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Manufacturing Jobs Dominated by Men as Leadership Gender Gap Continues

Across the manufacturing technology sector there is a major disparity between jobs held by men and women. Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions shared specific ideas about what can be done to encourage and place more women in manufacturing technology jobs. Twenty percent of chief information officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies were held by women in 2014. In 2012, although 57 percent of undergraduate degree recipients were female, women only accounted for the 14 percent of the computer science degrees at major research universities.

Manufacturing Leaders Successfully Outsource Safety Compliance and Employee Communications

Manufacturing leaders have little hesitation about hiring consultants to come and provide kaizen events to create lean manufacturing, best-practice process improvements. Manufacturing CEOs often outsource safety compliance to third party organizations, such as US Compliance (with more than 1000 firms using this service in lieu of hiring full-time employees to ensure OSHA, FDA, and EPA regulatory elements are met to avoid fines.)

Manufacturing Executives Poor Communication May Be Due to Sleep Deprivation

In a recent issue of Manufacturers' Pain Points, a weekly e-newsletter, sponsored by PDP (People Driven Performance) Solutions, it was suggested there may be a strong correlation between poor manufacturing leadership communication and sleep deprivation.

PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Presents Next Week at Manufacturing Executive Conference

PDP Solutions' President Louise Dickmeyer presents next week at the NWPCA's (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association) Annual Leadership Conference, March 13. Dickmeyer will discuss how company leaders can address multi-generational issues and effective employee retention strategies. NWPCA members with significant HR background will provide insights and lead discussion on how to improve these critical elements of effective pallet industry communication management. Panel members will include Howe Wallace from PalletOne, and Kathleen Dietrich from Commercial Lumber & Pallet.

Continuous Learning Critical to Manufacturing Employee Retention

Many talented people feel that they do not have anything new to learn in their chosen field. They believe what got them there is enough. Those who are determined and who work hard often spend a lot of time and effort to learn new skills and maintain existing ones. They display the most current knowledge of new technology and ideas. Having employees who will improve themselves over and above the company-sponsored training is critical to a manufacturing organization wanting to innovate and improve.

New Study Reveals Manufacturing CEOs Must Communicate Employee Value

During the recession manufacturing employees questioned the security of their jobs. Even in a fast improving manufacturing climate, the rapid pace of change in most manufacturing organizations is causing employees to frequently consider their value and significant contribution to the organization.

Hawkeye Recruitment Announces New Online Recruiting Tools

Industry statistics reveal that in today's marketplace, more than 80% of new hires are from an online recruitment source. Being careful to hire the correct candidate has become more than just a matter of finding the right fit, however, experts reveal that it's also a mater of finances, saying that 41% of companies recently surveyed explained that a bad hire in the last year cost their company at least $25,000. To combat this, Hawkeye Recruitment spokesperson Jazmin Carrillo has recently announced her firm's new cost effective Online recruiting tools to assist companies with their hiring needs.

Career Development Essential for Employee Retention

Career development has a direct impact on employee retention. Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions discussed in the company blog, when peoples' desire to make advancement in their own career is not fulfilled, they will begin looking for work elsewhere. Opportunities to move up the career ladder often come down to availability of open positions—waiting for someone to die or retire to move up in the company is a sad reality for many people. When promotions seem like a waiting game to employees, organizations are at risk of turnover.

Manufacturers Wellness Programs Increases Employee Engagement

GuideSpark announced the results of its latest research on employee participation in corporate wellness programs. This extensive study explored what employees are looking for in wellness programs and what employers can do to maximize participation. "As companies increase their investment in expansive wellness programs designed to improve company performance and employee engagement and retention, participation among employees continues to lag," said Keith Kitani, GuideSpark CEO. Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reports on employee engagement trends in manufacturing.

Woodstock Mastermind Group Seeks Shadow Recruit

Kimberly Shukla, head of Shukla Media, has announced her company's talent search for a specialist in the field of stealth marketing. Development of the confidential project got underway first of the year, with a skilled professional now urgently needed to head it up. Proposed hire date is February 23rd.

24/7 Virtual Assistant Celebrates 6th Year of Finding Talent to Help Businesses

Logo24/7 Virtual Assistant has just celebrated their 6 year anniversary, and in that time they have become an industry leader in providing affordable, as-needed, virtual assistant services to thousands of businesses and self-employed individuals who don't need or want to hire additional employees.

Manufacturers Designating Environmental Excellence See Profits Increase and Positive Public Perception

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported that manufacturers who designate environmental excellence drive profitability and a positive public perception. The Employee Engagement Roadmap is a 3-step "how to" guide that helps sustainability leaders engage employees on the environment and connect those efforts to business results. Engaging employees around the environment benefits both business and society. The field of environmental employee engagement (EEE) is early in its development and there remain many questions about how to begin, scale up, and sustain results. This Roadmap addresses those questions and more, showing how to link EEE to business results, measure performance, execute with excellence, and build widespread support.

Employee Management Gets Easy & Affordable with Workforce Guardian

LogoAussie businesses having a hard time with employee management need not worry further; Workforce Guardian has assured easy and affordable employee hire, management & exit with innovative cloud HR system.

