420 Gangsters

Company Puts a Humorous Face on Cannabis Lovers with New Approach to the 80's Garbage Pail Kids

Successfully upping the ante on a controversial issue,420 Gangsters launches a trio of products to tap the new green gold rush. Bringing the 80’s Garbage Pail Kids hype to a new generation, the company puts a personalized cartoon face on trading cards, a comic book, and a game.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- What respectable cannabis user wouldn't want to be immortalized by a humorist for $99? Soon to be launched on Kickstarter April 20th, 420 Gangsters gives 'regular folks' a chance to become a hilarious character in their trading card series. Slated to be a gangster mob of 50 at the time of their crowdfunding launch, the comically-drawn images are a throwback homage to the 80's Garbage Pail Kids.Hoping to start an iconic trend, 420 Gangsters ups the ante on the fun behind being a not-yet-mainstream marijuana lover.

Catering to a special demographic with diverse interests the company sees a niche they can fill with crowdfunding support. Set to bring consumers a trio of entertaining products, funds raised on Kickstarter will support printing costs for the first leg of the project. The flagship product will be the trading cards followed by a ten page starter comic book and then a card game.

Jeffrey Scott Parker, creator and managing director of 420 Gangsters LLC said of the three-pronged launch, "Though our concept mirrors the Garbage Pail Kids, the biggest difference is that the characters are actual people. That adds a dimension that's bankable for widespread distribution."

Known to everyone as just Parker, the 37 year-old former stock and futures broker is also the founder of 420Mints. Debuted in the marketplace nine short months ago, the company's signature candy is already sold in 41 states and 4 countries. Now on the hunt for 420 Gangster distributors, the trading cards will be sold in head and smoke shops and dispensaries in 10 character sets retailing for $2.99.

Characters highlighted on http://www.420Gangsters.comcurrently are "Cotton Mouth Karl", "Bagpinching Bob","Valery Vape", "Wally Wakenbake" and "Bong Hit Betty" among others. Plans for the debut comic book entail a story based in a Colorado marijuana dispensary with entertaining characters all too familiar to this market. The card game will be played with twenty cards per player ready for a game "played like war."

Parker adds, "I know there's a novelty market within the smoke shop industry.My ideas will provide a good return to the retailer because they're reflective of an explosion in mainstream acceptance of marijuana.We have 23 states decriminalizing marijuana and 3 allowing recreational use. Times are changing I mean, Tommy Chong was just on Dancing with the Stars."

About 420 Gangsters LLC
420 Gangsters LLC is based in Denver, Colorado and was founded by Jeffrey Scott Parker. The company brings the marketplace entertaining products designed for consumers with an interest in cannabis. 420 Gangsters is in the pre-launch stages of a Kickstarter campaign to support the printing of their flagship trading card series. The company is also slated to launch a comic book and a game within the year.

The 420 Gangsters Kickstarter project will officially launch on April 20th.

To support the project visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/420gangsters/506960977?token=f1388336

Jeffrey Scott Parker
Creator &Managing Director


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