Raspberry Ketone Ultra - The Proven Weight Loss Supplement Has Gained Doctor's Approval as the Most Effective Fat Burner

Raspberry Ketone Ultra is the proven weight loss supplement that offers a safe and effective weight loss in a short time period. The product has gained the high attention from the media and the expert’s approval as the most effective fat burner

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Raspberry Ketone Ultra is the proven weight loss supplement that has been in huge demand ever since the supplement is approved and recommended by the doctors and fitness experts for a natural weight loss and overall health improvement. The product offers a natural and safe weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process and burning the fat at a faster rate. It also suppresses the appetite and helps greatly in the weight loss. Many diet experts and Doctors have approved it as the most effective fat burner supplement.

Most of the diet buzzes about the raspberry ketone are based on a study conducted in Japan, and a rat study conducted in Korea. In the Japanese study, mice were given a high fat diet and raspberry ketone. The study results were published in February 2005 in the journal Life Sciences that report the fat burn results in mice. The Korean study was conducted on rats and published in the journal Planta Medica in April 2010. In male rats, administration of high doses of raspberry ketone prevented an increase in body weight when the rats were fed a high fat diet.

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Experts believe that Raspberry Ketones is a natural antioxidant compound that attacks the fat cells and forces the body to utilize them as energy. As a result of this, it increases the overall energy of the body and helps to shed extra pounds.

FOX news channel reports “raspberry ketone helps to enhance the activity of the human hormone adiponectin, which plays a role in regulating blood glucose and body weight. Adiponectin works in the body to modify blood glucose and insulin.”

Clinical studies illustrate that Adiponectin regulates the metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process. The fat is converted into energy and hence it results a natural weight loss and overall improved health. This is why; doctors call it the most effective fat burner.

"New and improved raspberry ketone ultra diet pills are a combination of raspberry ketones with other natural extracts so as to ensure faster and better weight loss results" says a health expert.

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