Free Caller ID Spoofing Trial Until Memorial Day from SpoofTel

You can try caller ID spoofing for free until Memorial Day by using the special code at SpoofTel – The World’s Leader in Caller ID Spoofing.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2010 -- SpoofTel, the World’s Leader in Caller ID Spoofing, is offering its customers 10 free Spoof Minutes when they sign up with the code “MEMDAY.” If you’ve never tried caller ID spoofing before, now’s your chance!

For those who don’t know, caller ID spoofing is when you change the number that someone sees on their call display when they receive a call from you. Usually, your number will appear unless you block it. With caller ID spoofing, you can choose the number that appears instead of blocking your number or displaying your real one. A lot of us want to keep our number private, especially when calling people we don’t know.

You can use it to pretend you’re calling from the office or your house when you’re really using your cell phone and calling from the other side of the country. If you, for instance, want to cancel a date with someone, you can pretend to call from your office and claim that you’re working late.

Not only do regular folk use caller ID spoofing, millions of professionals use it as well, in addition to law enforcement and celebrities among others.

In addition to caller IS spoofing, SpoofTel offers other features and services including call recording, voice changing, and SMS spoofing. Signing up is completely free so you get to try the service at no cost. Just type in the coupon code “MEMDAY” when you sign up an account.