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Soba Mesa Elucidates How the Government Helps in Lowering Cases of Drug and Substance Through Social Media Sensitisation Programs

Drug and alcohol addiction has a cure. Proper understanding, consultation, and acceptance is the key to a brighter and healthy way of life.


Malibu, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- The use of pharmaceutical drugs as substance for abuse has been rampant these days. The social media has been a very good source of information and serves as a warning for those who are not yet able to abuse any kind of drugs. There are campaigns which show the before and after photos of people who have been into different kinds of drugs. These campaigns also provide the story behind these people and how the addiction started.

The increasing number of drug addiction in the country has prompted the government to deal with these menace in the society separately, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Alcohol, cannabis, opium, heroine, and methane are major substances which are being abused in the country. The government wishes to emphasize the ill-effects of these harmful substances in the human body. While other legal drugs such as tranquillizers, pain killers, sedatives, codeine containing cough syrups, anti-histamines, and inhalants are also being used. These are much more regulated compared to the other illegal drugs.

Targeted groups such as women, young girls, street children, and young adolescents are the focus of this knowledge effort. The government believes that making people aware of the bad effects and influences of drugs and alcohol may lessen the number of people who would like to try them thus preventing drug addiction at its start.

Making young adults, children, and even older citizens aware and be sensitive on the harmful effects of alcohol and drug abuse can help them understand the psychology of the people already using them. This will also keep them away from even entertaining the thought of drug abuse.

One online campaign which is called the has put together numerous before and after photos of people who have been addicted to drugs via the Faces of Addiction. This is also a kind of sensitisation campaigns which actually reveal the physical effects of drug abuse over the years. Through these campaigns, drug offenders and users were able to realize early that they need to go to sober living facilities to stop them from suffering the same fate as the drug users posted on the Faces of Addiction.

Sober Living in Mesa AZ is made possible by numerous recovery centers which caters to the patient's early recovery from drug abuse. Drug and alcohol addiction has a cure. Proper understanding, consultation, and acceptance is the key to a brighter and healthy way of life.

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At Soba, they are dedicated to helping their friends overcome the destruction of addiction and substance abuse. No one suffering from addiction planned it. No one wants to admit they really have a problem. Drugs and alcohol are many times the only solution we know. At Soba, with the help of their staff, they will help patients understand what seems so confusing right now. They will prepare a personalized plan for them to find the underlying causes of their addiction and ways to address it. Soba's program takes a holistic approach of different therapies with the most experienced and professional staff in the field of treatable psychological disorders designed to provide long-term care for individuals seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.