'Something Old, Something New': 2015's Bizarre Wedding Concepts NOT to Die For

As with the iconic wedding tradition collaborates with the wedding planning, aside to ‘something old’, incorporating wedding details that go with ‘something new’ is the most daunting task that every wedding couple should carefully plan.


Markham, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Nothing seems to be more hilarious than a wedding turn into a circus kind of affair with latest 'trends' that seems to be out-of-this-world. Yet, bridal magazines and wedding blogs tend to grab these fads with judgments that seem to be legit. Still, declaring donkey weddings, bum-flashings and solo weddings as the new wedding craze in town would probably make everyone go loco… just with the very idea of it.

With the increase in demand for newer and fresher wedding ideas, organizers can't help but think wedding details that will surely wow the guest from the RSVP cards to be sent to numerous recipients, wardrobes showcase, banquet to serve and the wedding venue where everything will take place. And though this once in a lifetime event for many couples will only happen in just a day, the lasting impression it will generate is the most essential thought that should not be left out.

As with the iconic wedding tradition collaborates with the wedding planning, aside to 'something old', incorporating wedding details that go with 'something new' is the most daunting task that every wedding couple should carefully plan. Unless they want their wedding ideas to be included in this short list of so-called must-have 'trends' like…

'Ice-breaker' donkey weddings: Having trained donkeys as a wedding thing to go around the venue to serve guests with beers placed on saddle bags is considered to be a wedding party entertainment. But wouldn't it be nice to just hire a bartender which could make a cocktail of choice in place of burros?

Silhouette wedding: Finding a way to make a declaration of love as romantic as it should, then having it in silhouette wedding might not give couples a dream result. While such wedding could offer a fairy tale-like wedding kind of vibe, being realistic will save everyone from tight feeling it might produce.

Social media wedding concierge: Crafting a wedding hashtag to inundate social media with wedding photos from the event for $3,000 and will provide guests the right to use the specially-made hashtag may be way too much for a wedding budget, truly.

Weddingbots: Four-foot tall robots like i-Fairy are now often seen officiating wedding ceremonies in most events in the U.S and Japan. They can also serve as ring bearer, flower girl, videographer, usher, reader, dancer, child charmer or speech giver. And when it comes to art and timeless photos that couples can cherish for years, better leave it to the pros. Hire the best wedding photographer Toronto-based team that practice an easy-going and non-invasive style of photography with newest state-of-the-art equipment in a very reasonable price.

Relfies: Familiar with an engagement ring selfies? Well, most women nowadays have undergone 'hand lift' injections to achieve the photogenic look of their hands when photographed. This is done by having fillers implanted to give hands smoother and flawless appearance.

Bum-flashings: Before wedding couples could take a gist out of it, including trou in bridal party photos is definitely not a wedding thing. The fame of such wedding idea turns out to be a porn site advertising material.

'Forever alone' weddings: To further celebrate independence or singlehood, solo wedding is likely to get the spotlight this year. With wedding details specifically designed for 'modern woman' who wants to rejoice self-love by marrying their self, $2,750 is enough to have a two-day excursion. The hefty sum to commemorate singledom includes dress and flower picking, as well as photo shoots.

Mary Jane-inspired wedding: With the legalization of recreational marijuana paves off, having the pot as a plus in wedding ideas, like marijuana leaf bouquets, and vaporizer as party favor, no wonder that Mary Jane-inspired wedding can be a hip sooner or later.

With all this bizarre wedding concepts arising, couples should never forget the very reason why they are marrying – that marriage can make two people a better version of their self, as time goes by – and married life does not end in wedding ceremonies, it's only just the beginning.

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