Professional Services: Engineering - Press Releases

Hoj Engineering Specializes in Wholesale and Retail Distribution

LogoHoj Engineering brings a comprehensive knowledge to wholesale and retail distribution. The company is dedicated to the entire material handling experience and all the equipment associated with outfitting a warehouse. With 50 years of business experience and hundreds of years of combined knowledge, the Hoj team has designed and built every type of warehouse operation.

Hoj Engineering Specializes in eCommerce

LogoThe eCommerce industry is rewriting all the rules of distribution, with the goals of same day shipping and same day delivery, the performance demands for this warehouse have never been higher. Hoj consultants specialize in designing high performing distribution centers. The key to an optimal design in this environment is our analysis of SKU and order activity. Hoj's experience in eCommerce warehouse design is results in the most efficient, custom-engineered material handling processes.

Food and Beverage Industry Is Hoj Engineering Speciality

LogoFood and beverage comprise some of the nation's most significant warehouse operations. This is where distribution centers get tuned for cubic volume and speed. This industry uses specific products that help capture some unique advantages. Even the racking gets special treatment. Hoj Engineering provides the industry preference structural racking in facilities that have GMP guidelines. The company provides the forklifts and pallet jacks that can quickly move the pallet or box to the route necessary to complete the customer order.

MIT Pune's Avantika University to Offer Design Program for Churning out Creative Minds

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University is set to offer programs in design. Beginning 2017, they will offer Bachelor in Design (B.Des) and Master in Design (M. Des) in System Design, Industrial Design, and Communication Design. The different specialization is designed in conjunction with world's prominent educationist and will follow a unique 4 step academic model, including Foundation, Core, Professional and Integrated Experience. To put this extraordinary education methodology in practice, Avantika has developed their learning pedagogy, which is focused on developing the creative and analytical skills of the students. The University possesses the most relevant and future-oriented educational curriculum for design education in India.

Hoj Engineering Specializes in Manufacturing and Materials Handling Solutions

LogoHoj engineering and fabrication teams have installed and maintained countless overhead bridge cranes to provide material handling solutions over production lines, machine shops, maintenance rooms, equipment repair and assembly. The company's overhead crane products soon expanded to providing forklifts and conveyors for these same customers.

Hoj Engineering Services Industrial Sector with Overhead Cranes and More

LogoFor over 50 years Hoj Engineering has serviced the industrial sector with overhead & jib cranes, below-the-hook solutions, lift trucks, storage rack, and maintenance department products and design. Hoj's expertise extends through mining, energy, chemical, and power generation operations.

Automatically Create Data Rich 3D PDFs with Tetra4D Automate

LogoTech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, today announced its newest addition to the Tetra4D 3D PDF product portfolio, Tetra4D Automate, an easy to deploy solution for automating the creation of interactive 3D PDF documents. The introduction of Tetra4D Automate rounds out the Tetra4D product portfolio by enabling manufacturers to easily scale their production and use of rich interactive 3D PDFs. Now companies can easily create their 3D PDF templates with Tetra4D Enrich, and then automatically generate hundreds or thousands of consistent mission-critical documents with Tetra4D Automate.

Locate and Avoid Cutting of Underground Utilities During Construction Works with PostTension Scanning from Falcon Survey

One of the most reputable 3D Laser Scanning companies in UAE, Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants, offers technologically-advanced Post Tension Scanning in UAE Dubai. The PT Scanning services are carried out by their team of well-trained and dedicated professionals, who provide precise information of every concrete structure present above or beneath the surface. The whole scanning processes that the company conducts are done with the help of cutting-edge technological tools to provide reliable information to the clients. Contractors who are looking for the most precise Post Tension Concrete Scanning data can hire Falcon Survey to meet their needs.

Hoj Engineering Conveyor Specializes in Warehouse Automation

LogoHoj Engineering overhead cranes are fabricated and assembled at Hoj's own 26,000 square foot manufacturing building. Hoj Engineering manufactures bridge cranes, runways, and columns for 50 years. Hoj Engineering bridge cranes conform to established industry standards for manufacturing and quality. Hoj Engineering crane manufacturing and assembly teams are equipped with modern production technology.

