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Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) Announces New Member Benefits

Dr. Teresa Martin, creator and founder of the Generational Wealth Zone brands Enjoy Your Legacy and Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC), has created a new series of member benefits for the 2016-2017 season.

Dalton Elite Partners with to Give Back to Military Veterans

In the wake of Memorial Day – a day which honors all of the brave men and women who have fought and died for our country – one company has turned their focus to helping veterans of our military branches. Based in Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina, a state known for its substantial military personnel presence, Dalton Elite is a real estate company that prides itself on its ties to the military. At the center of that connection is Joseph Dalton, the owner and founder of the company. His background as a former Marine Corp officer and AH-1W Cobra Attack Helicopter Pilot underscore his loyalty to the U.S. military, a dedication that he infuses into his business. Dalton recently partnered with to give more back to our servicemen and women. A portion of the proceeds from the real estate firm will go to AHERO – a true non-profit that is changing lives of America's wounded Veterans.

Weston, Florida Based Mortgage Broker Reveals 3 Things Lenders Don't Want You to Know About Shopping for a Mortgage Online

Anyone who’s even remotely interested in shopping for a home loan has probably paid attention to all those commercials on TV touting the ease of using any of a variety of Internet services to compare mortgage offers from the comfort of your home. You may even have tried a couple of them yourself. But Dean Adler, a Loan Officer with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc., says Weston, Florida residents need to watch out when trying to use the Internet to do the heavy lifting for them.

HARP 2.0 Program Allows Many Florida Homeowners to Take Advantage of Low Refinance Rates and Lower Their Monthly Mortgage Payments

More people than ever with homes in distress are able to refinance under the HARP 2.0 program. This bodes well for homeowners looking to reduce their interest rates and lower their monthly mortgage payments.

Curtis Roese Announces Launch of New Website Common Cents Wisdom

Curtis Roese, a CPA and Real Estate Broker, is the founder and publisher of Common Cents Wisdom, a new magazine style personal finance blog. The website was established to provide consumers with free articles, personal finance tips, newsletter, tools, resources, special reports and a free personal finance course. The goal of Common Cents Wisdom is to become “Your Guide To Making Smart Financial Decisions”! The founder is committed to seeing your finances improve. You will discover simple ways to make more money, save more money and track your money!

Portland Real Estate Investor Counters Expensive National Programs with Free Training

LogoLocal real estate investor John Sheldon will offer the training “12 Steps to Explosive Profits in Portland Real Estate Investing” on Wednesday, July 17 as a response to various national speaker real estate investing training programs offered in Portland.

Rent in Panama City Seeing an All Time High Number of Rentals

LogoRent in Panama City has been experiencing a higher-than-usual demand for rentals in Panama City recently, including condos, apartments, homes, beach houses and other types of property. The increase is accompanied by an upswing in the Panama real estate market of late, and is expected to continue.

St. Louis Mortgage Lenders Gershman Mortgage Opens New Office in Missouri

Although there are many mortgage options available, many potential homeowners opt to use the services of a mortgage lender. Unlike mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders offer clients the opportunity to work directly with the source of their loan since the entire transaction is processed in-house.

Casselberry Mortgage Lender Reveals Insider Loan Secrets Other Mortgage Lenders Don't Want the Public to Know

Mortgage Expert reveals home buying secrets at a new Casselberry mortgage website.

HARP 2.0 Program Allows Many Delaware Homeowners to Take Advantage of Low Refinance Rates and Lower Their Monthly Mortgage Payments

More people than ever with homes in distress are able to refinance under the HARP 2.0 program. This bodes well for homeowners looking to reduce their interest rates and lower their monthly mortgage payments.

Reed Real Estate Group Launches Website for Those Searching for Homes in Hilton Head

With year-round temperatures ranging in the 70's and a population of only 39,000, Hilton Head offers all the enticing characteristics potential home buyers seek in a new place of residence. Among the most desirable locales in America, home sales in this area have remained steady for more than a decade. In order to facilitate the efforts of those considering Hilton Head Island, Reed Real Estate Group has launched their Explorehhi website, which offers a compilation of information about the island and listings of homes for sale within the most exclusive neighborhoods.

Award Winning Hoi Hup Realty Launches Whitley Residences Development in Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest cities in the world despite its apparently remote location. Its tactical proximity to China has made it a trading centre with the fourth largest economy and the fifth largest port in the world. With China’s economic emergence as a superpower, Singapore has thrived even more, and is now home to some of the world’s best paid executives in global corporations. These people demand homes equal to their status, and Hoi Hup have developed such a complex in an ideal location bordering both the big city and the stunning natural vistas of the island.

Boscolo's Project Management Ideas and Its Goals to Offer Efficient Results

LogoProject management defines the results one gets after a comprehensive design. Boscolo is one of the leading interior design companies that take the initiative to address all issues regarding project management and the benefits associated with it. Lists All Types of Tennessee Land for Sale - from Farms to Caves

Land is one of the most sensible investments anyone can make. If all other investments fail, land has a practical purpose. Someone can build a house on a piece of land and live on it, for example. Thanks to the internet, finding land for sale anywhere in the United States is easier than ever.

Woodlawn Landscaping & Nursery Announces a "Staying in Business" Sale

LogoIn an effort to meet the needs of the Malvern gardening community, Woodlawn Landscaping & Nursery is hosting a "Staying in Business" sale starting on Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Move over Barbara Corcoran; Meet Remarkable Women in Real Estate

New author Alyse Martin interviews the top 7 successful women in real estate in a new book entitled, Remarkable Women in Real Estate - success secrets of the real estate superstars, who offer insight and tips into what it takes to make it big in real estate, from a women's perspective.

