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Veridin Announces Participation in Canadian Medical Marijuana Conference 2015

Veridin is excited to announce its participation in the Canadian Medical Marijuana Conference 2015, where the security company will discuss solutions for medical marijuana dispensaries.


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Since Marijuana was legalized for medical purposes, the production of marijuana has increased dramatically and the quality of the product has improved immensely. Unfortunately, the black market for non-medical marijuana is still thriving, leaving medical crops at risk of theft and vandalism. At this year's Canadian Medical Marijuana Conference 2015, Veridin Systems Canada Inc. will be participating to help medical marijuana producers and distributors protect their products with robust, 21st century security solutions.

Veridin will talk extensively about the pressing need for security in the medical marijuana industry, and the innovative solutions they have been able to provide for producers so far. These will include demonstrations of access control security, facility access control, and electronic security systems.

Anyone with an interest in medical marijuana security will be able to visit the Veridin stall and ask questions, as well as view examples of their security measures in action. CCTV and IT integration will be key elements at their stall, showing how security can be streamlined and intuitive as well as effective.

To help prime attendees of the conference, the company have published a document describing the five things marijuana producers should look for in their security provider, to create a spring board for in-depth discussion of why these values matter.

A spokesperson for explained, "Veridin understand that marijuana producers and dispensaries face a unique set of security challenges when establishing their enterprises. They need tailored solutions that will help them protect their products without interrupting their daily processes. We offer a broad-spectrum solution, combining elements from our own systems and complementary product partners, to create a robust defence against criminal intent. We look forward to discussing this in more detail at the conference, and would love to hear from companies in advance about their most pressing issues, so we can best address them in our talk."

About Veridin
In 1991, Veridin started out as a provider of security systems for homes and businesses. Today, Veridin takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to security for every company they serve. They are now a leading security integration company with a state-of-the-art solution portfolio, a team of knowledgeable experts, and a complementary network of industry-leading partners.

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