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Drug and Alcohol Testing Market Worth $6.3 Billion by 2019

LogoThe report "Drug Screening Market by Products and Services (Immunoassay Analyzers, Chromatography, Breath Analyzers, Rapid Testing Devices, Assay Kits and Reagents), Sample Type (Urine, Breath, Saliva, Hair, Blood, Skin, Sweat) - Global Forecast to 2019", The global drug and alcohol testing market is expected to reach $6.3 billion by 2019 from $4 billion in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2014 to 2019.

Cloud Infrastructure Market Worth 209.66 Billion USD by 2022, at a CAGR of 12.9%

LogoThe cloud infrastructure market is expected to be valued at USD 209.66 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 12.9% between 2016 and 2022. The growth of this market can be attributed to the increasing ICT spending and trend of big data and analytics; rising demand from organizations for agile, scalable, and cost-effective computing; increasing number of digital services and their applications; and high penetration of hybrid cloud.

Mens Grooming Products Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016 - 2026

LogoBeauty consciousness among the male population is increasing day by day globally. Male consumers are being more attentive for their looks and this trend is further pushed by the male celebrities, film personalities and sportsmen. The global organisations are increasingly focusing on finding new ways of capitalizing the emerging characteristics of male consumer segment.

Worldwide Milk Protein Concentrate Market Competitive Landscape by 2015 – 2021

LogoMilk protein concentrate is basically concentrated milk ingredient rich in milk proteins. Milk protein concentrate is widely available in the powdered form. Milk protein concentrate is skimmed milk powder with low lactose content. Ultrafiltration process is used to remove lactose from the milk powder. This Ultrafiltration process can be adjusted to deliver the wide range of milk protein concentrate. The milk protein concentrate application vary in different products depending on the protein content. Typically, milk protein concentrate with lower protein content is used as ingredients in cheese, soup and yogurt applications. However, milk protein concentrates with high protein content are used in various applications including beverages and dietary foods.

Worldwide Water Enhancers Market Segments by 2015– 2021

LogoWater enhancers are consumable formulations that add flavor as well as supplementary dietary benefits to the water without any carbonation process. Carbonation is a process in which carbon dioxide is dissolved in water at low temperature and high pressures. It is because of the carbon dioxide gas, that the drink has a particular tangy and fizzy taste and this fizzy and tangy taste is accepted globally in a number of soft drinks. But, this taste comes at a cost of some health effects, which has become a subject of concern for people worldwide.

Worldwide Energy Recovery Devices Market Competitive Landscape by 2015– 2021

LogoEnergy conservation is increasingly becoming an important issue in water purification. Engineers are looking for new technologies to cut down on operating costs without increasing maintenance and operation requirements. Energy consumption has always been one of the largest operating costs in membrane water treatment plants. Energy savings can be achieved through the incorporation of energy recovery devices.

Worldwide Vibration Monitoring Systems Market Drivers and Restraints 2015 – 2021

LogoVibration is a common phenomenon occurring in machines and equipment. Vibration is nothing but a rapid back and forth movement produced in an equipment due to oscillation of its components such as gears, belts, drive motors, bearings, and such. Although, it is unavoidable and inherent in certain machines, but a majority of the machines are designed to function absent any vibrations. In such machines, vibration monitoring aids in determining as to where the machine is on the failure curve and thus react appropriately to the same.

Worldwide Oilfield Drilling Additives Market Competitive Landscape by 2015 – 2021

LogoOilfield chemicals play a significant role in the oil and gas industry. Most common oilfield chemicals used by the industry are organic chemicals and solvents, surfactants, transition metal compounds, inorganic salts, water-soluble and oil-soluble polymers. These chemicals control the bacterial growth, foam & wax formation and corrosive action in oils and gases. Drilling additives is one of the major applications in the oilfield chemicals market.

Global Smart View Systems Market Competitive Landscape by 2015 – 2021

LogoWith growing population and increasing crime across the globe, the individual safety is becoming a major concern. In order to overcome such problems, technological implementations such as installations of video camera play a vital role which is realized by many entities and individual around the world. Smart view system comprises set of various hardware and software such as video surveillance system and recorders. Nowadays, smart view systems can be easily be installed in commercial as well as residential places to ensure the seamless operation while ensuring the high-level security. By implementing such system within the cities and commercial facilities the local government/municipalities and an individual has benefited in many ways such as increased safety and reduced level of pollutants.

Worldwide Digital Maps Market Supply & Demand by 2015– 2021

LogoDigital maps are a virtual image created by collecting data and formatting it into an image. It is also called as cartography. The process of collecting data and formatting it into a virtual image is called as digital formatting. Its main application is to create maps that can provide accurate information and representation about a particular area, road or any other point of interest. Digital maps evolved from the traditional paper maps such as Thomas Guide.

Worldwide Ascorbic Acid Market Competitive Landscape by 2015 – 2021

LogoAscorbic acid is basically a Vitamer of Vitamin C. A Vitamer is a chemical compound, having a similar molecular structure to that of a Vitamin, which shows vitamin-activity in case of vitamin-deficiency in biological system. Ascorbic acid generally occurs in white solid form. It is an organic compound which has very good antioxidant properties.

