RELATION-SLIPS THROUGH SUBSTANCE ABUSE - Documentarian Jody Belsher to Speak on the Dangers of Drug Use and Their Effect on Family and Relationships on VoiceAmerica.com


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- Celebrity Psychotherapists Dr. Bobbe Sommer and Lori Lynn come together in their seventh episode to discuss the selection process of modern dating on VoiceAmerica's newest radio show, Relationslips.

The two highly acclaimed therapists have appeared in the national media limelight including Oprah, and embody a mentor and mentee relationship. Dr. Bobbe Sommer carries over 50 years of marriage under her belt, often being compared to Dr. Ruth, while Lori Lynn is a single-in-the-city kind of therapist.

With the help of Documentarian and "The Other Side Of Cannabis" film creator, Jody Belsher, the hosts will discuss the inspiration for the film, and the ego and spirit with regard to the effect of substance abuse has on a family and relationships.

Relation-slips Through Substance Abuse will premiere this Wednesday, March 4th at 5pm, and will feature twitter chats, listener call-ins, and more. The show is recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm and can be found at http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2418/relationslips. All previously aired episodes are be available on iTunes Podcast.

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About "Relationslips"
"Relationslips", is played out in live banter between the two highly acclaimed therapists. The show is nationally syndicated through the largest Internet radio program in the world, as well as through iTunes podcast, and a YouTube channel. Celebrity guests from MTV, Bravo, The CW and other top networks have been hand picked to join the therapists on the 13-episode series, Relationslips.

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About Dr. Bobbe Sommer
Dr. Bobbe Sommer is a leading psychotherapist, heralded author, and internationally acclaimed speaker. A repeat guest of Oprah's. Sommer has the ability to translate complex psychological theories into down-to-earth advice. Sommer has discussed psychotherapy topics in the media including Oprah, CBS-TV Network News with Maria Shriver, and publications including Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, Female Executive, Working Woman, and Bottom Line.


About Lori Lynn, MFT-I
Lori Lynn, MFT-I, specializes in dating, marriage, and relationship with self and others. Lori is often sought after as an author, speaker, and has consulted on psychotherapy topics in the media including E!, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more.

Twitter Handle: @lorilynnmann
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lorilynnmann

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