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Provillus: The Natural and Most Powerful Hair Loss Treatment Product for Men & Women Now Offers 1 Month Free Supply on Select Packages!

Provillus hair regrowth treatment is a composition prepared with natural elements with the intention to boost hair regrowth normally and avert baldness.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Provillus has become the popular hair loss treatment among all other hair treatment products available in market. The product has gained significant popularity and a significant number of customers these days. The reason is its effective and separate formula for both men and women to treat their hairs accordingly. The dual action formula of the provillus reduces hair loss to a significant level and makes hairs strong, healthy and beautiful.

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Provillus hair loss is the powerful blend of natural ingredients to fight against the hair loss problems. All the ingredients and product itself tested clinically by the health experts and have found having positive effects on hairs, such as it:

- Stops hairs from falling and regrows new hairs.
- Makes hairs thicker and stronger.
- Nourishes overall hairs health and makes them shiny and beautiful.

Health experts have found the DHT hormone which grows on hair scalp and is responsible for hair loss. With the aging and hormonal changes, and due to some external factors such as pollution and climatic changes, the amount of DHT increases and makes the hair follicles weaker and weaker by blocking food and water to them. Consequently the hairs follicles die and let the hairs fall from hair scalp.

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Scientists long have been working to prepare a product to fight against the DHT or which can block the DHT formation over the scalp. Today the hair loss treatment products mostly work as DHT blocker.

Provillus Hair Treatment product consists of hair regrowth supplement which are pills to be consumed orally and a hair regrowth spray which is a liquid to be used directly on hairs. Hair regrowth supplement blocks DHT formation and prevents the hair loss. Whereas hair regrowth spray promotes hair regrowth and nourishes hairs to make them thicker, stronger and beautiful.

All the ingredients of the product are natural without mix of any fast acting chemical harmful for health; therefore FDA has approved the product as beneficial for hairs health with no negative side effects. Many customers have used the product and posted positive reviews about the product. New customers can read the product reviews online before using it.

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About Provillus
Provilus is a unique combination of various herbs and vitamins, which being mixed together show excellent results in fighting and preventing hair loss, and even restoring normal hair growth. All ingredients in provillus are absolutely natural.