Provillus - The One End Solution for Hair Re-Growth for Men & Women with Fastest Action Formula Now Offers Free Bottles

Provillus is the natural hair loss treatment which prevents hair loss and regrows hairs with its effective formula without any negative side effect on health.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Provillus is a breakthrough topical solution for hair regrowth currently is the best seller in the hair loss products’ industry. The push behind it is its all natural and clinically proven formula which promises to offer positive and permanent results, unlike other products. The manufacturing company has recently announced a Black Friday special offer on every purchase of Provillus. Now customers can buy this product with a discount of 50% till Valentine Day. The company has designed this offer for their valued customers to achieve great hair regrowth at a cheaper rate.

Provillus was specially formulated for both men and women with different formulations. It is fortified with hair restoring herbal ingredients which provide essential nutrients to hair follicles to restore their vitality. Just a simple usage of this formula daily will help users combat hair fall and restore new hairs within a few months. Additionally, it is medically proven to be safe because it doesn’t cause side effects. Provillus is backed by a 60 days guarantee and available for purchase at the official website. Customers can also get an extra bottle of Provillus with every purchase.

As concerned with the Provillus, FDA has approved the product as the #1 hair loss treatment that prevents hair loss and promotes the hair regrowth with no side effects. This is the reason that the product has gained the high customer preference.

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Hair loss has become the most common problem among men and women. According to the official website of Provillus, “it is estimated that 1 out of every 4 women suffer from female pattern baldness. Around 30 million women in America experiencing hereditary hair loss lose about 150 hairs or more a day.”

Provillus also presents some facts from Media reports. ABC News reveals, “While men tend to start losing hair in the 30s or 40s, thinning begins in women at 40s or 50s, though it can occur as early as the 20s.”

Scientific studies have found that besides other causes of hair loss problem, one main problem is the DHT hormone which grows over the hair scalp and causes the damage of hairs. This hormone blocks the food and water supply to the hairs which causes the hair follicles to get weaker and weaker until they die and fall from the scalp. Provillus hair loss treatment contains natural herbs as its main ingredients which are tested clinically and found highly effective against the production of DHT hormone over the hair scalp. Containing the properties of these natural herbs, Provillus acts as DHT blocker and prevents the DHT formation over the scalp. It provides the hairs with essential nutrients which make them strong enough to fight against the DHT hormone and consequently the DHT formation is blocked.

The blocking of DHT hormone ultimately eliminates the hair loss. Also, the product promotes the hair regrowth and grows new thick and healthy hairs. It nourishes hairs, making them thick, strong, healthy and beautiful looking. This is basically a two step formula composed of Hair regrowth supplement and hair regrowth spray and recommended to use twice a day. Many people have used it and reported good results in a short time period.

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