Smart Ways to Minimize the Risk of Hitting a Deer


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2011 -- The chances of hitting a deer on American roads are significantly high where a collision can result in serious consequences. This includes the risk of thousands of dollars in damage and even death in some cases. Deer-vehicle collisions also attract higher insurance premiums. In a recently released article, entitled 'Smart Ways to Minimize the Risk of Hitting a Deer',, one of the country's leading online insurance service, highlights precautions and ways that drivers can obtain affordable insurance rates.

According to David, manager of, one of the main ways to avoid making claims is to minimize the risk of hitting a deer. David says, "It doesn't matter whether you live in the suburbs or drive through deer zones regularly, you need to be alert at all times especially during twilight and just before sunrise when deer are most active. Drivers need to make sure they switch on to high-beam so that they can see the road ahead clearly as long as there is no vehicle approaching in the opposite direction. It is very important for drivers to remember that deer usually move in groups so the rule is to stop and wait for some time since there are likely to be more that follow. Under no circumstances should a driver blow the horn, which can only cause the deer to panic and cause more damage to the vehicle."

The article by also highlights the importance of wearing a seatbelt. In addition, drivers need to be aware of the rules of the state with reference to deer hits. Some states mandate the filing of a police report while others do not. When asked about the implications of deer and car insurance in a collision David said, "Drivers should ensure that their comprehensive insurance covers all aspects of deer-vehicle collision. Some policies vary in the extent of cover and may only include damage to the car. However, it is important to be covered for injuries. Drivers that have adequate cover for personal injuries and property damage can get by with basic animal collision coverage. However, such collisions may cause damage to other vehicles and property, so the bottom line is to opt for adequate coverage."

While insurance does provide protection it is important for drivers to refrain from driving recklessly. The key is to avoid getting into situations that can lead to deer-vehicle collisions. With a wide choice of coverage and flexible payment options drivers have plenty of opportunities to procure affordable car insurance.