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Quantum9.net Announces the Release of Seed to Sale Software

In addition, Quantum 9 is now accepting new cannabis consulting clients as they wish to assist those who want to get in on this rapidly growing industry


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Drugabuse.gov reports, as of March 2014, 20 states have legalized medical marijuana use, as this plant contains certain chemicals which may help in the treatment of some medical symptoms or conditions. The FDA also recognizes the importance of marijuana in treating certain diseases and has approved the use of two medications containing cannabinoids, ones which minimize or eliminate harmful side effects seen when one eats or smokes the leaves of the marijuana plant.

For this reason, many now wish to become involved in the marijuana industry, to help patients in need of this treatment, and Quantum 9 proudly announces the release of its seed to sale software. In addition, the company is now offering medical marijuana consutling to those interested in joining this industry. Individuals wishing to learn more about these products and services should visit Quantum 9 (www.quantum9.net).

"Quite a few consider medical marijuana to be the future of medicine. Some try their hand at making medical pot brownies at home, while others wish to become a part of the industry, but are hesitant to do so, thanks to the many regulations placed on businesses in the field. Quantum 9 functions to assist those in these situations and many others, as everyone deserves to have access to the treatment they need," Kevin Mahoney, spokesperson for Quantum 9, declares.

Technology remains the wave of the future, even in the medical marijuana industry. One item the industry has been in need of is software created for the marijuana dispensary. Government regulations concern many, yet, with the help of seed to sale software, those in the industry find compliance becomes much easier. The software ensures users don't unintentionally perform any illegal acts and gathers all required information into Excel files.

Mahoney goes on to say businesses find compliance to be much easier with this software. One can handle many tasks with the help of this program. It's one tool no medical marijuana facility should be without.

Quantum 9 recognizes each person is unique and therefore offers consulting services to assist those of every skill level, individuals making use of different grow techniques, and more. To determine where the company can be of most assistance, an analysis of one's company is done, to identify areas where improvements are needed. This allows the team to develop a solution, one which is cost effective and adequately assigns resources, while taking into account the benefits of changes to be made and the client's comfort level.

"Master gardeners play a role in this process, as they help to create the plan. Once a plan has been put into place, the delivery team works to implement it, to ensure everything is done properly. Quantum 9 assists with everything from product selection to integrated pest management, to ensure clients achieve the success they desire," Mahoney explains.

About Quantum 9
Quantum 9 understands the importance of medical marijuana for many individuals suffering from illness. The team consists of many of the world's most talented scientists, cultivators, and business owners, all with advanced degrees in accounting, agriculture, business, plant sciences, and horticulture, and all work independently and collectively to research and develop cutting edge techniques for all aspects of the Cannabis industry. Areas of expertise include plant nutrition, resource allocations, yield maximization analyses, plant tissue and cost-benefit, among other things, and employees remain dedicated to collecting and analyzing data as a way to obtain a better understanding of the problems and pitfalls. Doing so enables Quantum 9 to develop modalities which are both reliable and cost effective.