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Online Data Entry Jobs Review - Exposed! Work from Home Today! 10 Work-from-Home Opportunities

LogoOnline Data Entry Jobs by Laura Kauth demonstrates how rewarding it can be to work from home today, armed with just a computer with available hard disk space of at least 10 MB plus keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection. It can train anyone determined to make decent money and bring them actual jobs that pay well.

New Website Having Great Success by Helping UK Jobseekers Find Jobs was created this year and despite the United Kingdom’s on-going economic issues the site has experienced great success, already the site has thousands of great jobs listed. The site lists all kinds of skilled and non-skilled job vacancies from all over the UK.

iHire, LLC Recognized for Exemplary Workplace Practices

iHire has been honored with the 2013 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility. This prestigious award, part of the national When Work Works project administered by Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), recognizes employers of all sizes and types across the country.

Paytime Appoints New Vice President of Sales

Paytime, a growing integrated payroll solutions company, announced today that Dustin Small has joined Paytime, located in Cleveland, Ohio. The announcement was made by Human Resources Manager, Joetta Humphrey. Dustin comes to us with extensive sales experience; having spent the last 11 years in sales, 9 of which were in payroll, where he was instrumental in servicing and developing new clients.

Private Equity Headhunters Experiences Continued Success with New CTO Jaree Ullah Zafar

A few years ago, a decline in the United States economy left many people without well paying jobs—and, unfortunately, the country’s financial resources have still not improved. According to a report published in July by The Labor Department, the United States managed to open up only 162,000 jobs for a labor force of 160 million workers.

Emplicity HR Outsourcing Services Help Explore Employer Options on Obamacare and Simplify Employee Administration

While touting "universal health coverage" for all Americans, ObamaCare is getting the flak for its policies and terms that are becoming more complicated for employers to understand. Without the proper guidance and education - not to mention the threat of steep penalties for non-compliance -- it's a scarier time than ever to be an employer.

Freelance Micro Jobs - The Fastest Growing Micro Jobs Market Online

The internet has opened a world of opportunities for all sorts of people, especially for those who are looking for jobs and similarly for people who need someone to get a job done. Freelance Micro Jobs is a website that has been created with the aim of connecting service or products sellers to the buyers, this website provides a platform for both buyers and sellers to connect, communicate and exchange goods or services.

How to Avoid Failure when Starting a New Dog Business

With over 25% of new business start-ups failing in the first year, it’s vital that people get it right from the start.

The Brain Requires Respect for Engagement & Productivity

LogoLegacy Business Cultures, a global provider of employee training, organizational surveys and executive coaching believes that the brain requires respect for engagement and productivity.

Canada Needs More Immigrants and Skilled Workers, Says MoreVisas

MoreVisas, one of the leaders in India’s immigration industry, is pleased to announce that Canada has just revised its immigration regulations and policies. Word has it that the lawmakers of Canada decided to change some of its immigration policies after a study concluded that the country has a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the IT industry. According to sources, these recent revises will help skilled workers from India, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries in Asia get their immigration visas to Canada quickly and easily. This is by far good news for people seeking employment in Canada, as they now have an opportunity to fulfill their immigration aspirations in their desired country. After receiving the latest news about Canada’s immigration regulations, MoreVisas has projected an increment of applicants for their Canada working visas.

The Lindenberger Group Offers Development of Employee Handbooks

LogoWhen it comes to covering all the bases for employees, companies must make sure that policies are outlined in depth in their employee handbooks. As an award-winning human resources consulting firm in Mercer County, New Jersey, The Lindenberger Group has been developing employee handbooks for their clients for over ten years. Clients who wish to utilize the advice and training of The Lindenberger Group can purchase a membership plan to receive human resources outsourcing and obtain a free employee handbook.

PCR Now on a National Search for Digital Media Sales Professionals

LogoPCR, Professional Computer Resources, is a privately owned firm that specializes in providing recruiting and consulting services in the IT industry. Originally founded in 1995, PCR became one of the fastest growing staffing agencies in Charlotte, NC. Today, PCR offers a multitude of services for both employers and prospective employee candidates. Although PCR maintains their headquarters in North Carolina, they have expanded their client base throughout the country. Now, PCR is working with a national client in an effort to find the most highly qualified digital media sales professionals.