Hoj Engineering Offers Racking Solutions for Efficient Warehouse Engineering Design

LogoThe leadership team at Hoj Engineering understands that finding the proper racking solution can get complicated. Hoj Engineering offers a variety of options to fit warehouse and distributors' needs. Hoj Engineering takes personal usage and cubic requirements into consideration. Then utilizing lean manufacturing best practice principals, Hoj Engineering helps design warehouse spaces to meets building codes and requirements. Hoj Engineering also facilitates warehouse growth by maximizing capacity—buying a little more time and even some money.

Falcon Survey Offers Underground Utility Detection Surveys to Avoid the Damage of the Utilities During Excavations

One of the most renowned Survey Engineering Companies in Dubai, Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants, is offering the most reliable underground surveys for varied needs of their clients. All of these underground surveys are carried out by their team of skilled and trained engineers using equipment of latest technology like GPR multi-frequency electro-magnetic equipment, and dual-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar. The data produced from their surveys precisely works for the clients and reduces the need for expensive excavations and delays by identifying safe and clear areas for all boreholes, excavations, piles and trial pits. The company's underground survey services also covers buried services, utilities and necessary hazards, and many other aspects of construction projects. Individuals, contractors or builders who are looking for a reliable underground survey consultants in Dubai can hire Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants for their needs.

Ensure a Better Professional Growth with Post Graduate Program in Piping Engineering from MITSkills

MITSkills provides one-of-a-kind Piping Engineering courses in India to ensure a better professional growth of the individuals. The courses are available in classroom modes as well as blended, correspondence mode with full time and part time modules. Their Piping and Process Engineering includes PGP in Piping Engg (Full time), PGP in Piping Engg (Part Time), PGP in Piping Engg (Correspondence), PGP in Process Engg (Full time), PGP in Process Engg (Part time), PGP in Process Engg (Correspondence) and much more. These courses from MITSkills will help industry professionals acquire the skills and techniques required to implement in the projects. Experienced professionals and engineering fresher who are looking to explore their career in piping engineering can get themselves enrolled in this professional program to ensure their rapid growth.

Beyond 3D Podcast Explores Trends, Business Opportunities and Real-World Stories in Manufacturing and Engineering

Tech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, today announced the Beyond 3D podcast channel (, where guests will explore all things 3D related.

JLC International, Inc. Delivers Thirty-Nine Ultrasonic Flowmeters of the 700 Series Atrato to Dynaflux S.A.

LogoRecently, JLC International, Inc. in New Britain, PA, shipped thirty-nine Ultrasonic Flowmeters of the 700 Series Atrato to Dynaflux S.A., an engineering company that is located in the Lima District of Peru. Those who are in need of a large quantity of devices likes the Ultrasonic Flowmeters of the 700 Series Atrato can rely on JLC International, Inc. for quality products and prompt service.

Tetra4D SP1 Increases Performance for Large Model 3D PDF Creation and STEP AP242 Export

Tech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, today announced major enhancements to Tetra 4D Converter, a powerful solution for converting 3D CAD to 3D PDFs, and Tetra4D Enrich, a new application that enables anyone to create rich, interactive 3D PDF documents quickly and easily directly inside of Adobe Acrobat [Professional]. Together, Tetra4D Converter and Tetra4D Enrich support multiple workflows, allowing users to package precise solid geometry and all necessary PMI into a lightweight, sharable format.

Hytrol President David Peacock Praises Integration Partner Gateway Engineering

LogoHytrol, manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes integration partners like Gateway Engineering critical to the company's success. Hytrol's unique relationship with integration partners allows the company to provide great advantages to the customer with local service.

Sharpen the Skills of Industrial Automation with Honeywell Experion C300 DCS Training from Excel Automation

Excel Automation Solutions, an ISO 9001: 2008 & IAO Accredited institute, offers most efficient Honeywell Experion C300 DCS Training. It is one of the unique training programmes that focuses on developing and sharpening the technical skills of participants in the field of industrial automation and control systems. The Honeywell Experion C300 DCS Training conducted by them is of 10 days and covers course content like Honeywell C300 DCS Architecture Overview, Honeywell Control Builder, DCS System Architecture Design, HART Transmitter Configuration, Real time third party Communications, Honeywell C300 Networks design and many others. This training programme is imparted by a knowledgeable trainer, Venkatesh Selvaraj, who has 10 years of DCS / ESD / SIS Global & Domestic Project Experience.

