PM on April 10, 2014

LogoSYNCFAB Hybrid 3D Print and Design Company founders Jeremy Goodwin and Dennis Delgado will be attending today's Tech Crunch LA Meetup event from 6-10PM PST. Both Jeremy, CEO, and Dennis, Design Director, will be in attendance and available for questions related to the company's current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ending April 30, 2014. Both Jeremy and Dennis can be reached either by email at: and or by phone listed at the bottom of this press release.

Grounding and Earthing Handbook Hailed as a Comprehensive Guide to Electrical Grounding

LogoE&S Grounding Solutions is pleased to announce the release of their new electrical grounding book by lead author and Manager of Engineering David Stockin. "McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code 2014 Grounding and Earthing Handbook" is now available at major retailers and has already received rave reviews from industry experts and critics alike. The book is a comprehensive guide to electrical grounding and specifically Article 250 of the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC). The book has extensive illustrations with step by step explanations of each and every article of the Code. Additional electrical grounding chapters covered in the book include the features and benefits of different types of grounding electrodes, measuring ground potential rise and the importance of soil resistivity testing as well as information on different types of lightning protection systems. The chapters are designed to give readers and those who work in the electrical industry a solid knowledge of National Electrical Code (NEC) issues and the proper methods for grounding and earthing to ensure the safety of humans and property.

American Council of Engineering Companies Honors Two Projects by SC Solutions

LogoThe American Council of Engineering Companies has announced the Sunnyvale engineering firm, SC Solutions, Inc. as the recipient of two Engineering Excellence Awards. The Honor Awards are for the firm's work on the Devil's Slide / Tom Lantos Tunnels and the Foresthill Bridge Seismic Retrofit.

Quest-Tec Introduces LEVEL-ARC Service Center Program

Quest Tec Solutions, a Houston-based company specializing in the manufacture, development, and engineering of liquid level gauge and valve product lines, introduces the LEVEL-ARC Service Center Program that provides business owners an edge to show their customers that the company is committed to delivering quality technical service.

Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services Announces Expansion of Service Area

Canada Business News reports the demand for civil engineers in the Alberta area is increasing by an average of 25 percent annually. While the number of students pursuing a career in this field is at an all time high, the province currently lacks enough established professionals to meet their growing needs. In an effort to bridge this gap, Trent Thompson of Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services has announced the company has expanded their services into Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

Bodkin's New Spectral Microscope Camera Sheds Light on/Advances Bio-Medical Research

LogoA new, advanced medical imaging system by Bodkin Design and Engineering enables researchers to pinpoint data and analyze complex microscopic samples in real time. The VNIR-90 Hyperspectral Imager captures spectral images within fixed tissue or in-vivo biological samples, in a single video frame, for immediate identification and analysis.

GestureR Crowdfunding Project Launched

LogoWith a $10,000 goal, Grabo has launched GestureR, an Arduino-compatible gesture sensing module, as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.

Reliance Apprentice Receives Outstanding Achievement Award

Megan Lunn, a third year mechanical engineering apprentice at Reliance Precision, has been awarded The Severn Unival Most Outstanding Achievement Award by Kirklees College, in recognition of exceptional performance.

Easter Connecticut's Premier Home Show Is Title Sponsored by Overhead Door Company of Norwich CT

LogoOverhead Door of Norwich is proud to announce its participation as the Title Sponsor of the Eastern Connecticut Home Show, scheduled for Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the Mystic Marriott Hotel and Spa in Groton, CT. The show runs from 9 am until 7 pm on Saturday and 10 am until 5 pm on Sunday.

Overhead Door of Norwich CT Awarded 2012 and 2013 Women's Choice Award

LogoOverhead Door Company is proud to have won the 2012 and 2013 Women's Choice Award given by WomenCertified, the voice of female consumers, for being named "America’s Best for Home" in the category of garage doors.

Allied Steel Buildings Reports Considerable Business Growth

Allied Steel Buildings, a Fort Lauderdale-based company specializing in prefabricated Steel Buildings, reported significant growth throughout 2013 and thus far into 2014.

System Insights Talks Cyber Physical Systems Automation

The Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) concept came from the idea that from design to production, a part can be fully simulated and the optimal production process selected. The production process can be fully automated; the human interaction is done in the initial design and production constraints and parameters. The systems then take the raw material from the initial state to the end state. Dr. Heinz Derenbach, the Executive Vice President Technical and Engineering in the Corporate Sector for Information Systems and Services of Bosch GmbH said, “In an extreme vision, this unfinished material already knows for which customer it is intended and carries with it all the information about where and when it will be processed. Once the material is in the machine, the material itself records any deviations from the standard process, determines when it’s ‘done,’ and knows how to get to its customer.” The decentralization of computer systems is also important. Each system has to have adequate intelligence and autonomy to carry out its tasks with as little information as possible from the central systems, or the complexity of the system becomes impossible to scale. This requires new ways of designing controls and integrating devices as well as new manufacturing processes. The benefits of distributed autonomous systems will be local manufacturing that can reduce supply chain length and increase customization by having on-demand manufacturing done closer to the customer. This will reduce the shipping costs of the final product and increase the availability of products to more markets. From an economic perspective this will create more manufacturing jobs since there will be a greater number of shops making more products. According to Rick Moran, COO of System Insights, “To achieve a full CPS implementation, the first step is to understand our current manufacturing processes and how the machinists and operators are making parts and running the equipment. This first step is called tribal knowledge capture. We must learn from the people and the machines how to configure, setup, and adjust the processes to make every part perfect and make the processes repeatable.” About System Insights System Insights, ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. The SI flagship product - vimana - delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve clients’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). Follow System Insights on Twitter @systeminsights.

