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Diabetes.co.in is a complete online resource on diabetes and its several aspects such as symptoms, types, causes, and treatments.


Mumbai, Mumbai -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2010 -- Diabetes.co.in is a complete online resource on diabetes and its several aspects such as symptoms, types, causes, and treatments.

Diabetes, one of the most common ailments that have affected millions of people all over the world, is among the biggest health-threats in the recent times. It is extremely vital to make people aware about various facts associated with this disease so that precautionary steps can be taken to ward it off. “Diabetes India” is created with that intention so that it can help people to generate proper information about the ailment and work towards its cure and prevention.

At present, almost 23.6 million people are affected with diabetes in the US only, and almost 5.7 million people being undiagnosed. In India, more than 3% of the population is suffering from the disease. A study reveals that most of those diagnosed are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Earlier, people who were affected with the disease belong to an age group of 45+, but the scenario is changing fast, and young people are also getting affected. Even many children are reported to suffer from this disease.

The worst hit nation with this deadly disease seems to be India. In fact, it is called the diabetes capital of the world because the estimated figure of the affected people counts to more than 40 million. In fact, the number is growing alarmingly, and if it continues this pace, then by 2025, the count can reach to 70 million. Therefore, the other related ailments that come with the disease (kidney failure, limb amputations, blindness, obesity, etc.) will also grow at a random rate.

“Diabetes India” is creating awareness about diabetes by featuring latest news, articles and information about the disease. The site features various sections that describe about the symptoms, treatment, prevention, causes, diagnosis, complications, care, medications, and management. The visitors of the site can choose any of these topics and get a detailed understanding on them. In addition, there are sub sections of the site that brings in vital information about different types of diabetes such as Pre Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes Insipidus, Canine diabetes, and Feline diabetes.

The site is serving as a vital guide on this serious life threatening ailment.

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