Sositar Mold Announces Custom Design & Engineering Services for Plastic Injection Mold Making for Various Industries

With a team of experienced mould technologists and professional engineers, Sositar Mold Company has the capability of supplying plastic molds of any design and technical specification that can meet the client requirement. Moreover, they dedicate their efforts to manage each project separately, offering custom design and engineering services. The company is a leading China mould maker that supplies plastic moulds for automotive, medical equipment, home appliances, electronic goods and other industries all around the world.

TPM, the Carolinas' Leading 3D CAD Provider, Welcomes New Hires

TPM Inc., North and South Carolina's largest 3D CAD provider and a leading technology company, has announced two new hires at their branch in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. They are welcoming Jeff Sellers to their Manufacturing Division and Angela Meyer to their Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Division.

JLC International Announces Availability of Oval Gear Flow Meters Up to 10000 Psi

LogoThe Oval Gear Flow Meters by Titan Enterprises are ideal for measuring simple, water-like products and lubricating liquids. However, a new version of Oval Gear Flow Meters has become available, offering engineers the ability to measure flow of liquid up to 10000 psi (700 bars). JLC International is pleased to announce that they are distributing Oval Gear Flow Meters Series OG2 for measurement in applications involving extreme high pressure. Engineers can inquire about this high pressure version of the OG2 and obtain more details about them by visiting

Boyce Bonham Accepts Position as Hytrol Chief Engineer

LogoHytrol is pleased to announce that Boyce Bonham has accepted the position of Hytrol's Chief Engineer. This role increases Bonham's availability to provide support to the Hytrol integration partner network, leveraging his strengths as a technical solutions provider and his relationship with the company's integration partners and end users.

Falcon Survey Offers 3D Laser Scanning Survey Services for Instant & Accurate Mapping of a Property

A renowned firm in the field of Land, Marine, GIS, and Geographic Surveys, Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants is now offering 3D laser scanning survey services for instant mapping of a property. It is one of the sophisticated ways of surveying the property that is focused on enhancing the development and designing of any revamp, retrofit, upgrade project through different stages of the process. The number of benefits that individuals can attain through their 3D laser scanning services include mitigation of risks, minimization in shutdown periods, minimization in offshore fabrication activities, reduction of installation man hours, maximization in field productivity, minimization in field hot work and many others. The 3D laser scanning services they offer can be effectively utilized for applications such as 3D semi-automated modeling, condition and damage assessment, Spot Level Surveys of High Risk Areas, aid in inspections, tank/vessel volumetric information, complete 3D CAD models from point clouds and many others.

Hytrol Continues to Grow Requiring New Project Engineer

LogoHytrol continues to grow, with 2016 on target to be the best year in the company history. The growth a distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and same-day ecommerce consumer demand is the fuel of the company growth. The company is adding staff at the Jonesboro, AR corporate headquarters.

Learn DeltaV Network Systems Process with Emerson DeltaV DCS Training from Excel Automation Solutions

A leading name in the industry for providing practical training on existing Oil & Gas Projects, Excel Automation Solutions is now offering Emerson DeltaV DCS training to help individuals in learning the techniques of operating DeltaV Network Systems. This training session is conducted for 10 days and covers topics like DeltaV DCS Introduction, System Overview, DeltaV DCS Architecture Overview, DeltaV Explorer, DeltaV Operate, DeltaV Control Modules, DeltaV Program Types, Input / Output Configuration and many others. This course is taught by Mr. Venkatesh Selvaraj who has 10 years of experience working in DCS / ESD / SIS Global & Domestic Projects. Those planning to polish their skills of working with DeltaV network systems can count on them for providing trainings at the most competitive prices.

Excel Automation Solutions Now Organizes Free Seminar for 2015 and 2016 Passed out Students

Recognized globally for providing hands on practical training on existing Oil & Gas Projects, Excel Automation Solutions is now organizing a free Industrial Automation and Control & Instrumentation seminar for 2015 and 2016 graduates and diploma engineers. The seminar is conducted every Saturday 10.00 am onwards and provides training on different topics of Industrial Automation and Control & Instrumentation like PLC, HMI, SCADA, Fields Instruments, VFD and many others. The operations of the company started in the year 2014 and today they are contacted by businesses from every nook and corner of the world, looking for top class technical support and sub-contract training and services. Those interested in attending this industrial automation and control & instrumentation seminar can call them on +918870007000 for advance bookings or mail in their information on