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Proper Servicing of Smokeless Cigarette Battery Is Very Important States provides the smokers with three easy tips that can help in improving the performance of the e cig battery.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Twenty first century is considered as an electronic era. Most of the people use electronic commodities in the daily use. And a lot electronic items are battery operated. With the time a lot of advancement has been made in the quality of the batteries. says that smokeless cigarettes also work on battery. Therefore a smoker must ensure that an optimal battery life is obtained from the batteries. The website suggests three major tips that can be considered by a smoker to get the best performance from the e cig battery.

Electronic cigarette reviews explain that most of the e cig brands use lithium ion polymer batteries that are among the longest lasting batteries available in the market. Experts say that a smoker must use the batteries daily as the lithium ion batteries are specifically designed for day to day usage. Reason being, with constant use, more power flows in the cell that helps in proper functioning of the battery. The second point that should be taken care is that a smoker should take a good care of the battery of a vapor cigarette. Reviews explain that a person must keep the battery away from heat and water. Also the battery should be prevented from any kind of impact like dropping an electronic cigarette, putting in washing machine and likewise. Another important point is to prevent the battery from getting fully drained.

Experts say that a person should charge the battery when it is low. Reviews explain that a lot of other minor steps can be taken by a smoker to boost up the performance of the electronic cigarette battery. For example, smokers should charge electronic cigarettes when the battery goes down by 50%. Also a smoker should unscrew the Cartomizer from the battery when the e cigarette is not in use. Experts say that smokers can increase the battery life of the e cigs by following the simple tips that help in improving the performance of the battery. Also the smoker can prevent charging of battery every now and then by going through the steps in a proper manner.

About is a well known review website for the electronic cigarettes niche. It has a panel of expert reviewers, who compile reviews on various e cig brands after conducting extensive research and analysis procedures. The reviews thus written are unbiased and highly informative. This in turn helps consumers to make the right choice while they are busy shopping for their favorite electronic cigarette brand.

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