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Nanjing, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2014 -- Maybe you’ve heard about RPGshow, just like EvaWigs, an online shop provides full lace human hair wigs with CUSTOM service. No matter people want classical straight with brown OMBRE style, or the popular wavy voluminous hair, or the natural tight curls, both the sites have the style fashionistas desire! To be honest, in general, all the wigs on EvaWigs.com is cheaper than RPGshow after comparison. People cannot tell whether the wig showed by the head model is the same, but from their celebrity inspired wigs, people would know how the price gap is. Look at the below in detail carefully!

CEW130 & clw059-s Wavy Full Lace Human Hair wig:
The same wavy styled wig on both site people u could search out. The exciting news is that people could save up to $35 on this wig now as it is its 2014 NEW ARRIVAL. Now take a peek at the comparison. CEW130 on EvaWigs is $364, $309 on RPGshow. But the difference lies here: To order the picture look and 20 inches hair length without other custom service, people have to pay $304 on EvaWigs, BUT $434.99 on RPG!

Even people do not order the celebrity look like the photo show, people have to pay $40 for inches hair long. On the RPG site, the longer hair you buy, the higher price you need to pay besides the original wig price. On the contrary, on EvaWigs, if people buy a shorter length than the celebrity inspired wig, people could get some savings! The shorter, the less people need to pay.

There is no doubt that wavy is hot, alluring and voluminous! For those who want to add some charm in night club, this is the choice. It is also great as daily work suit.

CES119 & clw060-c Ciara OMBRE BOB wig:
As BOB is popular, maybe people would love this special - wavy cut. For a heart-shaped face and the chocolate skin tone, this cannot be the second choice. People have to pay for $341.99 on RPG, but $327 on EvaWigs for 14 inches long hair and the hair color like the picture.

This look is awesome, and it has many other custom options, if people want more, custom it one like and compare the price to decide which one to shop.

CEC103 & fcc006-c Natural Curls Inspired by Kelly:
If people prefer the tight curls, then visit EvaWigs since it recently launched many such kind of wigs. If people want this look with 14 inches hair long, $279 required on EvaWigs, and $330.99 on RPGshow.

For the oval face frame Africa American people, this is their need for natural! If the desirer’s skin tone is like Kelly, then why not put on some bright eyeshadows like golden, purple, green, and bold lipstick color as fresh red, vivid light purple and so on!

All right, people could click on the wig code to visit the detail page on EvaWigs, and then to compare their own. By the way, after visit both the site, people would find that the layout is more clear on EvaWigs.

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