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Wakaya Perfection Now Offers Ginger Root Powder Capsules

Wakaya Perfection is now offering affordable, convenient Ginger Root Powder Capsules for your well-being.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2015 -- Wakaya Perfection is now offering affordable, convenient Ginger Root Powder Capsules for your well-being. Ginger powder holds manifold benefits, but it isn't always easy to take advantage of these benefits while on the go. With this in mind, Wakaya Perfection offers its pure, organic pink Fijian ginger in 100% vegetarian capsule form, available in 45-capsule and 400-capsule jars. Taken daily, these capsules can help reduce muscle pain, arthritic pain and inflammation. Regular consumption prevents common cold and flu symptoms. Ginger is also known to ward off motion sickness. All in all, these capsules are a perfect solution for maintaining good health.

Wakaya Perfection also offers other products such as all-organic kava powder, kava-ginger powder, dilo cream, ginger tea, gourmet chocolate, gourmet popcorn and much more for your health, wellness and enjoyment.

Says a representative about Wakaya Perfection products, "Our proprietary Wakaya Perfection organic pink Fijian ginger and private reserve organic Fijian turmeric are harmoniously hand-cultivated side by side in sloped paddocks that are rotated every 12 months to let the soil rejuvenate. We use solar-powered electric fencing around our paddocks instead of cruel barbed wire and other inhumane fencing practices utilized elsewhere, allowing our crops to grow freely and our native animals to share the pristine environment with our farming operations."

About Wakaya Perfection
Wakaya Perfection was founded by David H. Gilmour, founder of FIJI Water -- and a lifetime health and wellness advocate. The naturally harvested uniquely organic ginger, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, is hand-cultivated in virgin volcanic soil with elevated nutrient levels solely for its purity and multifaceted rejuvenating properties that naturally enhance the quality of life. Wakaya Perfection products are distributed through luxury hotels, resorts, fine-dining establishments and high-end sports and fitness clubs.

Clients can begin their path to eat, drink and thrive their way to a more balanced life by visiting http://wakayaperfection.com/

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