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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- The automatic fix Tool has now launched with the latest features. It now not only fixes the problems such as the occurrence of errors such as pctsgui.exe error but it has now been modified as a multidimensional software performing several tasks at a time. This software is capable in performing several tasks and solving various issues at minimum time frame. The automatic repair tool is now launched in the market with new features. This latest version of automatic fix tool provides the user of it several facilities to fight the errors and protect the computer.

Some times when the user tries to install Window live messenger 2010 beta in their system they find some errors such as pctsgui.exe error . After the occurrence of such an error to the users computer they really feels pesky as these errors abstains them to work. pctsgui.exe error stops the user to open their saved files. and unable to open the files user looks for the absolute solution which provides them the perfect solution to pctsgui.exe error and many such more errors. The reason behind the occurrence of such errors are the registry problems. Many a times the registry settings fails and this gives the rise to several errors. But the automatic fix tool helps the user in building up the registry settings moreover it solves the problem of user who have installed the old version of drivers in updating them to the latest one.

And many a times the system gets trapped and the saved files in it gets corrupted due to the bugs attack on the system files. So therefore By the mere installation of the automatic fix tool the user can solve all such problems with the updated feature of the software and remain error free for ever.

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More about automatic fix tool..... the automatic fix tool is so efficient that is manages several errors at a time. So therefore it is recommended to install the tool to keep your system error free.