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HireTeamMate Launches New Platform Which Will Automatically Suggests Users for Suitable Jobs

On New Year's Day 2016, HireTeamMate, a virtual job recruiter, will announce the release of their new recruiting software, which will take user profiles and adds them to a data hub with all existing job listings. This means applicants can simply type in their own name in order to be shown jobs that match their experience, preferences and customized profile. That way, they will instantly know they are the person company posters are looking for in their job search.

Profit by RPO'S Offshore Recruitment Managers Handle All Recruitment Based Processes Offering World Class Services

Each year many companies across the globe face sudden downsizing of their workforce. Due to the sudden fall in the number of employees, they experience cynical downs in their businesses. It leaves an adverse impact on the companies' revenue and bars their future growth. Filling vacant positions with skilled employees on an asap basis is a daunting task. With this in mind, Profit by RPO, a renowned RPO Company in India, is providing a team of offshore recruitment managers, who are into mass hiring of at least 5 or more employees every month. Their recruitment managers are capable of working independently or in a supporting role for companies with existing recruitment departments. They provide support to fulfill long term business goals of businesses or supplement their hiring for temporary staffing needs.

London Business School Retains Number One Spot and Shows a City to Invest In

There is frequent discussion as to why London is such a lucrative place to do business – the connections, international links, the resources – and a recent judgment of London's Business School appears to affirm that the city holds positive prospects for business investment. The annual Financial Times Ranking of European business schools maintained London at the top for the second year running; a considerable achievement.

Is the Job Interview Changing Forever? GSR2R Comments

The ways that job candidates are assessed and interviewed may be changing in response to what many call 'the digital age'. This finding is the result of increased attention on the recruitment process, across industries. Typical job interviews are assumed to be strict affairs, where the candidate sits to be questioned, perhaps one-to-one or as part of a group. However, it seems recruiters are now opting for digital methods of assessing candidates, believing it to be the most efficient way of truly testing the modern worker. A report in The Guardian detailed such a change; in the form of the accountant firm Deloitte using a mobile phone game within its interview process.

US Gold Dollars Launches New Job Listings Service Tutorial to Help Indian Students Make Money

Many Indian students are looking for ways to make money online, in such a way that doesn't require them to waste time commuting to and from jobs. However, because of the popularity of this way of working, many students are now falling prey to scams that ask them to pay to register, costing them money they don't earn back. US Gold Dollars is a website committed to helping Indian students take advantage of outsourcing and globalization, and has just published a new tutorial that helps people register for instant paying work from home jobs using ClixSense.

Pro-Israel Activist and Philanthropist, 'Adam Milstein' Strives to Strengthen Israel's Future Generation and the U.S. – Israel Relationship

Adam Milstein is a pro-activist and a Philanthropist who is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation through which he strives to build up and support to strengthen the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the U.S. – Israel relationship. He connects movements and organizations which work for protecting the Jewish identity of the future generations as well which works to strengthen the US– Israel alliance and connection. He doesn't only do charity for this great purpose but he also actively participates in the programs from planning the program to conducting these programs which are aimed to protect the Jewish identity and the up building if the US– Israel connection read more.

Eric Corey of the Avanti Company Receives Top Honors

LogoEric Corey of The Avanti Company was recently awarded top honors at the company's year-end meetings in Avon Park, Florida. Eric Corey is the company's South Florida Sales Representative. Jaqueline “Jacque” Stevens also received honors for sales of Avanti’s RedZone Robotics product line.

Kaye/Bassman International Expands Their Academic Medicine Physician Search

Academic doctors work to train and mentor those new to the medical field, including residents and new doctors. In addition, these professionals function to translate the latest medical biology research for clinical use, and most spend a portion of their time engaging in clinical research and interacting with professional organizations. They may be asked to develop and evaluate a training program, handle accreditation and policy issues and/or assess resident doctors. As they handle so many jobs, these professionals remain in high demand and finding the right candidate for a position can be difficult.

Food and Drink/Hospitality/Cleaning Industry Needs to Rise to Occasion Before National Living Wage Is Introduced

LogoThe boss of a leading recruitment agency for the food and drink/hospitality/cleaning industry has warned the sector that it needs to prepare for the impact of the new compulsory National Living Wage.

New Freelancer and Jobs Website Opens for Tradesmen

Freelancer and Fiverr have paved the way for a new model of business. Job portals work because they are able to connect buyers and sellers in a single location. Tradelance has entered this arena, previously devoted to tech workers and has added its own twist. It uses the same approach and style that coders and other tech professionals used to market services to clients, but for tradespeople. Previously, tradespeople had to use local and open source portals like Craigslist to promote their services and the ads were often hit or miss because they could not highlight the services or show reviews. Tradelance wants to change how skilled professionals in the home improvement category can interact with potential customers. Tradelance is an attractive, easy-to-use jobs portal that puts homeowners in touch with tradespeople with the touch of a button.

Revolutionary Web Based Application for Recruiters and HR Professionals

Managing jobs and candidate pipelines doesn't have to be complicated or confusing any more. Recruiters and HR professionals now have a great new resource available to them in Dreamode, a new web based application. After three years of development and beta testing, Dreamode has recently announced its full launch, offering a more efficient way to work with Linkedin, track applicants and much more.

Economical and Professional Offshore Research Specialist Services from Profit by RPO

With the growing competition in all sectors these days, every business man wishes to gain maximum profit from their business and wants to be on top of the ranking charts. As a result, many of them look for offshore business units to acquire cheap manpower and raw material as resources. To cater to the needs of their clients, Profit By RPO, #1 RPO Company in India, is now providing offshore research specialist services. The company helps their clients by supporting their existing recruitment department in choosing the best candidates with 2+ Years' Experience. The Offshore Research Specialist of the company assists their client's existing recruitment operations by providing them professional services for analyzing the different positions and leveraging the existing resource pool to bring about excellent results.

