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The Knot Hole: Bestselling Romance Novel Transcends Time & Love, from the Present Day to Centuries Passed - Hailed "Flawless" by Critics

Renee Lee Fisher’s ‘The Knot Hole’ serves as the perfect introduction to ‘The Crossing Series’ – as a young woman comes to realize that the supposed ‘tales’ her mother told her were really stolen from reality. Readers are invited to join Taryn on a life-changing adventure through the past; an adventure where love transcends all boundaries to forge happiness in the most unlikely of circumstances. Fisher has succeeded in telling a compelling story through elegant and beautiful imagery so often glossed over by the contemporary writer.


Eagleville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- While most writers craft their narratives from pure imagination, 'The Knot Hole' is derived from author Renee Lee Fisher's concept of a woman who has now passed away, leaving life experiences and adventures that were thought to be nothing but tales. Fisher's writing endeavors prove that these 'tales' could in fact have been very real.

The book forms the first volume of 'The Crossings Series'; an intricate yet stunning story that quashes the boundaries of time and love to prove that humanity's most powerful emotions never die with their bearers.


Reaching through The Knot Hole to past moments in time . . .

Taryn always wondered about how realistic her mothers' tales were that she was told. They seemed like fantastic, creative and fun adventures. Now with Taryn's mother gone, she will realize that her mother wasn't just telling stories . . . she was really living them.

Time has passed and Taryn has uncovered the power of The Knot Hole and the travels that await her. The Crossing Series: The Knot Hole, The Passage and The Muse will take you on a romantic journey from many years past to the present. Some souls will return as they have come back in time to keep their love alive.

There are many exciting ventures for Taryn both in her own mind and soul. She will learn many elements of love and have guidance along the way. What she never thought she would find in an adventure was true love. Silas is the one who touched her from a past time period.

He is truly unforgettable.

Will Taryn have a second chance to be with Silas in her present lifetime?

"The concept of reaching through the Knot Hole to past moments in time is something we have all either experienced, or something we crave," explains Fisher. "This project was extremely personal for me as I worked to complete the story of someone who left this world having shared many supposed "tales" that later proved to have their roots in past realities."

Continuing, "My over-riding goal was to share this phenomenon with beauty and grace, and to invite readers to travel back in time to experience someone else's story. There's more books on my writing table and early reader feedback is showing that there's heavy demand for them. What more could a writer want?!"

Fisher is right. In fact, since its release, this first installment has garnered a string of rave reviews. Amy Hemp comments, "I truly loved this story, it was a beautifully written timeless romance. Renee has done an amazing job on this story and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I really enjoyed The Heartbeat Series (a different series she has written as well) so when I got the chance, I just had to one-click this one. So glad I did!!"

Rachel K. adds, "I loved the old souls feel to this story. The love lost and found, how sometimes you have to take that chance. Renee wrote this so flawless I really felt like I was a part of this story. Great job Renee I loved it!"

A. L. Wood praises the author's innate skill, writing, "This story was told beautifully. You feel each emotion through the characters as if you were actually there. Renee Lee Fisher has outdone herself on this."

Reader Pamela left an exciting review, "I need more than 5 stars…Wow!!! What an excellent story...Heartwarming, funny, and romance at its finest. Taryn is a gem, likeable and a great main character. Renee's storytelling gift will pull you into The Knot Hole and you will never want to leave."

'The Knot Hole' is available now: http://amzn.to/1AYQaS5.

For more information, follow the author's progress on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReneeLeeFisherAuthor.

About Renee Lee Fisher
Renee Lee Fisher is a Bestselling Author. An Author that has the passion for putting her pen and ideas to paper. A pure romance junkie and she loves to tell stories. She was an English Major of LaSalle University and always wanted to be a writer. In the past years her books titled – The Heartbeat Series (Rock Notes, Love Notes, Music Notes and soon to come First Beat, First Bass and First Taste), From the Vine (a collection of writings/poems) and Cody and the Pumpkin Truck (a Childrens' Book) were published. She has also written many other stories, lyrics, articles and wedding ceremonies.

She enjoys meeting new people to inspire her and she will always write down a person's name that is unique to use as a potential character in her future writings. She believes everyone has a story to tell.