Raspberry Ketone Max: The Most Effective Breakthrough in Weight Loss Industry

The most effective breakthrough in weight loss industry, Raspberry Ketone max is now available at a discounted price. The offer is designed as a New Year Special deal

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Well known to millions of customers across the globe, Raspberry Ketone Max is the one highest grade dietary supplement which has benefited many customers. The product is reported as the purest and the most effective formulation of Raspberry ketones. Additionally, most of the clinical reports also prove this product as the most effective fat burner; this is why the product has been medically recognized safe to use and effective for weight reduction. The company has recently announced a New Year special discount on every bottle of Raspberry ketone max.

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Mostly found in different types of raspberries, Raspberry ketone is the key component which is often touted for weight loss. According to research it can promote the levels of a protein hormone which help break fat cells and easily eliminate from the body. This hormone is also responsible to boost metabolic activities which help increase energy levels and support a fast weight loss process.

There are several research studies which prove the natural health effects of raspberry ketones. The most famous study was published in 2005, called the Anti obesity actions of Raspberry Ketone. A few trials were conducted on mice and it was concluded that Raspberry ketone can reduce the weight gain effects induced by a high-fat diet. It was also noted during the study that raspberry ketone can decrease the amount of bad cholesterols in the stomach.

Another study was published in 2010, in which researchers concluded that raspberry ketone inhibited weigh gain and improved fat burning in mice that were fed a high fat diet. It was also found that Raspberry ketone increased the levels of a fat burning hormone adiponectin. According to an expert, “Adiponectin is the hormone that tricks the body into thinking it’s thin. When we put on weight, we reduce the ability of adiponectin hormones to work.”

According to a human study, raspberry ketone when combined with other nutrients may enhance weight loss. A total of 45 obese people completed an 8 week trial of exercise and controlled diet and experienced a noticeable reduction in overall body weight at the end of the study. Through this study, researchers concluded that Raspberry Ketone can work better if combined with a well-balanced diet and exercise.

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