Effective Eviction of Molds and Restoring Peace to the House Owners

Amoldy house is unfavorable for a healthy living. People become susceptible to grave diseases triggered by the growth of deadly molds. Leaking roofs, walls and pipes are potent conditions for molds to prosper.

Sea Horizon EC - a New Executive Condominium at Pasir Ris Rise, Singapore

Sea Horizon EC, Sea Horizon Executive Condominium (EC) is a new executive condominium at Pasir Ris Rise, Singapore. It is located just 200 meter to Pasir Ris Beach, and an amazing 80% of the units at Sea Horizon EC has unblocked views to the sea.

Using Highly Professional and Latest Methods to Expel Molds

Brighton, United States – Molds become permanent residents of homes where there is a lot of moisture and humidity. If they are able to find one vulnerable spot in the house they take no time to spread. Leaking roofs and pipes on the walls, damp attics etc., provide a congenial atmosphere for the molds to flourish. Rains can cause seepage in the walls helping the molds to grow full-fledged. The molds emit a distinct odor that can be detected easily. Some molds are dangerous as they can cause serious health issues to the occupants of the house. The value of homes infested with molds immediately drops and can turn prospective buyers away. Thus prompt and effective action has to be taken to curb the threat. The mold removal process is a specialized one that needs to be undertaken by veritable professionals. They have the right solutions to get rid of molds permanently. If the mold is removed by inexperienced people the problem will erupt again after sometime. It also means that people will have to spend again to get the same issue resolved. If people employ the services of experts they can be free from this problem forever. The experts take action only after assessing the needs of the homes. They use the latest methods for mold testing, mold inspection, mold remediation, mold cleanup and mold removal. They isolate the molds and suck air out of the spores to stop them from infiltrating the entire house. Delays in removing molds can result in costly restoration procedures for the owners of the houses as they are not covered by insurance providers normally. The air quality testing method is a practice that people should indulge in to keep themselves healthy and free from diseases. About My Mold Removal is an expert in removing molds from homes permanently. They use the latest treatment methods that guarantee prevention of molds in future. They offer services in all the major towns and they can be contacted for any mold related issues. Contact Information: For more information and other media related enquiries, please contact: Country Name : United States Contact Name: Chris Atkinson Contact Phone: 888-518-6857 Contact Email: Complete address: P.O. Box 1196,Brighton, MI48116

Aspen Woolf Release New Multi Million Pound Student Investment Project in Bolton

LogoThe team at London-based Aspen Woolf are delighted to announce their latest student accommodation Project in Bolton town centre. Tipped to be one of the country’s finest luxury student projects, it will host state of the art facilities, including a fitness gym, pool tables, table tennis, prayer room and possibly a pop up cinema. They have confirmed that Bolton Town Council are in favour of the project and have granted full planning permission on July 18th 2013.

The Corey Group Adding Five Coral Gables Condos to Website

LogoThe Corey Group, a real estate firm comprising leading Coral Gables Realtors, has added five condominiums to its official website, The residential complexes are located in the prestigious community of Coral Gables and are among the most popular on the market.

How to Qualify for First Home Buyers Grant with Bad Credit for Buying Home in USA

LogoMost folks are aware of the different types of loans they can get to help purchase their first home, but the individual who is asking himself, “How do I get a first time home buyer’s grant?” is posing a really good question.

The Most Exclusive Home Rebuilding Services in Melbourne - Now Available

Rebuilding is amongst the top trends in today’s world. People can be seen to be indulging in rebuilding their houses on a large scale because of the fact that it has countless benefits. The process is not time consuming and does not even cost so much, therefore, individuals are recommended to waste no time in contacting knockdown re-build homes Melbourne. Through this tremendous method, individuals can stay within their old houses for a long while, without having to move out to another places or towns.

Property Buying and Selling in Italy Has Never Been This Easy with Cercacasa

Looking for a property in Italy is a not an easy thing to do especially if there aren’t any guidance. Fortunately, there’s Cercacasa a place where anyone can try to look for homes or even commercial and work place properties to invest on and it is also a place where people can put up their property on sale, all with the guidance and support from Cercacasa team.

David Sellars Reports Latest Real Estate Development in Singapore

Singapore is the world’s fourth largest financial centre, and has been a centre for global trade since the eighteen hundreds, with the fifth busiest port in the world to date. The development of Singapore after nearly two hundred years does not seem to have slowed, as China’s economic emergence provides it with an invaluable tactical position, while its independence and parliamentary government ensure it is an accessible place for investors. With such vital claims to relevance, it is no surprise that the nation is developing fast, and journalist David Sellars reports that western investors must not miss out on the islands development.

Prop2Go Relaunches Website Features

LogoReal Estate vertical search engine Prop2Go has revamped their online presence by retooling and updating their website.

DLG Realty Recommend Using All the Tools of the Trade for Buying and Selling Homes

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, everyone has different priorities. Affluent families with multiple children might be more concerned about space than price, while hard working individuals might be focused on how far they can stretch their mortgage on a particular repayment plan. Equally, some may not wish to sell at all if their home is valued beneath a certain price, while some might consider it if the price was high enough. Still more may only be interested in living in a certain area in order to be close to work or family. For every one of these queries DLG Realty has a tool that can find the answer.