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Why Delayed Link Building Is the Best


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2011 -- Delayed link building process is the best way to get backlinks to a site. If the site gets backlink is too fast, the search engine will never rank it. It doesn’t mean that having a lot of backlinks will guarantee the top ranking position in the search result. The backlinks must be obtained through a long period of time before they will be counted. One of the ways that people use to get a lot of backlinks in a short time is through the automatic submission software.

The automatic submission software will submit your site to thousands of directories at one click. It is not normal to get thousands of backlinks overnight. The search engine will be suspicious about the links you obtain. It will launch an investigation to determine how you get those backlinks. With the advance technology, the search engine robot can now detect almost every activity on your site. If you use the automatic submission software, it will be able to detect it. After it finds out that you are using automatic submission software, it will derank all the pages on your site. When you check your site for indexed pages, you will find that all the pages are no longer exist in the database.

The search engine establish the slow link building rule to send people a warning not to get too many backlinks in a short time. The best types of backlinks are those that are contributed by the user of your site. If the user likes the content on your site, he or she will link back to it. Normally, site that has a large traffic volume get a lot of link back from the users of their site. If your website is new, it is highly unlikely that you will get a lot of backlink in a short time, especially when your site is not dealing about a hot trending topic. As a result, the search engine will become suspicious about your site.

Many search engine optimization companies offer link building packages to customers. The link building packages may include services such as squidoo lens creation, hub page creation, article submission, directory submission, link wheel and etc. You should choose the link building package that suits your need and budget. Link building packages offer services that are quoted in bulk price. If you purchase the services individually, it will be more expensive. Good search engine optimization companies will perform the link building process slowly. The link building order you purchase will not be completed until after a period of time. For example, link building package A may require 6 months to complete the process. If the link building service takes a short time to complete, you should not buy it because it won’t be beneficial to your site. Before buying a link building service, you should read customer reviews. If you want to buy link building packages for several websites, you can ask the search engine optimization company to give you a discount.