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HealthWolf Publishes New Guide on How to Stop Smoking Marijuana and Alcohol Detox at Home

HealthWolf has just created new resources to help people kill their bad habits, including marijuana and alcohol, responsible for inhibiting people’s progress toward health and vitality.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Drugs and alcohol are recreational drugs that enable people to unwind and experience an altered state, but their use is not without consequence. For regular or chronic users, their use can be debilitating, and many people seek to free themselves from habitual use. To do so can be tough without guidance; this is why HealthWolf has published a new series of guides on detoxing from dangerous substances. Their first two such programs are for the most commonly abused substances – weed and alcohol.

The HealthWolf marijuana detox program recommends nutrients found in common foods that will help to flush out THC and reduce dependence during the process of quitting weed. They also suggest exercise to promote sweating coupled with comprehensive hydration including isotonics. They strongly recommend a range of specially formulated detox products that can smooth the transition away from uncomfortable jitters, nourishing the body and replenishing nutrients leeched away by marijuana use.

The free HealthWolf guide to alcohol detox at home is similarly comprehensive, enabling people to save money and stay close to loved ones by performing the detox at home. As well as instructions for individuals, there is also advice for those seeking the detox on behalf of family members. The guide includes symptoms, benefits, strategies and products to get people through.

A spokesperson for HealthWolf explained, "We understand the importance of getting clean before attempting a broader lifestyle change. We also understand that for problem users, simply getting rid of one damaging facet can lead to a massive overall improvement in health and quality of life. While some don't have this starting disadvantage and can jump straight onto diet and exercise regimes, doing so could be dangerous for those who have substances afflicting their bodies. We help people cleanse and prime themselves for a healthy life by clearing these substances out, with the benefit of products that take the sting out of the process."

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