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High Paying Manufacturing Jobs Important to Female Head-of-Households

The current Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter suggested modernizing workplace policies and procedures proves beneficial to manufacturers of all sizes. Companies cannot realize full potential unless the talent is optimized, supporting women and overall family needs in the 21st century. The Atlantic Monthly reported that half dozen global studies, conducted by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Columbia University, have found that "companies employing women in large numbers outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability." The number of women who earned a bachelor or master's degree has out-paced men since the early 90's, yet women still do not reach corporate suites (C-suites) or boardrooms in the same proportions. In fact, only 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. This startling fact means that companies lose out on talent and profit due to turnover costs. Lost talent and turnover are also symptoms of ignoring the influx of younger workers who want diversity in the workplace and expect modern employee policies.

The Lindenberger Group Now Preparing Companies for Growth in 2015

LogoWith the end of another year quickly approaching, many companies are now looking at how they will expand in the next year while maintaining their high-level of performance. Business owners will look to send out job openings, train new employees, and establish a way to guarantee consistency with their current staff. As many companies no longer have a dedicated human resources department, The Lindenberger Group is now preparing companies for growth in 2015. Unveils How Staffing Service Industry Has Become a Concurrent Economic Needle and a Leading Employment Gauge in Today's Economy

LogoOver the years, Canada was able to breed more “contract” or “non-standard” jobs as compared to the standard types of job. In the US, the same trend is being observed. Flexibility. This is the root cause of the ever-increasing demand for these contract jobs. The growing number of people who desire to work for contract jobs is brought about by the convenience that flexibility brings to those who need to balance their family responsibilities with their work, to those who need to pursue their studies, and even to those who are on their way to retirement.

Miscommunication in Manufacturing Requires Urgent Attention

Every day a manufacturing plant floor manager acknowledges there is a miscommunication, or at the very least under-communication. PDP Solutions President, Louise Dickmeyer noted in the company’s recent blog, “Those moments are the beginning of an urgent condition, which left untreated, will spell the demise of a manufacturing organization. Gossip, fear, misunderstandings, rumors are exactly the type of communication that can plague a manufacturing enterprise.”

Regulatory Compliance Challenges Life Sciences Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies face a host of compliance challenges, most of them driven by globalization. More complex supply networks, greater transparency expectations, increasingly strict reporting obligations, and highly vigilant enforcement combine to make regulatory compliance a key issue for life sciences manufacturers. U.S. based life sciences companies addressed a small number of markets, which mean that the regulatory compliance aspect of their businesses was also limited. This is no longer the case. With emerging markets now representing an increasing percentage of their revenues, the number of markets being sold into has proliferated, and regulatory standards have become a burden.

The Challenges HR Director Faces when Hiring E-Learning Training Professionals

LogoThe recruiting paradigm is shifting; many companies are turning to contractors to create a more flexible workforce.

PDP Solutions Manufacturing Technology Featured in AS411

The current issue of featured PDP Solutions’ success with onboarding new manufacturing workers. Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, reported on the path toward developing and maintaining positive working relationships. In the article, titled, “The Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers.”

Big Data Mapping Skills Possessed by More Than 600,000 Veterans

There is good news for returning veterans; Big Data mapping tools can now highlight the skills possessed by more than 600,000 veterans and the skills employers need. Manufacturers’ Pain Points, a weekly newsletter, addressed veterans in manufacturing sector in the November 11th issue. The weekly e-newsletter identifies manufacturing pain points that many industrial leaders are facing.

PDP Solutions Video Highlights Communication Techniques Improve Productivity

People Driven Performance (PDP) Solutions, a software development company providing manufacturers internal and interactive communications, released a video describing the importance of communication techniques to increase employee engagement and employee retention. To view the video, go to:

PEHHS Alerts Users to Update CVs as November December Recruiting Rush Begins

Businesses see major reshuffles during November and December. As the financial quarter comes to a close and the New Year looms, many businesses seek to change their goals and find new people who can help achieve them. Ineffective leaders are phased out ready to reinvigorate a business for the New Year. All this leads to a recruiting rush throughout November and December, and PEHHS is experiencing one right now. The recruiting site specializes in top level positions with salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and PEHHS now has unprecedented numbers of executive positions opening up.

Manufacturing Executives Shave ROI Investment in Internal Communication Strategies

Highly effective CEOs make the kind of investment in organizational communications that will produce a real financial return. Multiple studies show that an investment in communications helps companies outperform the competition, produce higher returns and enjoy higher market premium. Companies that communicate effectively have a 19.4% higher market premium than companies that do not.

Express Employment Professionals Defines Human Resource Transformation the Innovative Approach Towards Better HR Staffing and Management

LogoHuman resources is now one of the most incalculable assets in a knowledge-based economy where talent is at a premium. No one can argue with that.