Michelle Soares Wins BRONZE STEVIE AWARD in 2015 STEVIE AWARDS for Women in Business

Michelle Soares has been named the winner of BRONZE Stevie® Award in the Woman of the Year and Mentor/Coach of the Year category in the 12th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Advance Yourself Career Services Helps Executives & Professionals Advance Their Careers and Stimulate Economic Growth

LogoExecutives, managers and senior professionals seldom seek new career opportunities just for more money. According to an article published by Amrop, one of the world's leading executive search firms, many managers want flexibility, the opportunity to experiment and are looking for meaning, sustainability, trust in their abilities and an environment that understands their priorities.

Chesapeake Home Health Care Announces to Host Christmas Banquet for Clients and Staff

As part of its philosophy, "Care", Chesapeake Home Health Care (CHHC-MD) announces that it will host its annual Christmas Banquet on December 17, 2015 at La Fontaine Bleue, Lanham, Maryland for both its clients and staff. CHHC-MD feels it is important to celebrate and acknowledge their wonderful clients and staff regularly, presenting awards of recognition for quality care and prizes for the whole family.

Hiring Offshore Recruitment Teams from Profit by RPO Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Over the past several years, offshore outsourcing recruitment has seen an upswing. Many leading companies across the world appoint offshore recruitment teams to fill their workforce requirements. A skilled workforce is considered to be the driving force behind an organization's success and adds value to an organization in several ways. Taking this into an account, Profit By RPO, #1 RPO Company in India, is providing a dedicated offshore recruitment team to offshore companies who are into mass hiring of at least 10 or more employees every month. Their offshore recruitment team will provide business owners the exact HR solutions, which they need to sustain growth and maintain the quality of their organizations.

Joblanda Launches Increased Efforts Combating Mounting Lay-Offs in Nigeria

Reports released earlier this year reveal more than 1.3 million Nigerians suffered job losses during the second quarter of 2015 alone, bringing the country's total unemployment rate to greater than 6 million individuals. A few among the companies partially responsible for this increase are IrokoTV, Deal Dey and Rocket Internet-owned Jumia, once considered major employment opportunities for the country's workforce. In an effort to combat these statistics, Ifemidayo LayGiri of staffing and education advancement advocate Joblanda has launched increased efforts to work with those affected by Nigeria's diminishing employment availability.

360hr Adds Dedicated Sourcing to Culturally Diverse, Expert Staffing and Training Solutions Portfolio

360HR, which specializes in building culturally diverse, expert staffing and training solutions, has added dedicated sourcing to their portfolio of services. Sourcing, unlike traditional recruiting, is a process to pipeline qualified candidates to growing companies as an offensive strategy rather than screening resumes gathered in response to an already-open position. 360HR believes that technology startups need this service more than other verticals.

New Return to Work Program Launched to Assist with Unemployment

The Ask Sharifah Community, an online business community, founded by award winning Business Consultant and Online Marketing Specialist Sharifah Hardie, is pleased to announce the launch of its "Return to Work Program." This program is designed to assist people who are not currently in the work force, and who need some type of assistance in order to return to work.

The London Business Boom Is Set to Continue Into 2016: Top Removals Comments

According to recent data released by Hays UK Salary and Recruiting Trends 2016, a positive attitude to growth in the capital is set to continue in the New Year. In London, up to 77% of businesses are looking to recruit more staff and 69% are looking for an increase in business activity within the next year. Therefore, it is expected that many are set to take advantage of London's employment as well as business opportunities – attractive prospects especially to travelling professionals and graduates.

Kaye/Bassman International Named Among Top Ten Recruitment Firms in America

According to a November, 2015 U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the construction industry added more than 230,000 new jobs over the last 12 months alone, the lion's share of these being mid to upper-level positions in the nonresidential sector. This comes as no surprise to the construction recruiters at Kaye/Bassman International who have watched this trend develop for some time now. To date, the company has performed more than 5,000 searches in the construction industry, pairing qualified personnel with companies needing to fill leadership positions.

Manufacturing Media Consortium Founder Journalist Thomas R Cutler Leads Meeting in South Africa

LogoManufacturing journalist and founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium, Thomas R. Cutler, lead meetings with editors, publishers, and economists regarding the upsurge in manufacturing in many of the African countries.

Joe Zoghzoghy Joins Bastian Solutions as Manager of New Mobile Robotics Division

LogoBastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the hiring of Joe Zoghzoghy as Mobile Robotics Manager. The new role and business venture is a result of a rising need for mobile robots to pick orders in automated distribution centers.

Jobseeker Showcases Safe and Up-to-Date Job Opportunities for Nigerians

In January of 2015, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was only 6.4%. So far this year, this number has continued to rise, with the second quarter of the year showing an 8.2% unemployment rate. Studies have shown that many of the people who are trying to find a job are unsuccessful because they aren't sure where to look, or the jobs happen to be scams by someone who is preying on those looking hard for employment opportunities.

SOS Recruitment Publishes New Briefing for Employers on the Benefits of a Recruitment Agency

Making the right hires is one of the most important decisions a business leader can make, and hiring comes with high stakes for small and medium sized businesses, where even one toxic influence can make for a huge ripple effect on culture, morale and productivity. However, it can be difficult for business leaders to also be great recruiters – the two disciplines require completely different skills. That's why SOS Recruitment has published a new editorial demonstrating the advantages of engaging a professional recruiter who can connect employers with talented candidates capable of helping them take their businesses to the next level.