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Radio Program and Website Present Breaking News from a Biblical Prophetic Perspective


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Peter C. Hansen is a powerful, dynamic Christian speaker and evangelist who has been speaking for 20 years to thousands of people in many nations. Now he has started the Revelation Daily radio show which will focus on news of today’s busy life from a Biblical prophetic perspective along with devotions and online prayer at The show will air five days a week.

Mr. Hansen believes the Bible is very relevant today. He says, “In fact, it is more up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspapers and anyone who reads the Bible will be empowered to live a new, transformed life”. His radio show will deal with breaking news related to end-times plus important current news and prophecies.

A look at the home page for the Revelation Daily Radio Show reveals the button to click for listening to the daily show on the left and a listing of Revelation Daily’s leading breaking news stories for that day on the right. Peter C. Hansen asks people to spend five minutes a day with Revelation Daily – the radio news reports, short daily devotions and prayer.

The Revelation Daily Survival Store offers a large collection of books Mr. Hansen considers important on the subjects of end-times and Biblical prophecies. There is also a list of links to resources such as studying the Bible online and to other Christian programs and speakers.

Complete information on Peter C. Hansen’s new radio show can be found at . For those who would like to know more about his earlier work, go to In 2005 he founded Angel Relief International, a Christian humanitarian charity that has been helping thousands of poor people in Africa and the Philippines. That charity is still active and welcomes support

About Revelation Daily
Revelation Daily is an online Christian radio show and breaking news web-site. Revelation daily is reporting the most relevant news related to end-times prophecy and offers weekly devotional programs and online prayer. Peter C. Hansen is the host of the Revelation Daily Show and has many years of experience as a public speaker and has been doing christian television programs for many years as well.

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London, United Kingdom