PDP Solutions Technology for Manufacturers Employee Engagement Profiled in Automation Publication

PDP Solutions was featured in the current issue of The article authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler was titled, “Beyond Manufacturing Automation: Employee Engagement.”

Pain Points of Manufacturers Newsletter Reviews Pressures of Reducing Labor Costs

Manufacturers’ Pain Points, a weekly newsletter, reviewed how manufacturers are faced with increasing labor costs in the October 20th issue. The weekly e-newsletter identifies manufacturing pain points that many industrial leaders are facing. To subscribe to the newsletter, go to:

PDP Solutions Experience Success with Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers

The current issue of featured PDP Solutions’ success with increasing manufacturer’s productivity with new employees. Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, explored the technology of onboarding new manufacturing workers. In the article, titled, “The Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers,” Cutler explained the path toward developing and maintaining positive working relationships.

Express Employment Professionals Provided TIPS on How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency for Your Business

LogoThe quality of employees are as important as the quality of the products and services they provide. These two factors are important in any business. The collaboration of quality employees working together to promote and create quality products and services is a core of a good employer and business alike.

Valintry Announces Database of Technology Consultants Exceeds 100k in Under 6 Months

As employers search for more flexible solutions for completing their Information technology projects on-time and on budget, they have turned to outside consultants and contract labor. Valintry Services has positioned itself to be an industry leader. "In fact, we are proud to announce our database of technology consultants to source talent has exceeded 100,000 professionals in less than six months," said Brent Healy, Vice President of Valintry Services, based in Winter Park, FL.

The Lindenberger Group Proudly Announces It Is Offering HR Outsourcing to South Jersey Businesses

LogoMany companies are now outsourcing their HR work to specialized firms, allowing the companies to focus on their core business practices. As outsourcing has become a common practice across the country, the Lindenberger Group proudly announces that it offers HR outsourcing to businesses in Philadelphia and South Jersey, as well as whole tri-state area.

Proactive Insights Helps Employees and Companies Reach Goals

LogoProactive Insights understands that employee engagement is essential to making any company a success. According to studies, disengaged employees cost organizations over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity every year. Unsatisfied workers are generally prone to complaining, which can lead to a loss of morale. In addition, unhappy employees tend to take sick days more and miss deadlines, which can undermine the work others are doing.

PDP Solutions Finds Engagement Improved when Employees Invested in Company Goals

People Driven Performance (PDP) provides employee communications tools to engage employees, share information, improve organizational performance, and measure results. These communication tools are especially helpful for CEOs of manufacturing companies. Research reported that the best financial performers were also companies where the CEO was focused on helping employees understood the business, provided information on organizational performance, and the company’s financial objective.

PDP Solutions Manufacturers Employee Engagement Featured in Automation Publication

PDP Solutions was featured in the current issue of The article authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler was titled, “Beyond Manufacturing Automation: Employee Engagement.”

Overseas Labour Supply Offers Exceptional Placement Services in Dubai, UAE

LogoHiring the right people at the right time is crucial for most companies in UAE and any part of the world. It requires professional expertise and adept skills to analyse and choose the reliable ones. Hiring a labour supply company in Dubai is the simple and effective way to accomplish this job. A professional company can help the corporate companies hire the right talents quickly and affordably.

Manufacturing Productivity Improvement Driven by Respecting Employees Reports PDP Solutions

PDP Solutions, a software development company providing an internal, innovative, and interactive communications system for manufacturing plant floor employees, highlighted the importance of human capital in the manufacturing sector; respecting employees is one way to build a positive work environment. Investment in human capital builds employee engagement, employee retention, and increased productivity.

IAmHurt Announces New Location at 131 Bloor St W #22014, Toronto, Ontario, M5S3L7

Personal injuries have the potential to change people’s lives. The injury itself can be painful and upsetting, and the medical bills to treat such injuries can be astronomical. Furthermore, the career prospects of the victim can be permanently altered. Therefore getting a fair compensation is a legal right that should not be easily overlooked. Unfortunately, getting compensation sometimes can be a long and difficult process without the proper legal representation. IAmHurt is equipped with a team of experienced personal injury lawyers specialized in helping people in this situation. IAmHurt is now located at 131 Bloor St W #22014, Toronto, Ontario, M5S3L7. People can also receive a free legal consultation by calling 647-559-0595.

PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Predicts High Turnover in Manufacturing

Job openings in the manufacturing industry have increased significantly; possibly signaling high turnover rates according to the July 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover. People Driven Performance (PDP) Solutions is a software development company providing manufacturers internal and interactive communications. According to Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions, “These labor statistics on turnover are part of a serious ‘perfect storm.’ Meaning specifically that turnover, boomers retiring en masse with skilled knowledge, and lack of engagement will all converge to wreak havoc on manufacturers.”