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Since raspberry ketones were recommended for weight loss by a popular TV host in early 2012 sales took off like a rocket. Initially, health food stores and online stores were caught short by the sudden intense demand after the popular TV doctor recommended the substance as an effective fat burning product. Eventually, supply caught up with demand and now, savings of up to 50% are available on with no coupon code required. Unlike most online stores, offers telephone ordering for raspberry ketone supplements, in addition to online ordering.

The top selling raspberry ketones product named Raspberry Ketone Max is offered at a savings of buy 3 bottles and get an additional 3 bottles free which equates to an effective 50% off when buying 3 bottles. If buying 2 bottles, customers get 1 additional bottle free.

Raspberry ketone supplements are probably the hottest selling weight loss supplements in 2012, or are at least tied with African mango. Both of these substances received enthusiastic recommendations for use as weight loss helpers by the previously mentioned famous TV doctor who hosts his own TV show. The TV doctor did not endorse any specific products but his well-known image can be seen on hundreds, probably thousands, of websites all over which feature raspberry ketones and African mango. These images probably lead to an incorrect belief that the TV doctor is endorsing specific products, which is not the case.

Obesity is a huge health problem, especially in the United States and overweight people are always anxious to gain any edge to help burn the fat away. The TV doctor said these type products are recommended to be used in conjunction with improved eating habits, and increased physical activity where possible. is a top-rated BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited online service.

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