Number Cloak

A Free Phone Number Generator That Hides Your Real Number. but You Still Remain Contactable.

Enables safety and protection from stalkers, telemarketers, cold callers and nuisance calls


Birmingham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2011 -- Friends of a girl who was left upset and shaken, after she was bombarded with rude texts and calls subsequent to displaying here real phone number on a well known dating site, have come up with a free phone number generator to protect members of the public from experiencing similar situations.

Available at, the new service enables users to create a temporary second phone number, which diverts to their real phone number when called.

Women and men can now safely display this secondary number on dating sites, and although it is not their real phone number, they still remain contactable. ‘This keeps them safe in the knowledge that their personal details are not plastered all over the net, which has its own dangers of fraud, let alone stalkers’ said one of the founders.

If a user receives nuisance calls they can simply disconnect the secondary number, known as a Number Cloak via the website, and set up a fresh one. It’s all free, quick and very easy.

He continued ‘It’s not advisable to give your real phone number to new people you meet, whether you are online dating or when you are at a party or club. A friend of ours was hounded with offensive text messages and phone calls when using a dating site. She thought giving a contact number out would be safe, and it should be, but unfortunately there are a few people out there who want to ruin the party. The abusive messages led to threats. She was left very shaken and forced to cancel her phone contract and change her phone number. It wasn’t right, we had to do something and we did.’

‘In the ‘getting to know each other’ period you can take advantage of the Number Cloak service. It is ideal to use for initial chats to get an idea of if the person is who they say they are or to see if they turn out to be like what you expected. If they turn out to be the wrong type of person, you can disconnect the Number Cloak anytime, and set up a new one. For love to blossom you do need some verbal contact, but on the other hand you still want to be protected. This is where our service comes in useful.’

Originally aimed at saving women online from cyber stalkers, the customers themselves have found ingenious ways to make use of the service. Many clients have used the service to hide their number when filling in forms for companies, to avoid being harassed by telemarketers and when selling goods online. They are always safe in the knowledge that they can still remain contactable, but if they get hassled they always have the option to disconnect the Number Cloak and set up a new one.

Even celebrities can make use of the service. Kelly Brook recently mentioned the problems she faces with handing out her real phone number. "Men ask so I give it out. I’m quite approachable. I have to change my number every couple of months because I give it to anybody who asks for it," she said. Now she can give out a Number Cloak.

The founders currently look to increase the awareness both publicly and within the celebrity world, so that we all have the right to keep our numbers hidden.

Number Cloak was launched in March 2011. It provides a totally free web based service which provides the user with a unique secondary telephone number that hides their real phone number. When the secondary number is called it diverts to the users real phone. This way the user can hide their real number but remain contactable.