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Source-Omega Seeks $5 Million for India OMEDHA Study of DHA-Rich Algae Oil

OMEDHA, a Medical Food for Postprandial Triglyceride Testing in Diabetics. Algae oil is the purest and safest DHA+EPA bioscience resource known, one that India needs," said Filippo Porco, an International Communication Specialist with Source-Omega.


Chapel Hill, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2011 -- The Source-Omega company is an innovator in DHA EPA algae oil products for heart and triglyceride applications, also in NIDDM patients. The company’s first offering, Pure One™, features their flagship international formula and brand, manufactured to international standards for quality, cultural and dietary inclusion. OMEDHA(TM) is planned and formulated for Indian markets.

The Source-Omega company's second branded offering, OMEDHA™, is based on 3 years of dose-response research and a recently submitted manuscript review on the Indian diabetes dilemma and uses of algae oil omega-3s as a superior postrandial triglyceride treatment over fish oils, especially in a vegetarian and a patient with fish allergy.

Also, an academic book chapter on their algae oil medical food substitute for fish oil was accepted for 2011 publication in India.

Dr Scott Doughman, the company President and Chief Scientist will be traveling to India in February this year as a 10 year Visiting Faculty in Biosciences at the internationally renowned Sai University (SSSIHL).

"OMEDHA™ is the branded form of our Omega-3 DHA Therapy™, offered in the USA for several years to vegetarian’s with high triglycerides, backed by a large and growing body of literature in humans," said Doughman, who has a PhD in Lipid Biochemistry, a former NIH funded omega-3 researcher and American Heart Association fellow.

Doughman developed the product formulation 300 mg DHA 10 mg EPA, balanced to match the body's omega-3 needs, as the first disclosed algae oil DHA EPA made in the USA, launched in early 2008.

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