Referral Programs Best Possible Way to Increase Sale of Electronic Cigarette States explains about the referral programs given by different e cigarette brands which have increased the e cigarette sale to a great extend.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are spreading like a fire in the market. There is a huge competition among various electronic cigarette brands. As per the e cig reviews of different e cigarette brands like V2 Cigs, Smoke Tip, Green Smoke and many more e cigarette brands are offering several discount offers for the customers. The referral programs have helped in increasing the sale of the various e cigarette products of different brands.

Reviews of the website say that V2 Cigs, one of the best electronic cigarette brands is offering a referral program with the name “Smoke 4 Free”. The program helps the e smokers by reducing the monthly e smoking costs. The reward program is very simple for an e smoker. The brand offers 10 referral coupons in every V2 Cigs’ starter kit. An e smoker has to share this with the friends and families to get the benefit of this referral program. The brand says that when an e cigarette smoker shares one discount coupon, the person will receive a $15 account credit. Reviews explain that this credit is enough for an e smoker to purchase 5 packs of flavor cartridges for free. According to electronic cigarette reviews, the brands even send a referral link to the customer and the customer has to just share the link with friends via email, facebook, or twitter in many cases.

Another e cigarette brand Smoke Tip also has a referral program. Reviews explain that in this program a Smoke Tip user has to recommend a Smoke Tip Kit to a friend. When the person receives the kit from the brand the referrer will get a free pack of cartridges. The Experts of say that all the referral programs offered by various electronic cigarette brands have helped in the productivity and sales of the brands. The discount offers have managed to attract a lot of e smokers. Users are referring other smokers and in one or the other way both are getting benefited. Another point is that an e cigarette helps in saving money on dry cleaning as regular cigarette smell does not sticks on the clothes and mats. Also no tobacco yellow stained fingers and teeth are reported. E cigs really improves the way of life as one is safe from lung cancer, emphysema and the people around who are the victims of second hand smoking.

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