Training Company Pleased to Be Helping the Employed and Unemployed with Apprenticeships, NVQ Courses and NVQ Diplomas in Health and Social Care

In an ever changing job market and economy learning new skills and gaining qualifications is one of the best if not the only way to ensure your financial stability in the future, the skills you learn need to be relevant to today’s market though. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to gain the kind of skills that employers need, an apprenticeship will help to improve your existing job prospects and overall employability. Announcing Its Presence in Arab Job Market

The newest and most innovative Job portal in Dubai, UAE has finally announced its presence in a big way, with its mass online and offline media campaign breaking in the first week of August, 2013. Aims to Be Internet's Number One Way to Find High-Paid Trucking Jobs

A good trucking job can be hard to find. However, good trucking jobs are out there. Every day, good trucking companies hire truckers with all different levels of experience and reward their new employees with attractive benefits packages and competitive salaries.

Paytime Integrated Payroll Solutions Appoints New Administrative Assistant

Paytime, announced their latest new hire, Portia Sharp. Portia has joined the Paytime team as an Administrated Assistant. Paytime is a fast growing Payroll Processing Company located in Solon, Ohio. Portia comes to Paytime with over 8 years experience in the quality control area where she helped manage clients and was an integral part of their organization. Portia also has a degree in Web Design. We are fortunate to have Portia at Paytime where she will use her experience and knowledge to provide quality service to our staff and our clients.

The Lindenberger Group Now Offering Webinar on How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued

LogoWhen someone has a question about human resources in New Jersey, they turn to The Lindenberger Group for the right answers. One of the many questions people ask The Lindenberger Group is how to fire someone without getting sued. The Lindenberger Group took it upon itself to research the subject by providing a thorough analysis for how to handle this complex situation. The Lindenberger Group is now offering a special webinar informing employers on how to fire someone without getting sued.

US Polygraph Program Under Scrutiny After Snowden Defection

The US Federal Polygraph program, which has played a central role in US security and counterintelligence efforts since the 1950’s, has come under intense scrutiny due to the fact Edward Snowden passed a US government administered polygraph examination and was granted access to highly sensitive secrets of the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden’s access to sensitive classified information was granted, in large part, due to the results of his polygraph examination. Snowden fled from the US in May 2013 with secret information pertaining to global US Intelligence operations, and he stated it was his intent to expose US Intelligence operations when he applied for his NSA position. Snowden’s ability to defeat the polygraph has renewed the debate about the polygraph’s usefulness as a screening tool for national security applications.

SharedHR Launches 100% Paperless Employee on-Boarding Module

Hiring and onboarding employees is an administrative pain point for employers. It is one of the most paper intensive HR processes, wasting valuable time and resources. To solve this problem, SharedHR has launched SHR e-Hire which integrates with its HR management system SharedHR Central. SHR e-Hire allows small to medium size employers to automate the on-boarding process, seamlessly create an online personnel file and set up payroll.

UK Agency Offers the Best Opportunities for Chefs

Chef Jobs UK, a trusted Hospitality and Chef Agency, provides temporary and permanent Chef recruitment services. It calls out to parties who may be interested in chefs’ jobs positions including head chefs, pastry chefs, sous chefs, and party chefs, catering management jobs, and appointing hospitality staff, personal and emergency relief chefs.

Cheap Criminal Records Background Checks Available Online

We are all aware that the crime rate is increasing in this country and, as safety comes first, it's perfectly normal for any individual to want to conduct a criminal background check over the internet. No, it's not paranoia, it's just common sense. For example, everyone is interested to know who their new neighbor really is. Or maybe to find out more about the future employee, or tenant, or even a potential new date. There's no need to go to law enforcement institutions and courts to get this data. It would just be a waste of time. Right now it's possible to perform a simple check online - for free. For the complete background report, one will have to pay a small fee, though.

Get My Vet a Job Announces the Most Powerful and Innovative Tool in Employment for Active and Retired Military - Announcing to all men, women, and families of the Armed Forces both active and retired, the most powerful and innovative tool in employment for Active and Retired Military.

New Vertical Job Search Engine Launches in the UK

The first dedicated job search engine has been launched from the United Kingdom. The new Vertical Job search engine, called Jobuzu, was founded within Birmingham by Ricky Gill. The Jobuzu headquarters is located in Birmingham, but the team works from different locations around the world, including the United States, India, Serbia and Ukraine.

New City Compare Offers Unemployment Insurance Policies for People Who Are Still in Search for Jobs

LogoSince it is given that there are many people who are currently jobless, getting an unemployment cover can help in meeting all the financial needs of people who are suffering from the difficulties of being jobless. The insurance policy is sure to give the convenience of getting enough assistance for providing all the outgoings of people whose families are affected by the lack of financial source for their needs.

Gone Pro Launches Talent Pool for Former Athletes

LogoGone Pro has launched their newest feature on the company’s the website - the Talent Pool. This one-of-a-kind public profile is built exclusively for former collegiate and professional athletes who are searching for new career opportunities.