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Advance Yourself Career Services Helps Executives & Professionals Advance Their Careers and Stimulate Economic Growth

LogoExecutives, managers and senior professionals seldom seek new career opportunities just for more money. According to an article published by Amrop, one of the world's leading executive search firms, many managers want flexibility, the opportunity to experiment and are looking for meaning, sustainability, trust in their abilities and an environment that understands their priorities.

Chesapeake Home Health Care Announces to Host Christmas Banquet for Clients and Staff

As part of its philosophy, "Care", Chesapeake Home Health Care (CHHC-MD) announces that it will host its annual Christmas Banquet on December 17, 2015 at La Fontaine Bleue, Lanham, Maryland for both its clients and staff. CHHC-MD feels it is important to celebrate and acknowledge their wonderful clients and staff regularly, presenting awards of recognition for quality care and prizes for the whole family.

Hiring Offshore Recruitment Teams from Profit by RPO Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Over the past several years, offshore outsourcing recruitment has seen an upswing. Many leading companies across the world appoint offshore recruitment teams to fill their workforce requirements. A skilled workforce is considered to be the driving force behind an organization's success and adds value to an organization in several ways. Taking this into an account, Profit By RPO, #1 RPO Company in India, is providing a dedicated offshore recruitment team to offshore companies who are into mass hiring of at least 10 or more employees every month. Their offshore recruitment team will provide business owners the exact HR solutions, which they need to sustain growth and maintain the quality of their organizations.

Joblanda Launches Increased Efforts Combating Mounting Lay-Offs in Nigeria

Reports released earlier this year reveal more than 1.3 million Nigerians suffered job losses during the second quarter of 2015 alone, bringing the country's total unemployment rate to greater than 6 million individuals. A few among the companies partially responsible for this increase are IrokoTV, Deal Dey and Rocket Internet-owned Jumia, once considered major employment opportunities for the country's workforce. In an effort to combat these statistics, Ifemidayo LayGiri of staffing and education advancement advocate Joblanda has launched increased efforts to work with those affected by Nigeria's diminishing employment availability.

360hr Adds Dedicated Sourcing to Culturally Diverse, Expert Staffing and Training Solutions Portfolio

360HR, which specializes in building culturally diverse, expert staffing and training solutions, has added dedicated sourcing to their portfolio of services. Sourcing, unlike traditional recruiting, is a process to pipeline qualified candidates to growing companies as an offensive strategy rather than screening resumes gathered in response to an already-open position. 360HR believes that technology startups need this service more than other verticals.

New Return to Work Program Launched to Assist with Unemployment

The Ask Sharifah Community, an online business community, founded by award winning Business Consultant and Online Marketing Specialist Sharifah Hardie, is pleased to announce the launch of its "Return to Work Program." This program is designed to assist people who are not currently in the work force, and who need some type of assistance in order to return to work.

The London Business Boom Is Set to Continue Into 2016: Top Removals Comments

According to recent data released by Hays UK Salary and Recruiting Trends 2016, a positive attitude to growth in the capital is set to continue in the New Year. In London, up to 77% of businesses are looking to recruit more staff and 69% are looking for an increase in business activity within the next year. Therefore, it is expected that many are set to take advantage of London's employment as well as business opportunities – attractive prospects especially to travelling professionals and graduates.

Kaye/Bassman International Named Among Top Ten Recruitment Firms in America

According to a November, 2015 U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the construction industry added more than 230,000 new jobs over the last 12 months alone, the lion's share of these being mid to upper-level positions in the nonresidential sector. This comes as no surprise to the construction recruiters at Kaye/Bassman International who have watched this trend develop for some time now. To date, the company has performed more than 5,000 searches in the construction industry, pairing qualified personnel with companies needing to fill leadership positions.

Manufacturing Media Consortium Founder Journalist Thomas R Cutler Leads Meeting in South Africa

LogoManufacturing journalist and founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium, Thomas R. Cutler, lead meetings with editors, publishers, and economists regarding the upsurge in manufacturing in many of the African countries.

Joe Zoghzoghy Joins Bastian Solutions as Manager of New Mobile Robotics Division

LogoBastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the hiring of Joe Zoghzoghy as Mobile Robotics Manager. The new role and business venture is a result of a rising need for mobile robots to pick orders in automated distribution centers.

Jobseeker Showcases Safe and Up-to-Date Job Opportunities for Nigerians

In January of 2015, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was only 6.4%. So far this year, this number has continued to rise, with the second quarter of the year showing an 8.2% unemployment rate. Studies have shown that many of the people who are trying to find a job are unsuccessful because they aren't sure where to look, or the jobs happen to be scams by someone who is preying on those looking hard for employment opportunities.

SOS Recruitment Publishes New Briefing for Employers on the Benefits of a Recruitment Agency

Making the right hires is one of the most important decisions a business leader can make, and hiring comes with high stakes for small and medium sized businesses, where even one toxic influence can make for a huge ripple effect on culture, morale and productivity. However, it can be difficult for business leaders to also be great recruiters – the two disciplines require completely different skills. That's why SOS Recruitment has published a new editorial demonstrating the advantages of engaging a professional recruiter who can connect employers with talented candidates capable of helping them take their businesses to the next level.

