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Reason to Buy Sea Salt on Regular Basis

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Sea salt is renowned for its positive health restoring properties. Sea salt is sourced naturally from the ocean and contains many essential minerals locked up in its large grains such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and more. It also is great for the body when combined with a warm or hot bath. Sea salts stimulate the body to start detoxifying and increases circulation of the blood. Taking a bath in conjunction with sea salts is therapeutic for your skin and internal organs in addition to relieving stress and physical pain in the body.

Sea salt eases aches and pains in sore muscles to relieve that tension. The minerals in the sea salt absorb into the skin and body, making up deficiencies and helping the skin glow. The sodium contained in the sea salt promotes the stimulation of lymphatic fluid. The sea salt kills germs on the skin and improves and heals acne by creating a hyper tonic environment that draws the water out of the bacteria within. Sea salts can be purchased in stores such as local boutiques, but can also be found online. Bath Path's Lavender Mineral Sea Salt Soak contains all natural sea salt sourced from the Mediterranean Sea that provides all of these benefits as well as the additional skin hydrating essential oil of vitamin E and the aromatic therapeutic properties of lavender.

Bath Path’s Lavender Mineral Sea Salt Soak can be purchased on Amazon easily with no fuss. It's great for soaking in a bath with and won't leave a stain on the tub. This product promotes stress relief, relaxation, and harmony in mind and body by relieving physical aches and pains. For an indulgent bathing experience packed with the minerals the body craves, buy Bath Path's Lavender Mineral Sea Salt Soak for a healthy, detoxifying experience and skin that glows.

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Bath Path supplies natural bath products for men and women including Lavender Sea Salt Soak from the Mediterranean Sea that brings in countless health benefits to the body.