Refugee Applicant Deprived of Health Benefits

The Canadian Government decides not to agree to provide health benefits to refugee applicants in Canada.

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Mohali, Chandigarh -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Chris Alexander, the minister of citizenship and immigration has been asked to justify the decision of the Canadian Government to deprive refugee applicants of healthcare issues. He has also been asked to explain the government’ s thinking because it has tried to balance the need and commitments made to the Canadians along with the policy of protecting foreigners in Canada.

Chris Alexander has commented that the Government will not agree to provide health benefits to false refugee claimants. Though they will continue to receive emergency hospital care but will never have access to health care benefits.

Chris Alexander was asked to answer about this issue by Rabbi Jarrod Grover in the Question and Answer session, after a week when Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau addressed the congregation at the Beth Tikvah Synagogue as part of its Visions for Canada series. He recommended that this question must be asked to the immigration minister in the Question and Answer Program.

Chris Alexander also said that Canadian government will continue to be generous in terms of its admission policy. Canada just comes behind US among all countries for admitting refugee applicants. He said that the country is proud of this report.

Though the main issues addressed during the session were issues related to immigration, but Rabbi Grover also raised questions about Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, unemployment and the new Canadian economy. He also raised questions about Iran’s nuclear program. Alexander said that Canada would not relax its sanctions despite the interim agreement between the P5+1 nations and the Islamic country.

Chris Alexander added – “We will review Iran by its actions” He also told that Iran remains a soft dictatorial state that provokes fear among its citizens. It is its policy to run after acquiring nuclear weapons. And, the Canadian government wants Iran to leave all these strategies and goals. He also pointed that the top three nations that are a source of immigration in Canada 2013 includes Philippines, China and India. He said that Pakistan is among the top 10 sources of immigration. He acknowledged that potential immigrants from Pakistan have to undergo security screening to find out whether they belong to the team of Muslim Brotherhood or any terrorist group or not.

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