Global Professional Luminaires Market to Grow at a CAGR of 3.85% During 2016-2020 has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Professional Luminaires Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Mouthwash Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.59% During 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Mouthwash Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Global Transparent Conductive Coatings Market Segments by 2015-2021

LogoIn recent years, the transparent conductive coatings industry has experienced many changes in. due to emerging applications and materials such as heat able glazing solutions, antistatic surface and transparent electrodes for displays and solar cells. Transparent conductive coatings are used in wide range of industries such as organic electronics markets and the touch screen markets.

Global Anti-Ship Missile Defense System Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.56% During 2016-2020 has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Anti-Ship Missile Defence System Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Worldwide Automated Retail Market Segments by 2015-2021

LogoAutomated retail is a self-service category in the form of standalone machines located in high traffic areas such as airports and malls and convenient stores. In an era of growing mobility, the consumers demand for easy access to products and services anytime and from anywhere. The global retail industry is growing and developing with extraordinary changes. The retailers need advanced systems in order to balance the market needs such as cost reduction, result accuracy and quick processing. Automation can control the inventory flow of a retail store, departmental store, supermarket, or a mall. Retail automation is the turn key solution to these requirements by providing automated kiosk machines and point of sale terminals which include all the necessary hardware, technology as well as services. The continuous growth of these self-service machines such as kiosk, and the self-checkout system is increasing the overall growth of retail automation market. The point of sale terminals that include barcode scanners, cash registers and receipt printer are strongly contributing to the retail automation market growth. The retail automation is a boiling trend in the major economies such as the U.S., China, Germany, and so on.

Worldwide Automotive Heat Shield Market Competitive Landscape by 2015– 2021

LogoThe areas of a vehicle that develop high temperatures need effectual heat shielding solutions. Vendors are designing sophisticated shielding solutions to help bring vehicles in line with increasing thermal shield requirements.

Global Glass Processing Equipment Market to Grow at a CAGR of 3.83% by 2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “Global Glass Processing Equipment Market 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Aquaculture Market in China to Grow at a CAGR of 3.29% During the Period 2016-2020

The Report Aquaculture Market in China 2016-2020 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants.

Worldwide Cleaning Robot Market : Current Trends, Challenges 2015 to 2021

LogoCleaning is one of the basic requirement at household which is essential on daily basis and consumes both time and energy. Cleaning robot is an approach to make cleaning a time efficient and easy task and provide comfort to humans. Cleaning robots helps to detect the position of the area to be cleaned, estimates the path to reach the detected position and cleans the area with the help of vacuum cleaner attached. The camera is mounted on the roof so that the robot can easily navigate an area and clean the room using vacuum cleaner attached with the robot. Cleaning robots are widely used in commercial, healthcare, and other applications for cleaning floors, windows, lawns and pools. Moreover, cleaning robots constantly capture video and images and can sense the movements of any object or living thing.. It can be used to sound alarms in case of unwanted movements being noticed, thus ensuring security. Cleaning robot maintains the log of unclean and cleaned area in the secondary storage which helps to keep a track of records for future assistance.

After-School Tutoring Market in China to Grow at a CAGR of 14.28% During 2016-2020: has recently announced the addition of a market study “After-school Tutoring Market in China 2016-2020”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Worldwide Electron Microscopy and Sample Preparation Market : Supply & Demand 2015 to 2021

LogoElectron microscopes use accelerated beams of electrons as source of illumination. Resolving power of electron microscope is much higher than light microscope and thus electron microscope can magnify even the smallest structure of the sample. Electron microscope has the efficiency to produce resolution up to 50 Pico meter and magnification up to 10,000,000x. These high specifications make every detail of the sample clearly visible. Sample preparation is the initial operation to examine the specimen. In order to prepare sample for electron microscope scanning, the sample needs to be dried completely; so that the vacuum from the electron microscope doesn't vaporize the sample. A coating over the sample is a mandatory step in order to protect the specimen from getting damaged. There is a large number of sample preparation techniques used to examine the specimen.

Global Data Quality Tools Market to Grow at a CAGR of 14.41% During the Period 2016-2020

The Report Global Data Quality Tools Market 2016-2020 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants.

Worldwide Multi-Screen Content Discovery Engines Market : Market Size & Forecast 2015 to 2021

LogoMulti-screen content discovery engine is an implemented software platform for end-users to browse for television content online. Multi screen discovery platforms are growing in importance with the increasing trends such as video on demand (VOD), video on internet (VOI), social TV and smart TV among others, which are enhancing the need for end-user engagement. To outperform competitors service providers are emphasizing on providing differentiated immersive TV experiences to their end-users by providing personalized services, which results in increased adoption of multi-screen content discovery engines. It helps in tracking how end-users are using services provided by service providers and also helps in measuring performance of service provider's marking campaigns in real time.

Global Vinyl Records Market to Grow at a CAGR of 55.15% During the Period 2016-2020

The Report Global Vinyl Records Market 2016-2020 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants.