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Queens NYC's Flushing Meadows Park - Paranormal Activity for the New Year!

This New Year brings something -- something paranormal -- hiding within the multitude of trails and paths that intertwine between the soccer fields, picnic areas and forgotten relics in Queens NYC's Flushing Meadows Park and two seasoned New York ghost hunters will be there to welcome them.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2014 -- Where do you go for a ghostly adventure in 2014? Well according to New York's own Ghost Doctors, Queens NYC's Flushing Meadows Park can't be beat for some paranormal excitement.

Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the “Ghost Doctors” have been leading groups of wannabe ghost hunters past some of the most recognizable iconic landmarks in Queen's Flushing Meadows while unearthing some strange paranormal happenings in their vicinity.

“One of the old structures left over from the 1964 World's Fair is the massive New York State Pavilion. Most people probably know it as the Men In Black towers from the movies,” says Dr. Pete. “In fact, throughout the years there have been rumors of strange goings on in and around this aging structure. And our investigations have indeed uncovered some unusual phenomena.”

In fact the Ghost Doctors after schooling their groups of amateur ghost hunters in the basics of ghost hunting 101 -- including the use of different electronic ghost hunting equipment -- have led their troops through the park and have uncovered some paranormal activity in the vicinity of these hulking towers.

“On a few of our ghost hunts around the the towers, we detected unusual readings with some of our equipment. In fact, during one of our outings we experienced drainage of our equipment's battery packs. And this is kind of strange since we always do battery checks prior to any ghost hunting investigation,” says Dr. Pete.

And if the Ghost Doctors past ghost hunting outings are any indication of the paranormal activity that awaits them in Flushing Meadows, then this coming New Year is bound to be one heck of a ghostly time.

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Ghost Doctors (, based in New York City, is the premier ghost hunting tour in NYC that actually allows participants to experience “real” ghost hunts. Their ghost hunts can be suited for both public, private and corporate events.