Raspberry Ketone Plus - a Highly Rated and Top Class Weight Loss Supplement Offers Free Bottles on This Valentine Day

The revolutionary Raspberry extract, Raspberry Ketone Plus came in the attention of millions of dieters and health experts due to its potent fat burning properties.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- The new Breakthrough in Health & weight loss industry Raspberry Ketone Plus has created a major buzz in the market, since thousands of customers are turning towards this supplement. The product is made from Ketone enzymes and incorporates an assortment of anti-oxidants to boost the weight loss capacities of Raspberry ketones.

Ever since researchers have discovered its several health and weight loss benefits and featured it as an effective weight loss remedy, millions of people want to use this product to achieve natural weight loss results.

The key ingredient in the supplement Raspberry ketone is well researched in a series of clinical studies. This substance is believed to raise the production of some fat burning hormones called Adiponectin. The most famous study was conducted on mice to discover the Anti-obesity effects of Raspberry ketones.

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The study was conducted by Morimoto et al (2005) the weight loss potential of Raspberry ketones was investigated in mice. The trial was completed in two stages; the first stage involved the mice being fed on a high fat diet for a period of ten weeks, with a 2% Raspberry ketone supplementation. The second stage involved the mice being fed a high fat diet for six weeks with no supplementation of Raspberry ketones followed by a five week high fat diet with a 1% Raspberry ketone content.

The study found that when the raspberry ketones were introduced into the diet the mice lost both body weight and overall body fat. Much difference was observed when Raspberry ketones accounted for 2% of calorie intake. Through these outcomes, scientists concluded that Raspberry ketone can alter the metabolism of the body so that it would burn a higher amount of fat cells.

A spokesperson for Raspberry Ketone plus said, “Raspberry ketone present in red raspberries activates the protein adiponectin which is used by the body to regulate metabolism, break down fat cells more effectively and help in losing weight. Individuals who are overweight will benefit from using these supplements that activate these key enzymes and proteins.”

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