The Weight Loss Supplement Raspberry Ketone Max Was Top Product for 3rd Consecutive Month is a leading international distributor of raspberry ketone supplements

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- The weight loss supplement Raspberry Ketone Max was the top selling supplement on the website for the third consecutive month through the end of July 2012. Raspberry ketones became a weight loss sensation after being enthusiastically recommended by a popular doctor and television show host early in 2012, see here .

The recommendation by the popular TV doctor caused a buying frenzy, which gained much media attention. Upon re-airing of the TV show, the buying frenzy gathered even more steam, leading to shortages of raspberry ketone supplements. See here

The product, Raspberry Ketone Max, contains 300 mg of Raspberry Ketones, 550 mg of Green Tea Standardized Extract, 75 mcg chromium, 400 mg caffeine, and 16 mg of L-Theanine. The full supplement ingredients label for Raspberry Ketone Max can be seen on The company currently offers a free bottle special sale which works as follows; When buying 3 bottles, customers get 3 additional bottles free. When buying 2 bottles, customers get 1 additional bottle free.

The television show featuring raspberry ketone supplements for weight loss indicated that raspberry ketones cause fat inside human cells to be broken up more effectively, resulting in an increased burning of body fat. This is believed to be due to protein called adiponectin, which is a protein involved in the body’s regulating of metabolism. The raspberry ketones are thought by researchers to help regulate this protein in the human body, resulting in a positive effect on the metabolism of humans

Raspberry ketones are recognized as safe by the FDA and have a history of use as a food additive since the 1960’s. In 1965, the Food and Drug Administration put raspberry ketone on generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, status.

Raspberry ketones are a natural substance and are the source of the pleasant smell from raspberries. The substance is also used in cosmetics and perfumes.

About is a top-rated online distributor of raspberry ketone supplements based in New Brunswick, NJ, USA. Their top selling product called Raspberry Ketone Max ships to 214 countries all throughout the world including China, Japan, Russia, Western Europe and much more.