Salute Local Jobs Celebrates Website Launch with a Virtual Party

LogoSalute Local Jobs will be celebrating the official launch of, a website devoted to connecting employers with job seekers from their local communities, with a Virtual Launch Party on Facebook on the 16th November 2015. The launch party will feature games and prizes and a Q&A session with career experts. One lucky winner will receive a Job Seekers Prize Pack featuring a professionally written Cover Letter and CV, a 1 Hour Video Coaching Session, Skills eBook, a LinkedIn Profile Review and a £100 Next Voucher. Other prizes include Amazon Gift Vouchers and an iPad Mini.

Recruit the Right Talent with the Help of Profit by RPO to Increase Sales Effectiveness

An educated and skilled workforce is the key to businesses growth and success. They add value to a company in several ways, including ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining balance and productivity within the workplace etc. However, in this competitive era getting the right talent is challenging. Many organizations face a daunting task of optimally managing scarce human resources in order to bring in consistent results in process efficiency. In this respect, Profit by RPO, #1 RPO Company India, is providing offshore recruitment process outsourcing services at the most competitive prices. The company specializes in recruitment outsourcing and provides business owners the necessary staff to ensure they are able to provide reliable services to their clients

Acumenio Offers Interest-Free Payment Plan and Job Placement Guarantee

LogoAcumenio, a minority owned business offering coding bootcamps and IT training, announced today the availability of its interest-free payment plans on the company's 16-week bootcamps. The bootcamps include instruction on LAMP, Ruby Stack, .NET or iOS / Android Mobile Development. Trainings are available online and at over 460 locations.

Priority Professional Group Hosts Grand Opening Celebration of New Office in Marion, IL

Recruitment is an art form because it is not what is listed on a resume that makes a candidate right for the job, it's what's in between the lines. The skill of reading between the lines to see how an individual's own ambition and character will stand with the culture and practice of a company is what makes Marion Staffing Agency Priority Professional Group stand out as a recruiter, and what has helped them succeed in a competitive marketplace. That success will now see them move to a new office space in Marion, Illinois, with a celebratory grand opening in late October. Brings Public and Private Sectors Together to Facilitate Social Changes

In an effort to bring about positive changes to the global community by way of charity, has decided to bring all the public and private sectors together. Apart from this, there are several other famous personalities and charitable organizations which have become a part of their projects. Be it the recent floods in Nepal or the suffering of the people of Greece, they have started a number of beneficial campaigns. These aim to raise money for specific people who are in dire need so as to improve their present living conditions.

Joblanda Joins the Fight Against Rising Unemployment with Job Vacancy Listing Website

As of July 2015, the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics estimates at least 8.2 percent of the economically-active population in Nigeria is currently unemployed. For the country of Nigeria, this means more than six million people are actively looking for work but cannot find any. This not only has a serious impact on individuals and their households, but it can affect the country's economic growth as well.

The Lindenberger Group Offers Customized Training & Team Building

LogoThe Lindenberger Group, a human resource management firm based in South Jersey, helps businesses of all sizes succeed and grow through customized human resource programming. Their HR outsourcing services encompass a wide range and include human resource audits, the development of employee handbooks and surveys, executive coaching and the development of mentoring programs for employees. The Lindenberger Group also offers customized training and team building to help businesses build strong teams and achieve their goals.

The Lindenberger Group Announces Launch of New Website

LogoThe Lindenberger Group, an HR consulting service based in New Jersey, is proud to announce the recent launch of its new website, designed to help clients better discover the company's service and upgraded to include information about new team members, clients and testimonials.

At Least 66% of People Feel Exhausted at Work – Is Better Recruitment the Answer?

A recent report used by CareerBuilder has found that 66% of people surveyed sometimes feel so tired as a result of their job that they find functioning properly difficult. This implies the operations of many workplaces may be adversely affected – and therefore current levels of output may not be at their optimum. It also suggests that a number of people may be ill-suited to their current job roles, as tiredness is potentially indicative of the individual being put under excessive pressure and strain. If a person is in a job suited for them, this should not be happening.

Inspire Selection Presently Hiring Candidates for the Role of "Facility Management Head" in Dubai

With the increase in a number of online job portals, finding jobs has become quite easy as compared to earlier times when people were dependent on reference or traditional advertisements. But getting a decent job with a good salary still remains a tough task in this competitive business era. To help individuals get their dream jobs, Inspire Selection has recently added a new job for the role of "Facility Management Head" in Dubai, on their online job portal. Interested job seekers dreaming to work in the 'city of gold' can count on this reputed recruitment agency for providing best-in-class job vacancies in Dubai. With salary AED 60,000 to AED 70,000 per month and benefits like medical and flights, this job opportunity is sure to meet the needs of many aspiring candidates. To know more about the responsibilities and requirements of the role being offered, individuals can directly visit the company's online job portal,

Lamar Hunt Jr. and Loretto Foundation Support Good Samaritan Center

Lamar Hunt Jr. continues his support of the Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs, MO through his charity organization the Loretto Foundation. The Good Samaritan center helps families in the area through fundraising events like their Tables by Design event held this September.

Efficient and Tailor-Made Hospitality Staffing Now Available

Those who are looking for efficient hospitality staffing need not worry any more because the good news is that Carter Wealth Staffing Agency says they are an internationally renowned bespoke luxuries staffing company and that they can make available hospitality staff who can handle any event efficiently.

Jaynie Mae Baker Recruits Aligned Signs Teams to Spend Time in New York Soup Kitchens

Jaynie Mae Baker is a senior writer and MBTI expert with Aligned Signs, and she has recruited her colleagues in a charity drive to staff soup kitchens in New York City.