Growing US Metals Industry Confronts Workforce Shortages

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported that a recent study shows the American metals industry accounts for nearly 2.5 million jobs and the economic contribution of the industry is more than $552 billion or more than 3.5% of the nation's gross domestic product. Metals industry CEOs face myriad staffing issues today: a lack of skilled workers, concern over succession planning and "building a strong bench" so that the company can continue successfully when current management retires. MSCI saw a need for an executive education program specific to their industry that would raise up leaders and created Strategic Metals Management.

Valintry Services Dallas Grows to Add Finance & Accounting to IT Staffing Services

In his article "The 7 C's: How to Find and Hire Great Employees" for the finance magazine "" contributing writer Alan Hall covers the basics of investing in new personnel. Alan Hall reports, "It is critical for every business to find the finest people to fill openings in their organization. When running a business, time lost from bad hiring decisions will cost the organization in the end."

The Lindenberger Group Now Offering HR Outsourcing to Mercer County Businesses

LogoAs the trend in recent years has been for businesses to move away from having a dedicated human resource department, employees' issues have fallen on management. Allowing managers to focus on their core responsibilities, The Lindenberger Group is now offering HR outsourcing to Mercer County Businesses. They will provide the company with a dedicated and experienced HR consultant on a regular or as-needed basis.

Major Manufacturers Migration South Continues with High Tech Growth

Major Manufacturers Migration South Continues with High Tech Growth Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported that Birmingham's Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the largest privately-held construction firms in the U.S., has been on the forefront, and benefited from, the migration of the manufacturing industry to the Southern states like Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. Major manufacturers like Nissan, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin continue to move new construction and operations to right-to-work states where unionization is less likely.

Alice Koehn Benson Becomes President and CEO of HR Search Firm Gatti & Associates

Effectively immediately, Alice Koehn Benson will become President and CEO of Gatti & Associates, the company reports. Founder Bob Gatti will move into the role of Chairman Emeritus and Judy Banker will be promoted to Managing Director. In addition to now leading Gatti & Associates as President and CEO, Benson will also work to help further the growth of the parent company, Search Enterprises.

Successful Employee Owned Company Creates Family Culture

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported on Companion Group whose CEO Chuck Adams emphasized the culture of family, "We're not just a 'family of brands,' we are a family. We started the business back in 1984 (we used to be called Charcoal Companion, but have since evolved). 2014 marks our 30th year in business, yet we feel like we're just getting started. Likes to refer to us as the "first company in grilling." Adams insists that treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. "We treat our customers how we want to be treated. We listen to customer concerns and feedback and are only a phone call or email away. We treat each other like family, and we treat ourselves to a good day's work and regular vacations," Adams shared.

Survey Results Show Corporate Culture and Salary Satisfaction Correlated

For the second time in three years, salaries in 2014 decreased slightly for quality professionals, who said their organization's quality culture plays a key role in the overall satisfaction of their job and salary, according to Quality Progress magazine's 28th annual Salary Survey. PDP profiled the survey in the company blog. PDP Solutions President, Louise Dickmeyer, highlighted the importance of salary satisfaction is tied to corporate culture.

Raleigh Staffing Company Adds Bill Meadors

Raleigh-based staffing agency, Seymour Staffing is proud to welcome Bill Meadors to our team as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Bill comes to our staffing agency with more than 30 years of experience in senior leadership.

Gigaquirks Launches New Job Opportunities as They Offer HR Replacement Services to Clients

Web development is one of the single most important disciplines for a modern business to master, but oftentimes investing in a web department for an SME is beyond their reach. However, with the benefit of an optimized website, businesses could bring in the extra business to justify the investment, creating a catch 22. Gigaquirks offer a unique service in which they will create a website, branding and marketing strategy, then offer recruitment solutions when businesses become successful enough to warrant an in house team.

Style Recruitment Creates Live Vacancy Feed on Homepage for Faster Applications

Yorkshire has been named one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world by Lonely Planet, and is one of the most beautiful, varied and vibrant counties in the country, as well as being the largest. Its job market is competitive, but as with so many places in the north, many struggle to find the careers they want as opportunities are still comparatively few. As such, many ambitious people look to agencies to find them the best opportunities, and Style Recruitment are used by the county's biggest businesses to headhunt the ideal candidates. Their website enables candidates to put themselves forward by updating their positions live on the homepage.

Retaining Talent Base Requires Competitive Shop Floor Employee Engagement

PDP Solutions recently profiled Ram Lonkar, whom revealed three real value added aspects of retaining competitive talent base. PDP Solutions President, Louise Dickmeyer stressed the importance of building and retaining quality employees in the company blog.

Alice Koehn Benson Named Senior V.P. of Executive Search at Gatti & Associates

Gatti & Associates announced the appointment of Alice Koehn Benson, previously of Coulter Partners, to the position of Senior Vice President, Executive Search. Benson will play a leading role in helping to extend the reach of Gatti & Associates as she focuses on placing Human Resources executives in positions across the country and in every industry. Founded in 1985, Gatti & Associates is one of the nation's leading Human Resources executive search and placement firms.