Trade Exhibition LogiMAT to Feature P&A International

P&A International, a company that provides a wide variety of machine shop services, has just announced that they will be part of the LogiMAT 12th International Trade Fair for Distribution, which will be held Feb. 25 to 27 at Stuttgart Airport. This will be the company’s third appearance at the trade exhibition, which will focus on innovative products, solutions and systems for procurement, distribution logistics, warehousing and production.

Working Prototypes Now Available Within Minutes Instead of Weeks

LogoFor decades, the state of the art in engineering required drawings to be sent to a machine shop to check the efficacy of a design by manufacturing a prototype. Costing thousands – to, in some cases, millions – of dollars, and taking weeks or months for delivery, the process has been notoriously inefficient. If a prototype doesn’t function correctly, it is literally and figuratively sent “back to the drawing board”.

VIATechnik Opens New San Francisco Office to Better Serve Their Growing Local Client Base

San Francisco has become known as the tech mecca, and Silicon Valley is now home to many of the world’s biggest technology companies and service providers, from Apple to Google and Facebook. The constant expansion of the region’s technology elite is driving demand for construction of new headquarters, storage facilities, server rooms and more. VIATechnik is an engineering services and consultancy group that has seen huge success from its hubs in Chicago and Manila, and has now expanded to take up a new home in San Francisco to help define the next era in the digital gold rush.

Rockhill Partners Has Retained Private Equity Headhunters LLC for Its Executive Recruiting Needs

Rockhill Partners, a company that specializes in investing in early-stage companies in the science and technology industries, has just announced that they have retained Private Equity Headhunters LLC for its executive recruiting needs for its new portfolio companies.

IMT Modular Partitions Integrates Smart Tint Technology with Their Glass Partitions

Interior design can be a challenge at the best of times- it takes dedication, intuition and technical savvy to be able to design a space that flows, suits the needs of its users and feels like a welcoming environment. For businesses, this is even more difficult, as the need for partitions creates even more pressure to keep them from becoming a maze of cubicles. IMT Modular Partitions provide flexible, reusable and customizable partitions that can be adapted to fit the needs of the business at that time, and can be moved and redesigned in order to flexibly accommodate how the company evolves.

50+ Companies New to Big Electrical Show - Register Free Online (Before October 2)

What will Sherman & Reilly, Honeywell Lighting Solutions, Solar Electric Power Co., Russelectric, Milbank, and 48 other companies have in common Oct. 13-15?

Strategic Maintenance Solutions Adds Certification to Offer IBM TRIRIGA, the Best of Integrated Workplace Management

LogoStrategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) and IBM’s recently acquired TRIRIGA, joined forces earlier this year bolstering SMS with a new offering for their clients. IBM TRIRIGA, an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), provides strategic facilities planning, implementation, and management while integrating these processes with other utilized enterprise systems.

Bodkin Design and Engineering Launches New Multiplex Immunoassay Platform

LogoFormerly known as the Spectral Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (SRIB), the Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (IRIB) is a Multiplex Immunoassay Platform that delivers exceptional Biomarker analysis and quantification.

INTEGRIS Engineering Announces the Launch of Its Newly Updated Website

INTEGRIS Engineering has just announced the launch of its newly updated website, The company offers its clients engineering support through a wide variety of modeling and simulation expertise’s, including Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multi-body Dynamics, Electrical Design and Routing, Systems Engineering, Control Systems, in addition to Prototyping, Validation and Program/Project Management consulting and support.

Free Admission -- Available Online -- to October's NECA Show in D.C.

Electrical contractors and their employees, electricians, datacom & cabling experts, and other construction professionals are invited to The NECA Show. To be held Oct. 13-14-15 in Washington, D.C, admission is FREE.

With Their Experience and Variety, Dave Robinson...Commercial Architects in Utah-- Are Serving Major Clientele and Creating Signature Buildings

During a person’s daily activities, commercial architecture is around every corner. From restaurants to doctor’s offices, the design and structure of buildings often form opinions and contribute to the overall image of a company. With over 37 years of experience, Dave Robinson Architects specializes in a variety of master planning and construction projects; recreation, clean room and experience as a warehouse architect among them. Their dedication for providing custom designs that fit the needs of each type of business has put them at the forefront of commercial architects in Utah.