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The Lindenberger Group Receives 2013 New Jersey Excellence Award by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce

LogoThe Lindenberger Group, an HR consulting service in New Jersey, is delighted to announce they have been recognized by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce to receive the 2013 New Jersey Excellence Award. This prestigious honor is awarded after thorough research—conducted over one year—to small businesses that are committed to their clients and utilize their services to the highest caliber. Recipients are leaders in their industry.

Success Performance Solutions President to Deliver Keynote at PA Workforce Development Summit

As the U.S. economy slowly recovers from the “Great Recession,” employers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with demand and growth. The reason? Despite prolonged high unemployment, they can’t find enough skilled and qualified employees to fill open jobs.

Orange County, CA Human Resource Company Employers Resource Launches Completely Redesigned Website

Employers Resource, a human resource outsourcing company based in Orange County, California has just announced the launch of its completely redesigned website. In addition to incorporating the overall look and feel of the company, the updated site includes a number of new features that are designed to better serve the needs of clients, their employees and others who are interested in the services the Orange County based human resource company provides.

PCR Is Now Accepting Online Staffing Requests

LogoProfessional Computer Resources, PCR, has two decades of experience as a staffing agency in Charlotte, NC. Over the years, PCR has expanded throughout the country and they are now proud to serve almost every major market in the United States. PCR specializes in recruiting the most highly qualified IT sales professionals and consultants. Both prospective employees and employers can benefit tremendously by visiting PCR’s website. PCR offers a ton of different interviewing tips and résumé building suggestions for employment candidates. PCR also offers employers a variety of staffing services. Now, PCR is accepting online staffing requests to better fulfill client needs.

New Tool Helps Employers Put Staff in the Right Work Environment

A new recruitment tool was launched this week to help employers determine their work environment and put the right people in the right job. to Use SnapChat App to Hire New Virtual Employees

Local startup will begin using the wildly popular SnapChat app to hire new employees virtually beginning early next week. The Long Beach based company provides important medical and appointment reminders for the elderly population living alone across the U.S. The company is looking to staff up to 15+ additional home based ‘Reminder Agents’ from the surrounding Long Beach area. “One in eight Americans 64 and older are already living alone,” said Teresa Boenzi, co-founder of Remind Grams, “we have huge shift coming our way with how our parents, grandparents, our neighbors will be living. About 11 million older adults live alone and about about half of them take some sort medication each day. Remind Grams is that friendly personal assistant that can help you or a loved one with those important reminders, doctor appointments, someone to just chat with each day. ”According to recent Census Bureau's projections, the elderly population in the United States will more than double between now and the year 2050, to over 80 million. Most of that growth will occur over the next fifteen years between 2015 and 2030 when the "baby boomer" generation enters their elderly years. By 2050, as many as 1 in 5 Americans could be elderly.

ManagEase Incorporated Hosts New HR Webinar on Year End HR and Payroll Close Out

LogoHR consulting firm ManagEase Incorporated is hosting a new webinar on November 5, 2013 at 10:00am- 11:30am. This webinar is available for HRCI continuing education credit and focuses on deploying best practices for year-end HR and payroll close out activities. HR professionals seeking continuing education credit or seeking to learn best practices are encouraged to sign up today.

Jobskey: The Best Recruitment Solutions for the Job Seekers in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for a specialized and trustworthy Recruitment Consultancy Saudi Arabia, India and the rest of the UAE? Jobskey welcomes you with your dream jobs at the global stage. This is the Saudi Arabia based HR Recruitment Company; we are a resourcing specialist and providing a reliable service in Saudi Arabia. Jobskey, the management recruitment company Saudi Arabia proves to be a hope to achieve the appropriate area of work according to the qualification of the candidates; this works as a mediator between the candidate and the company so that both the company and the candidate can fulfill each other’s demands and criteria.

Staffing Service in Saudi Arabia - Why Now Is the Right Time

With staffing services by Jobskey, a professional buys into a business that has been operating with a proven methodology and infrastructure which are passed on as part of the Recruitment Consultancy system. This gives the Jobskey Recruitment Consultancy a competitive advantage while operating an independent business backed by a powerful system.

New YouTube Video Explains Benefits of Employee Leasing for Efficient & Cost-Effective Human Resource Management

In today's competitive business environment, most businesses want to keep their business operating costs to the minimum in order to optimize the profit margin. One of the major costs, for any business, is the salaries and perks of the employees. Now, American Association of Employee Leasing intends to create more awareness about a Professional Employer Organization, which could be a smart way to keep the human resource management cost balanced so that a business can increase its profit margin effectively. They have now released a YouTube video to help understand how such organizations work to help businesses gain more profits when the market is particularly undergoing a tough time.

Management Assessment Tests Shed Light on Hiring the Right Front-Line Managers

When companies think about hiring new front-line managers, only one in four uses management assessment tests, according to Ira Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions.

Employment Reference Check Experts Help Businesses Exercise Prudence when Hiring

LogoRecruitment is an integral part of business operations. It entails a thorough process that involves checking and counterchecking, as mandated by internal rules and the law. The step-by-step procedures are a vital factor to selecting the most suitable candidate to fill a vacant position. A single oversight in the hiring process can have a negative impact on the business, not to mention translate to waste of funds and resources.

Pioneer Career and HR Advisory "Sandbox Advisors" Helps Professionals Get the Right Kind of Job

Caught in a dead end job, thinking that a career choice was not the best one? Well it’s not too late to change. Sandbox advisors have helped hundreds of professionals with decades of work experience to rethink their choice of work and choose the better option. Many people who are frustrated and want to change their careers are often hesitant to take that first step. Sandbox advisors will help people not only take the first step but also help them throughout the process and make sure they get the best.

Pioneer Career and HR Advisory "Sandbox Advisors" Helping People Get Their Dream Job in Singapore

Tired of applying for jobs and not receiving a call back? Studies show that 80% of the resumes are rejected because they are poorly written. Sandbox Advisors are ever ready to help applicants in applying for their dream job in Singapore. Based in Singapore they have an excellent team of professionals who are well versed with the job market requirements in Singapore. Experts in resume writing, they have a highly experienced team who has a collective work experience of more than hundred years between them in the HR advisory field. They go through a well developed process to make sure that clients resume is the one picked out of many without fail. It takes about a week for them to complete it before it is presentable.

HCP Search Group, LLC. to Offer Occupational Therapy Opportunities Nationwide

LogoUSA - HCP Search Group, a recognized healthcare specialist, is proud to announce that they are offering an extensive opportunity to travel and learn about the distinct cultures and regions of the United States. They are offering these Occupational Therapy opportunities while gaining valuable clinical experience in multiple healthcare settings. At present, HCP Search Group is conducting a state wide search for any occupational therapist searching for a change, full-time or contractual in all 50 states.

Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations Distinguishes Each Client from the Competition

According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span for a person now lies at nine seconds, which is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish! This statistic helps to explain why many businesses fail to capture the attention of the general public as they are failing to get their message across in this short period of time. "Whether it be crisis communications, blog posts or web site copy, companies must get their point across within this nine second period or really capture the attention of the reader to have him or her wish to continue reading," Vivian Deuschl of Deuschl Hospitality Public Relations reports.

ManagEase Incorporated Presents New HR Webinar: Tools for Tracking HR and Payroll Compliance Activities

LogoIrvine, CA - Top human resources consulting firm, ManagEase Incorporated, are pleased to present a new human resources webinar, “Tools for Tracking HR and Payroll Compliance Activities.” This human resources webinar will take place on October 10, 2013 at 10:00am PST and will present a variety of useful information for tracking compliance activities. Interested HR managers, office managers, and those who deal with their company’s compliance activities are encouraged to sign up today. - a New Platform to Find Part Time Jobs and Freelance Work Launches

Who does not like to make a few extra bucks by doing some part time work, it gives people the chance to use their skills to their advantage to increase their spending power. In such uncertain economic conditions people like to make the most of their time and look for ways to make some money and why not? Doing part time jobs is a highly effective and highly rewarding way to spend spare time.

3gHR Launches a Free Web-Based Team Effectiveness Assessment "TeamMatters"

When was the last time you sat in a team meeting at work and wondered “what’s it all about?” For some of us it may be because we are unclear about what we actually meant to be doing, others may feel left outside of cliques, or frustrated by the political positioning or preening of colleagues keen to impress the boss.

American Portal Teaches Drivers to Protect Their Self-Employed Courier Jobs

A prominent US online portal specializing in finance has recently released an article containing tips on how American citizens could protect their self-employed courier jobs and other self-employed initiatives. The increasing number of self-employed workers, both in the United States and abroad, lends the piece a great deal of relevance, justifying its publication in the well-known portal.

US Enforces New Rules for Owner-Driver Jobs

Owner-driver jobs in the United States of America have, for the past year and a half, been functioning under a new, stricter set of guidelines, designed to make sure the profession's working environment is as safe as possible. Aims to Be Internet's Number One Resource for Aspiring Paralegals

Paralegals play a valuable role in any law office. Paralegals enjoy competitive salaries and a challenging working environment at law firms across the country. Becoming a paralegal typically only requires a two year associate’s degree, making it an accessible career option for men and women of any educational background.

Get My Mom a Job Resume Review Service: Free to All Job Seekers - "Get Noticed Get Hired" Resume Service, Analysis, and Review - Announcing to an audience of job seekers all over the United States, a revolutionary service that will change how you get hired.  The Get My Mom a Job Resume Review Service for FREE.

Business Startup Ideas Features Personal Chef

Many would not consider cooking as one of a few terrific business startup ideas , but in fact it may be one of the best possible ideas for a new business around.  More and more people find themselves busy and stretched.  Cooking seems to take a backseat to the rest of their lives.  This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to be a personal chef.

Find the Right Job in the Right Country - Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is an international hub for the shipping business and now it has also become the hub for international business on this continent. Many skilled and hardworking people are required to carry out responsible and tough position in this country. If there is a dream job in Singapore that anyone covets then, be prepared for tough interview rounds and complicated recruitment process. To help candidates find it easy to search for jobs and have a better hand at getting chosen for their dream jobs, a set of three informative and essential books have been created. Jobs in Singapore may be plenty but the way to get selected for that job is not easy. These three sets of books namely, Singapore job search edge, Singapore resume edge and finally Singapore interview edge will give you all the know how to search for the perfect job for you, prepare a resume that will be picked up instantly and how to pass an interview for a job in Singapore.