Profollica - The Natural & Fastest Hair Re-Growth Treatment for Men of All Ages Now Offers Massive Discounts

Profollica is the natural hair loss treatment for men. The product offers a dual step solution that is proven to significantly reduce the hair loss and to promote the hair regrowth.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- The new hair recovery product Profollica has recently gone through a clinical study which has shown various positive effects of Profollica on hair growth. The product is specially formulated with DHT blockers to combat male pattern baldness. While most of the hair loss products contain prescription drugs which cause serious side effects, Profollica contains only safe ingredients which block the over-production of DHT to combat hair loss. This 2 step formula comes with an Activator gel which is backed by a clinical study that proves its safety. The key ingredient in Activator Gel Trichogen had undergone through a 112 days clinical study which showed significant results.

Due to various internal and external factors, such as poor diet, hormonal imbalances in the human body, hereditary, stress, heavy medications, serious illness, atmospheric pollution and many others, the hair loss has become the common problem these days.

Male baldness pattern is mainly caused by the hereditary and the hormonal imbalances. The DHT hormone is the main reason of the hair loss, which grows over the hair scalp and causes the hair follicles get brittle, thin and constantly makes them weaker until they die and hairs fall from the scalp.

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The hair products are designed in a way to fight against the DHT hormone but most of them make the hair quality low and some may cause unpleasant side effects. However, Profollica is approved as the best hair loss treatment for men that doesn’t only reduce the hair loss but it also makes the hairs healthy, beautiful and strong.

According to a website about hair loss treatment, Profollica is the best hair loss treatment of the year that can reduce the hair loss up to 90% and increase the hair growth without any unpleasant side effects. Dr.Dave David, a famous cosmetic surgeon approves that the Profollica can provide a wide range of hairs health benefits that any other cannot provide.

The Profollica system has none of these drawbacks as it uses all natural ingredients that were carefully selected for safety and efficacy. Nutrients in the gel include zinc and vitamin B3, each with research indicating a positive effect on hair growth.”

Since the over-production of DHT is the main reason for hair loss according to research, Profollica helps combat DHT formation by blocking up some special type of enzymes that encourage the production of DHT. In simple words, it reverses up the follicle miniaturization process, strengthening the hair follicle to bring back it to the life.

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