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Drug and Alcohol Free Workplaces Are No More a Pipe Dream

OccuMed Diagnostics Conducts All The Essential Tests To Help Employers Achieve This Aim


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- No more worries for employers or operators who want to have a drug and alcohol free workplace because their employees and individuals need not visit one facility for a DOT Physical Exam Phoenix AZ and another for a drug and alcohol test. OccuMed Diagnostics, an Arizona-based and locally owned and operated occupational health clinic, has specialized in all the essential tests and has developed the capabilities to conduct DOT Physical Exam to obtain a DOT Medical Card or CDL Physical Phoenix AZ, DOT Drug Testing Phoenix AZ, DOT & non-DOT Drug Testing, and DOT & non-DOT Alcohol Testing.

Every workplace has to operate drug and alcohol-free under DOT compliance 49 CRF Part 40 and OccuMed Diagnostics AZ says they can help companies in achieving this aim. They point to the fact that the ill-effects of alcohol on employee behavior and performance have been established beyond doubt. Alcohol use and abuse results in greater exposure than the exposure created by most other categories of drugs.

OccuMed Diagnostics Phoenix AZ points out at another issue employers are now facing. This issue is popularly known as K2 or Spice. This is a form of synthetic marijuana that is sold in the form of herbs, incense or other leafy, smoke-able materials. Unfortunately, there is no law governing the sale of K2. But use of K2 causes side effects like vomiting, confusion, rapid heart rates, paranoia, anxiety and even hallucinations, So, the performance of workers who take to this habit will deteriorate also.

Employers have to necessarily address the issue of drug and alcohol abuse in their workplace in order to prevent a brawl-like environment and also to maintain the productivity and performance of their employees. OccuMed Diagnostics proudly says that by conducting these tests, they can help employers address these problems.

Some of the commonest tests they conduct are Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident, Return-to-Duty, Follow-Up and Reasonable-Suspicion tests. They further add that the cost of the tests are highly affordable both for individuals and companies.

They are a certified DOT Urine Collection Site. They have a well-equipped in-house laboratory. They proudly add that they utilize state of the art, proprietary computerized software for processing non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing. With the help of such modern equipment, they are able to provide people with very quick test results. In fact, the results of these tests will be available within about 15 to 30 minutes.

They advise those who wish to undergo these tests to schedule their appointments so they can save on their wait time.

About OccuMed Diagnostics
OccuMed Diagnostics is an Arizona-based, privately owned occupational health clinic. They conduct all the essential tests that are required to be conducted for having an alcohol and drug free workplace. They conduct these tests at affordable rates though they utilize state-of-the-art and modern equipment.

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