Raspberry Ketone Max - The Natural Antioxidant Formulation Loses Upto 5 Lbs Without Changing Diet Habits

The nutritional compound ketone enzyme has been found beneficial for weight loss. The dietary supplement Raspberry Ketone Max has become a breakthrough in weight loss industry since it has shown significant results in weight loss. Customers who used this supplement have managed to lose up to 5 lbs without changing diet habits

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- With the high rise in the demand for natural weight loss supplements, Raspberry Ketone Max is one of the supplements who have created a buzz in the weight loss industry. Often featured on TV health shows, the product has greatly captures the attention of millions of people out there who are looking for an easy yet effective way to weight loss.

The results indicated by some clinical trials were quite impressive since most of the users have reported a reduction in overall weight up to 5 lbs. More interesting thing that was noticed during the trial is that the participants didn’t change their lifestyle. They were allowed to take the diet they love to. They consumed this special formulation with couple of antioxidants and noted that it can positively affect body fat, cholesterol levels and overall energy.

The new breakthrough in health sciences, Raspberry Ketone Max is created with some of the best available natural substances such as African mango, green tea and Acai berry. Research suggests that these substances play their role as powerful antioxidants which help boost metabolic functions and promote fat burning hormones in the body.

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It is clear from initial lab tests that this supplement gives a boost to a protein hormone adiponectin which is involved in the regulation of blood glucose as well as fat breakdown. Studies have shown that elevated adiponectin levels reduce the risk of fat formation, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes. Therefore, this little fruit can contribute a lot in health development, aside from its weight loss benefits.

Unlike artificial and short cut methods of weight loss, Raspberry Ketone Max is one of those few supplements endorsed by doctors. A spokesman for Raspberry Ketone Max says, “With Raspberry Ketone Max, you get the natural solution doctors prefer with a clinically tested supplement that can help burn body fat. Doctors everywhere want you to lose weight and with Raspberry ketone Max you know you have the natural solution loss your doctors recommend.”

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