Put a Stop on Smelling Like an Ashtray with Smokeless Cigarette Explicates states that throughout the recent years there has been a noticeable decline in the number of regular cigarette smokers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- says that that the growing popularity of smokeless cigarettes is attributed to the significant uses as it revolutionizes the effects of real ones. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigs or electric cigarettes, offer smokers the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. Providing the nicotine in a variety of flavors, e cigs allow smokers to maintain the habit while saving money. Unlike with the real tobaccos or cigarettes, an electric cigarette does not produce toxic emissions which makes it very environmental friendly. Since one does not has to light the thing up, smokers won’t have to worry about bringing lighters also one won’t need to put this off so less the hassles.

“As a former smoker I cannot help but express pure joy over the electronic cigarettes, I both feel better and breathe better using these electronic cigarettes, and cannot fathom returning to traditional tobacco” said one of the smokers. According to electronic cigarette reviews, it may look like a pen, but does give the same sensation as holding an actual tobacco cigarette. The good thing about electric cigarettes is that they do not leave users with the nasty ashtray smell, common to smokers. The best part is that the smokeless cigarettes do not contain the same harmful ingredients that tobacco cigarettes do. This is as good as any reason for anyone to quit smoking. Experts say that over the years since electric cigarettes have been introduced, there are already several models of different smokeless cigarettes brand which have come out for the public use.

One of the experts in the field says, “Vapor cigarettes could replace much or most of cigarette consumption in the U.S. in the next decade. Also there is no evidence that e cigarettes have ever harmed anyone, or that youths or nonsmokers have begun using the products.” Based on statistics, 96% of smokers who use vapor cigarette are able to quit smoking and never went back to the habit of smoking. Using smokeless cigarettes is effective not only because it contains lesser nicotine that lets the body to wean.

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