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AlfinityTech Creates the First True Disposable Cannabis Vape Pen Vaporizer Solution – The Alfinite


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Shenzhen (HK) Alfinity Technology Co., Ltd (AlfinityTech) is probably the very first electronic cigarette manufacturer to truly set eyes on the legalized cannabis industry. As early as 2011, the company began to involve themselves in the cannabis industry, by offering wholesale vaporizers . This was during a time where no other e-cigarette companies were even aware of its existence. The company began to receive enquiries and collaboration offers from several clients in the US. Many cannabis companies did not dare to reveal what they wanted the device to do. Their fears were not unfounded because the mere mention of marijuana would send many Chinese running. This was of course, due to ignorance and the lack of education on the subject matter. Even today, most Chinese would not be able to even pronounce the word "marijuana". "Most Chinese companies are now aware of the potential of the cannabis industry. However, they are only interested in the short term money making potential. We are truly passionate, knowledgeable to a certain extent and we are here to work with our clients to create a long term synergistic relationship", says AlfinityTech founder and Managing Director, Alvin Ye.

AlfinityTech was always open minded enough to work with their cannabis clients to explore better methods of vaporizing cannabis, especially cannabis oils. Recent developments in the industry spurred the company into creating a much better solution for disposable cannabis oil vape pens. The idea of walking into a dispensary, buying a vaporizer pen and using it right out of the box sounds amazing. Of course, this is nothing new as most dispensaries are already offering something similar. However, simply looking at patient/ consumer reviews online shows that this is a failed product.  From the user end, the product is erratic and unreliable. There are leakages, non working units and they do not get a good puff count from it. There are also health risks involved as these vape pen uses cotton fibers to soak up oils. The oils are often stuck on the fibers and users end up inhaling burnt cotton fibers.

From the cannabis company's perspective, these vape pens incur a high cost. They take a long time to fill because the filling process has to be done slowly to allow the oils to be properly soaked up. More often than not, they realize that a pen is defective, only after oils are filled into them. This results in huge losses for the company, as the oils are expensive.

AlfinityTech comes to the rescue with a truly ingenious product. Everything looks the same from the outside but it uses an internal cartridge/ shell/ tank, instead of the old fiber cotton technology. Filling can be done in seconds and is literally as simple as 1,2,3. Users get the full flavor and maximum puff count from the oils. Nothing is wasted. Defective units (if any) can be discovered before oils are filled in and even if they are defective, the internal cartridge can be removed and placed onto another pen. No more health risk from inhaling burnt cotton fibers and all the toxins that comes with it.

Users receive a reliable, healthier product and more value for their money. Cannabis companies save on labor, defectives, product wastage and gain more sales and positive customer reviews by delivering a remarkably superior product. The product, code named "Alfinite" works with pretty much all types of cannabis oils, including but not limited to hash oils, CBD oils, CO2 Extract Honey oils. As long as it is in liquid form, it will work with the "Alfinite". This is because it comes with different density barriers, designed for different types of cannabis oil thickness. AlfinityTech welcomes all disposable vape pen wholesale enquiries. A simple video of how the "Alfinite" works is shown in this video -

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